Show and Tell Tuesday's- How we met

I love this series show and tell. Sometimes prompted writing is nice and easy on the brain.

Linking up with Andrea!

This August Michael and I will have been together for 7 years and married for 6. 
Yes we only knew each other for a year before we got married. It worked for us.

So how we met. Well we both grew up in a small town and went to the same school and only lived two miles from each other so we did grow up together just 9 years apart. He was a senior when I was in third grade and when you put it that way it sounds really weird but we met many years later at the local bar. I was 21 he was 29 (just two month shy of 30)

My best friend was bar tending and since I was in town for the weekend between traveling for work I stopped in to see her. I was outside catching up with some people from high school when I saw this guy walking in the bar. I thought he was cute so I yelled to him something super cheesy like "Have a good night!" He looked at me like I was crazy and said "Oh I will", and walked in the bar.

I went  back in and was talking to my bestie when I decided to play the juke box. I turned to go put my money in and who was there already but the guy from outside! He couldn't get his $5 to go in so when he walked away (to exchange his bill) I ran over there to get my money in. He yelled at me and then karma happened my $5 wouldn't work either. However I used to work at said bar and went behind it to the tip jar and exchanged my $5 and his too. We raced back to the juke box and agreed to both put our money in and go every other song. Then he bought me a drink and we talked all night. It was like I had met my best friend. 

He took my number called the next day I ignored the call because I was very tainted about relationships and chose to wait it out. 2 weeks later I walked into that same bar and there he was, and we have been inseparable every since. True love it was. 

4 months later in December after working late I came to his house where he had made me dinner. BLT's because bacon is my love language. We got done with dinner and trying to decide on a movie when he started talking to me about how he was so happy and for this first time he felt like he was home and then get took out a ring and said "will you marry me?" I didn't even look at the ring or say yes I just hugged and kissed him and cried. After a few seconds he said "are you even going to answer me?" Of course I said yes and we spent the night talking about our future. I loved my proposal because it was just us. It was perfect. He even told me after I said yes that he had gone that night and talked to both of my parents to get permission. Obviously they said yes!

We were married 8 months later on August 29th almost a year exactly to when we officially became a couple.

God knew what he was doing when he placed that man in my life. He changed my course forever I was on the verge of moving to New Jersey and then who knows what would have happened. God's timing is amazing and always right.