Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!!

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My Mom deliverd these placemats to me on Monday night and I about cried

These are from my Grandma's house and she gifted 2 to me and 2 to my sister. I remember seeing them on her table every year when the holidays rolled around and am honored to have them in my house now. My Grandma will be 90(!!!!!) in October and she is still as spunky as ever. 

I have been working out this week (ok I did it 2 days) and I'm sore and in love with this workout.

 Product Details

It takes me 30 mins from start to finish and it goes by so fast and sweat like crazy. I also can't walk straight so there's that too

I'm still loving my yougurt but it was getting expensive buying 12-15 individual cups a week since Michael and I both eat them. So now I buy the big container at BJ's it's $6.00 and that gets us about 10-12 cups.That has cut our yogurt budget in half! Gotta pinch those pennies. I have been using these containers that are the same size as the individual cup

 Product Details

 My sister had a jamberry party and oh my lord I went over board.
This is just one of the 5 that I ordred (oops!)

I have big plans to finish up shopping for Grayson's 2nd birthday party this weekend. Hi my name is Katlin and I have OCD. I plan weeks in advance and so getting this done with help with my stress levels! Don't worry I have a whole post next week about our theme and how we are keeping it simple this year!

Happy Friday!


Weekend on a Wednesday

We had a fun weekend. A relaxed weekend. And a weird weekend. And I'm re-capping on a Wednesday because #rebel #lazy #iforgottodoitmonday

Before I start the weekend I realized that I have started talking in hashtags and I kind of love it. I text in them I end sentences with them it's just fun. My husband thinks I'm insane but he still loves me. #healreadyputaringonit.

Okay onto the weekend

Friday we had Grayson's parent teacher conference. While they told me that he is very advanced for his age (in fact she kept repeating very over and over again like she would say he is very very very advanced in his language #weird) in his speaking (he uses full sentences) and the words he knows and attempts (my kid can say hippopotamus and octopus clear as flipping day) he has a problem with personal space and sharing.

Okay here is where it took a turn for the worse. I'm all about constructive criticism. I think it's healthy and it's what makes us grow. But she literally said one positive thing (his speech/language) and then just harped for 15 minuets on his lack of personal space and that he does not share 100% of the time. It's at this point that I prayed to Jesus for strength and restraint. He got me through it and I just said "okay we will work on it" he is 2 and if you can show me a 2 year old that shares without any fussing 100% of the time I will give you a million dollars. It's the age people! And yes he does need to be corrected on sharing but once you talk to him and explain to him he gets it and he is good.  And the personal space thing I will take blame for that. Grayson is an only child so right now if he wants to climb on my lap and play I let him. Now he thinks that is how you play with people and so he is going around and sitting on kids laps trying to play with them. I'm working on this but I'm not giving it up completely. I love those sweet moments with him so we will see.

At this point I think the director could tell that I was getting frustrated because the teacher kept repeating that he does not participate in circles (Grayson is shy smart as the day is long but super shy he hates attention on him) and that he does not run. I seriously asked her "is that a bad thing?, and did you tell him not to run at some point because he has a memory like an elephant and listens very well" She said yes they tell them not to run but when they ask him to run he does not. Okay you just confused the kid. She also said when he does the balance beam he is very cautious with his body and it takes him a long time to get across it but that he almost never falls. He gets that from me. If I'm going to do something I'm going to do it once and the right way #healreadyhascontrolissues #sorrybabyyougetitfromyourmama.

So the director steps in and says he is a very sweet boy and an old soul and that they appreciate his obedience and that he is a leader in the classroom when it comes to directions (cleaning and picking up we have alredy passed on our OCD to our 2 year old). Praise Jesus something good! He also needs to get rid of his pacifier, learn to drink from a cup (non sippy) and start potty training. We have started a new rule of no paci out of the crib so he only gets it at nap and bed and I bought some small cups for him to start practicing the drinking. Potty training he has no interest right now, and I'm not going to push it.

I know I'm probably over reacting but I left there feeling defeated. Being a parent is hard. End rant.
Michael and I both went to the conference but we came from work so we had two vehicles, I took Grayson home and he picked up subs for dinner. We spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Saturday I felt so tired (this weather is killing me) and we just did laundry and picked up the house. Then we made mac-n-cheese for dinner.

