The Rash-Part 2

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And for the record I may be a little over dramatic but being without power and a baby puts me straight into panic mode.

Anyway we were at my parents house and after breakfast I gave him a second dose of Benadryl. He took his nap and was acting  pretty normal but he cheeks were still red and his little chubby body was covered in dots. We got him dressed in his Christmas sweater and got ready for Santa to come visit. He almost fell asleep during Santa's story and then passed out after opening his gift. He woke up half an hour later and was on fire. He would only sleep with me holding him and the rash seemed to get worse. This was around the time his cough started.

My sister-in-laws sister-in-law ( that's a mouthful) is a nurse. So we called her and she said that we could give him Tylenol and benadryl at the same time and to give him an oatmeal bath and that would help soothe the rash.

We got him in the bath and the rash was raised and covered every inch of his body. I asked my mom if I should take him to urgent care and she said yes. So we got him out of the bath and got him dressed. We got ready to head out to the dr but called first since it was a Sunday and they closed at 6. It was not 5:55. So we decided to give him a dose of Tylenol and benadryl and see how he reacted. With in the hour he was up and crawling. His cheeks were still super red but the fever was gone and he was not crying.

We got him home and got him to bed. I had to go into work the next day ( but not for long due to no power). I called on my way home from work and got him a 9:15 appointment with James.

Grayson was in much better spirits but still had the rash. James confirmed that he did have an allergic reaction, but that he also still had a sinus infection and ear infection. Grayson also developed bronchialitis. This is not the same as bronchitis but still not good. We did two breathing treatments in the office to try and get his pulse ox up but  neither treatment would bring it above a 94. They like babies to be around a 96 so they decided to send us home with azithromyicin (baby version of a z-pack) and a steroid to help with the rash. We also had to go back in the next day to check his pulse ox and he was at a 99!

He was fully recovered by Friday and has been back to my happy smiley very mobile baby.