Making it special

It's Valentine's this weekend!!!! Michael is off on Saturday and I'm beyond excited to have a day with no plans (we had plans for Winter Fest it got cancelled due to NEGATIVE temps!!!!) to just spend as a family. We don't get this very much with out work schedules so it's a wonderful thing when it comes around!!!

I grabbed G from school yesterday and just happened to look at the bulletin board and noticed that his Valentine's party was Thursday (today) not Friday!

The teacher handed me the list of all his kids in his class just in case Grayson wanted to give out Valentines separate from his treat for the party. So we ran to tops and prayed that there would be some sort of Valentines left well we found packs of M&M mini's that had a space to write to and from and called it a day.

We got home and had dinner and then Michael left to go to band practice (it's his hobby and he plays with 2 other guys whenever they can).

We had a ton to get done and all before tubby time. First up was making the easiest treats for his party. At his school they put out a sign up list with specific items on it (fruit, veggies, cookies, cupcakes, juice ect.) and each kid (parent) signs up for a different thing that way they don't end up with 8 dozen cupcakes. So I signed up for pretzels. I thought I would put a fun spin on it and I made cute ones for Valentines day. These are the ones we made
WORST picture ever. I forgot to take a picture last night and so these are from my lunch today and the chocolate was in my lunch box on the freezer pack so it looks weird. But they taste devine.
And I know they are all over Pinterest but I have been making these with my Grandma since I was little. So it was a really special moment to make them with my baby. He helped put the kisses on the pretzels and then he ate a ton of M&M's but it was fun and easy. Start to finish I made 100 in 20 mins. That included un wrapping all those dang kisses, which in my opinion the hardest part.

Here is how I do it pre-heat oven to 170 degrees. I un-wrap my first batch ( I did 50 at a time) of kisses while the oven is pre-heating. Then line up my pretzels and then put the kisses on top (that was the big part that Grayson helped with) Then in the oven they go. for about 5 mins. I always test one at about 4 and then usually they need another minute or two. Then once they are out you push the M&M's on top smashing the kiss down. Then repeat. I let them cool for a good hour before boxing them up.

Once that was done we cleaned up got our milk and wrote out our valentines.  Grayson has 16 kids in his class including him and so we made out 16. I put one in for him because I don't want him to not get M&M's weird I know but whatever.While I was writing them he pulled a chair really close to me and colored it was nice relaxing time and I was reminded that he just wants to be close to me and he is happy.

Then we ran upstairs to get out our clothes for the next day. He insisted on wearing his Adidas outfit and they only saving grace is that it has red stripes so I'm calling it a festive win! Then we went to take a tubby and he requested that we face time Gigi and so we did. They sang songs together and then once we said goodbye it was a quick wash up and into PJ's. Now rarely do I ever give Grayson a bath it has always been Michael's thing. But on the nights that I do he likes to be wrapped up like a baby in his towel and snuggled before he gets in his jimmy jams. These are my favorite moments with him. When we were done with the dressing he looked up at me and said "fank you mama" and I said what for buddy he said "ayson hep mama cook"
I mean melt me right there. I made it special for him because he got to help and he made it special for me because I got snuggle that sweet clean baby.

Now if Michael had been home our night would have been different. I would have made the treat by myself filled out the valentine's by myself and Michael would have given him the tubby.

My ordinary Wednesday night became such a sweet special memory that I will hold onto forever.