Sunday was a fun day. Grayson and finished up laundry and then I got ready to go to the local bridal show with my sister, mom, aunt, sister-in-law, and niece. Halli stopped by with the kids (she had them overnight) before taking them home and oh my gosh batman the 2 boys did not sit still. It tired Grayson out so much that he fell asleep before lunch and still slept for 2 hours. The bridal show was cute and fun and we got some good ideas. She set a date for August of 2016. Now it's just time to start booking things because some of the venues are already starting to book up.

I think that's it. And I'm happy it's Hump Day!


Mom Talk Tuesday

When I read through the topics for Mom Talk Tuesday with Stephanie I knew this one would be hard to write about and I wasn't sure what I would say. But I decided that honesty is the best policy and so here it goes.

Have a kid is hard. I love love love Grayson but becoming his Mama tested a ton of things about me. From second one they test your heart. And they win because they make it grow a thousand times bigger and ache because you love them so much. They test your patience, your sanity, how many hours you can go on 3 hours of sleep, and how many cups of coffee is needed to be able to "function" for the day. They also test your marriage.

Now this is my experience and no I'm not saying Grayson is a strain on our marriage but who we became after we had Grayson changed our marriage.

My sister-in-law gave me the best advice the day after I had Grayson and that was that Michael and I were both trying to figure out our new normal and that it was okay if I felt like I wanted to punch him in the face because that feeling would pass and that we should talk through it.

And yes I did want to punch him in the face. But it passed and we talked about it. Grayson will be two next month and I think we are still adjusting and trying to find the romance. In the last 2-3 months we have come up with a few simple rules that we try very hard to follow. Here they are and even these are still a work in progress as is everything in life!

Date night. Alone. Yes it's fun to go out with friends but it is a one on one connection that is needed. We try to do this at least once a month. Even if it means staying home and watching a movie once Grayson goes to bed. We try to do this at least once a month. It's hard and we are trying to come up with a plan with my Mom where she watched Grayson twice a month for a few hours so that we can have alone time.

NO phones after Grayson goes to bed. They go up stairs we don't touch them. We focus on each other. And while we only get about an hour a night together we try to make the most of it. 

Undivided attention. This is my biggest fault. I try to multitask and I don't give him my undivided attention. I will be feeding Grayson, folding laundry and watching TV a while talking to Michael and I always miss something. He finally sat me down and told me that he felt at the bottom of my priorities so now during dinner we talk and I do nothing else. 

Appreciation. Listen my husband is the best there is he does so much for Grayson and I. But we fell into a rut of just assuming that the other one knew that we appreciated everything the other one did. I have started telling Michael one thing he did that day that helps me out. For example today he brought my boots in so that they were warm when I went to put them on my feet and he put Grayson's eye drops by his breakfast snack so I wouldn't forget them. So I called him and told him how much that helped and that I appreciated it. He feels like what he does matters and it goes along way! 

Cook together. For us cooking is very therapeutic. I love it, Michael loves it, and Grayson thinks he is a chef. I sit down on Sunday's and we meal plan together. That way we both know what we are having and when. And then we decide who will cook what. We don't cook together every night but at least once a week. It gives us a hobby together and we love it. Now it doesn't have to be cooking but a family/ you and spouse hobby goes a long long way. 

Read This book

It changed our lives. Everyone has a love language and so I try to make sure that there is a little something in his love language everyday. 


Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Andrea today for Friday Favorites


I got my hair cut last week and my hair dresser really got on me about washing my hair everyday and how it's a big no no. But I swear that some times you could fry an egg on my head it gets so greasy. Well this is my new saving grace and FAVORITE. I can now wash every other day and my hair stays fresh looking and smells fresh looking all day! I love it. I have already ordered 2 more cans because I cannot run not!


I ran into TJMAX on Monday just to see what they had and man I got some good stuff! Plus I spent $32.00 so that's a good trip for me. 

I got these coffee mugs. They had 3 each $1.99. I scooped up all 3. Tall coffee mugs with big handles our my FAVORITE.

I grabbed this "S" for $6.00. Having an "S" in every room is my FAVORITE

I few other things I grabbed that I didn't take a picture of. A new coffee mug for work it's nice and big too and a deviled egg plate (since my old one broke) and a basket for all of Grayson's snacks! I love when I get good deals!


This picture I snapped last night of my boys resting while watching Mickey. Witnessing sweet moments like this are for sure my FAVORITE


This picture I snapped of my sweet boy one night after bath. He always says "hol me mama" and then says "ok piture" He is my FAVORITE 

Happy Weekend!


The this and that of life lately

It's freezing here like -30 with the wind chill except on Monday when it was -14 just because. Horrible horrible cold makes me cranky and just want to be in sweatpants all day with coffee and chocolate!

Grayson has a head cold as with every kid right now. We are just blowing our nose a ton and running our cool mist.

One month from today I will have a 2 year old. I'm in shock it seems like yesterday I was getting a nursery ready and eating my way to my due date. Now I have a very sweet smart lovable toddler who blows my mind every day.

He spent the night at my Mom's on Monday since she is off school this week and I always just send one bigger bag rather than a million little ones. When we got home Tuesday he insisted on helping in pack. And then he proceeded to pull it around the whole house. Needless to say that bag is still out and still being pulled around.

I have not been on the work out train at all this month and I'm hoping to change that soon. I love how I feel when I work out but this weather is really killing me.

Tuesday night my Mom called and said that her and my Aunt were going to BINGO. I jumped at the chance and we had so much fun. We didn't win put something about BINGO in a fire hall makes it that much more fun.

Happy Thursday!


Show and Tell Tuesday's- How we met

I love this series show and tell. Sometimes prompted writing is nice and easy on the brain.

Linking up with Andrea!

This August Michael and I will have been together for 7 years and married for 6. 
Yes we only knew each other for a year before we got married. It worked for us.

So how we met. Well we both grew up in a small town and went to the same school and only lived two miles from each other so we did grow up together just 9 years apart. He was a senior when I was in third grade and when you put it that way it sounds really weird but we met many years later at the local bar. I was 21 he was 29 (just two month shy of 30)

My best friend was bar tending and since I was in town for the weekend between traveling for work I stopped in to see her. I was outside catching up with some people from high school when I saw this guy walking in the bar. I thought he was cute so I yelled to him something super cheesy like "Have a good night!" He looked at me like I was crazy and said "Oh I will", and walked in the bar.

I went  back in and was talking to my bestie when I decided to play the juke box. I turned to go put my money in and who was there already but the guy from outside! He couldn't get his $5 to go in so when he walked away (to exchange his bill) I ran over there to get my money in. He yelled at me and then karma happened my $5 wouldn't work either. However I used to work at said bar and went behind it to the tip jar and exchanged my $5 and his too. We raced back to the juke box and agreed to both put our money in and go every other song. Then he bought me a drink and we talked all night. It was like I had met my best friend. 

He took my number called the next day I ignored the call because I was very tainted about relationships and chose to wait it out. 2 weeks later I walked into that same bar and there he was, and we have been inseparable every since. True love it was. 

4 months later in December after working late I came to his house where he had made me dinner. BLT's because bacon is my love language. We got done with dinner and trying to decide on a movie when he started talking to me about how he was so happy and for this first time he felt like he was home and then get took out a ring and said "will you marry me?" I didn't even look at the ring or say yes I just hugged and kissed him and cried. After a few seconds he said "are you even going to answer me?" Of course I said yes and we spent the night talking about our future. I loved my proposal because it was just us. It was perfect. He even told me after I said yes that he had gone that night and talked to both of my parents to get permission. Obviously they said yes!

We were married 8 months later on August 29th almost a year exactly to when we officially became a couple.

God knew what he was doing when he placed that man in my life. He changed my course forever I was on the verge of moving to New Jersey and then who knows what would have happened. God's timing is amazing and always right. 


It was all about love and chocolate!

We are in the frozen tundra right now. No really my car was -8 this morning and that is without the windchill making it a grand total of -30. Fun Fun! I really almost called in the morning. My bed was so warm and my boys were snuggling and it took everything I had to get out of bed and get ready for work.

Onto the weekend.

Friday I ran to the store for our Valentine's weekend supplies. Then I went to grab my Sweet baby from school. His new thing to do when I pick him up is run from me and flop into this little turtle ball pit thing that they have. He laughs and laughs and laughs and then I have to go get him and he laughs some more. I swear his teachers think he hates me because when Daddy picks him up (which is like once every 3 months) he runs right to him and hugs him.

Anyway we came home and I lugged in all the grocery's and bags and the wiggling child of mine. I put on my comfy clothes and sat on the couch for 2 seconds to try and warm up. And just as I was about to  get up my sweet baby came walking in with flowers, followed by my amazing husband who also had a flower for me. In all the Valentine's days together Michael always gets me a single yellow flower. I love yellow and so that's what he gets  me. It was so sweet and perfect and just a nice little something from my boys.

We are dinner (left over pasta) and then got our pork ready. Okay I started to take pictures and then forgot so I will post the recipe later in the week because it really is simple. Here is the first step the rub.

We ended the night watching a movie after G went to bed. Boogie nights. Have you every seen it? Um it was interesting is all I have to say.

Saturday I woke up with all my boys! It was wonderful. Michael made us a big breakfast we drank coffee and just relaxed. Then we got our pork in the crock pot and payed and watched a movie (Monsters Inc.) Then it was lunch and naps for everyone. Once we all woke up Michael had to go out and plow. Then we exchanged cards (homemade) and had our delicious dinner. I love pulled pork. Then we had brownie sundae's which are my love language.

Sunday Michael was back at work it was -4 and just as I was about to call my Mom and say we were probably not going to go to church because it was cold they cancelled services. Grayson and I stayed warm and cleaned the house up. We ate lunch took a nap, Michael came home and plowed again because it never stopped snowing. Once Grayson went to bed Michael and I had another brownie sundae and watched some TV.

It was a wonderful weekend!

Happy Monday ! Stay warm!


Friday Favorites-Valentines Day Edition

It's Valentines Day tomorrow and I'm beyond excited.
 Linking up with Andrea for a few of my Favorites!

My first FAVORITE is our yearly tradition of staying in and cooking. We started this 4 years ago and I just love it. We swap years cooking (it's my year this year!) and the other person who is not cooking gets to pick the meal. It's so fun. 

Which leads me to my next FAVORITE of pulled pork. I love love love a good pulled pork sandwich and that is what Michael picked for our love day dinner. I make it in the crock pot and guys it's to die for. Maybe if I get myself together I will write it down ( I just kind of wing it!) and take pictures (hahah we will see)

My next FAVORITE is the dessert that goes with the dinner. Brownie Sundae's! We have these every year and oh my yum delicious! I make the Brownies (from a box) and then we get vanilla bean ice cream and peanut butter sauce and whip cream. Yum Yum Yum

Since we have had a Grayson spending the day with him is a big thing for us. Growing up Valentine's day was a family holiday and so I plan to keep it that way for our family. I'm going to run to the store and get him a fun donut and we got him a little board book for valentines day. Board books right now are his FAVORITE thing we read at least 4 or 5 a night (multiple times each!)

My last FAVORITE is the biggest and best one. Michael is off on Saturday which means we get a whole family day together. This does not happen very often to have a day off together with no plans but we have it and I'm going to soak it up. Plus since it is going to be -10 tomorrow we are staying home and snuggling!

Happy Friday everyone!


Making it special

It's Valentine's this weekend!!!! Michael is off on Saturday and I'm beyond excited to have a day with no plans (we had plans for Winter Fest it got cancelled due to NEGATIVE temps!!!!) to just spend as a family. We don't get this very much with out work schedules so it's a wonderful thing when it comes around!!!

I grabbed G from school yesterday and just happened to look at the bulletin board and noticed that his Valentine's party was Thursday (today) not Friday!

The teacher handed me the list of all his kids in his class just in case Grayson wanted to give out Valentines separate from his treat for the party. So we ran to tops and prayed that there would be some sort of Valentines left well we found packs of M&M mini's that had a space to write to and from and called it a day.

We got home and had dinner and then Michael left to go to band practice (it's his hobby and he plays with 2 other guys whenever they can).

We had a ton to get done and all before tubby time. First up was making the easiest treats for his party. At his school they put out a sign up list with specific items on it (fruit, veggies, cookies, cupcakes, juice ect.) and each kid (parent) signs up for a different thing that way they don't end up with 8 dozen cupcakes. So I signed up for pretzels. I thought I would put a fun spin on it and I made cute ones for Valentines day. These are the ones we made
WORST picture ever. I forgot to take a picture last night and so these are from my lunch today and the chocolate was in my lunch box on the freezer pack so it looks weird. But they taste devine.
And I know they are all over Pinterest but I have been making these with my Grandma since I was little. So it was a really special moment to make them with my baby. He helped put the kisses on the pretzels and then he ate a ton of M&M's but it was fun and easy. Start to finish I made 100 in 20 mins. That included un wrapping all those dang kisses, which in my opinion the hardest part.

Here is how I do it pre-heat oven to 170 degrees. I un-wrap my first batch ( I did 50 at a time) of kisses while the oven is pre-heating. Then line up my pretzels and then put the kisses on top (that was the big part that Grayson helped with) Then in the oven they go. for about 5 mins. I always test one at about 4 and then usually they need another minute or two. Then once they are out you push the M&M's on top smashing the kiss down. Then repeat. I let them cool for a good hour before boxing them up.

Once that was done we cleaned up got our milk and wrote out our valentines.  Grayson has 16 kids in his class including him and so we made out 16. I put one in for him because I don't want him to not get M&M's weird I know but whatever.While I was writing them he pulled a chair really close to me and colored it was nice relaxing time and I was reminded that he just wants to be close to me and he is happy.

Then we ran upstairs to get out our clothes for the next day. He insisted on wearing his Adidas outfit and they only saving grace is that it has red stripes so I'm calling it a festive win! Then we went to take a tubby and he requested that we face time Gigi and so we did. They sang songs together and then once we said goodbye it was a quick wash up and into PJ's. Now rarely do I ever give Grayson a bath it has always been Michael's thing. But on the nights that I do he likes to be wrapped up like a baby in his towel and snuggled before he gets in his jimmy jams. These are my favorite moments with him. When we were done with the dressing he looked up at me and said "fank you mama" and I said what for buddy he said "ayson hep mama cook"
I mean melt me right there. I made it special for him because he got to help and he made it special for me because I got snuggle that sweet clean baby.

Now if Michael had been home our night would have been different. I would have made the treat by myself filled out the valentine's by myself and Michael would have given him the tubby.

My ordinary Wednesday night became such a sweet special memory that I will hold onto forever.


The wonderful wine weekend

I had an awesome weekend so awesome that I thought about calling in today but being a grown up won out.

Friday- We did our normal pizza for dinner and just relaxed. I was (and still am) battling my head congestion so I just lounged and watched some TV.

Saturday- My sister came to pick up Grayson to head to the bring you kids to the library day. Halli works there so she asked if she could take him and I said of course because then I could get some things picked up and a shower. Once they got home it was lunch and nap for the little guy and wine about winter for us girls! My Dad came and sat with G until Michael got home.

We had the best time! for $20.00 we got a wine glass, early admission, and 30(!!!!!) wine tastings. Plus free food and a ton of fun little giveaways. We had a ball. We walked probably close to 2 miles to get to all the stops but once we were about 10 tastings in you didn't notice it. The weather was good for winter in WNY and we found out that they sold over 850 tickets. For our little town where graduating classes are about 100 that is a lot of tickets and we decided to make it an annual thing! Here are some pictures from the event and after when we picked up the best chicken fingers to take home to Michael

Sunday I woke up with no voice and to a snow storm. So we decided to stay in and just hang out. I washed the sheets vacuumed the floor again went through some random boxes and then just relaxed. Michael came home and it was just family time. We made forts, played toys, read books and watched a movie. I loved everything about this weekend.

This week will be an adjustment week because Michael is now on 6 day work weeks for a few months, so we will be trying to find our groove.


Friday Favorites

I see the light at the end of the tunnel 7 hours separate me from the weekend!

I'm linking up with Andrea today for some Favorites!!!

Grayson is full of words lately. His FAVORITE is chocolate which he says very clear and anytime he tells you he is hungry. Think 6:00 in the morning this nugget is asking for "chocate"

It's wine time! The next town over has a "Wine about winter" where you purchase tickets (we got the VIP which gets us early admission) and then go around to all the cute little shops and taste wine and food. I'm so excited to do this with my cousin, sister and mom tomorrow. Spending time with those 3 girls is for sure a FAVORITE

This picture melts my heart and was a FAVORITE moment from the week. I was doing laundry and he climbed up on my lap and said "snuggie mama" and I dropped everything and snuggied that baby of mine. Then he asked for picture so we did that too. 

This recipe from Mix and Match Mama is divine and a new FAVORITE! Super easy. I made it a little my own with a few adjustments here and there. I threw my boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot before work with one can of chicken broth and the rest water. When I came home they were done! Then I just followed the recipe except I added 2 spoonfuls of the broth/water mixture I had cooked the chicken in to give it some flavor. It was even better the next day for left overs!

My husband is one of my FAVORITE people always but this week especially because I was just not feeling 100% and he for sure picks up the slack and without him I would be lost. 

Cheers to the weekend!