What's Up Wednesday

I love when there is prompted writing. About everything!

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What we are eating
Chicken and lots of it. My husband makes the best chicken quesidilla's ever. He uses taco seasoning (homemade to avoid a ton of sodium) and whole wheat tortilla's. I love them we have them at least once a week!

What I'm reminiscing about

Our anniversary trip last year. It was so much fun just the two of us and I know we won't be doing it this year because our focus is paying off debt so it will be a date night. I love Cleveland and loved the Rock n Roll Hall of fame!

What I'm loving

Real Housewives of NYC. The B is back and I love her!
What we've been up to

Family time and organizing! I got my closet almost all cleaned out and Grayson's is pretty much done I just need to pick up a few more bins to pack away old clothes! Spring cleaning at it's finest!

What I'm dreading

Michael playing guitar tonight. I love that he has a hobby but lately Grayson has been having a witching hour from 6:30-7:30 and it is brutal. He cries for no reason and having to go it alone and handle that might send me over the edge.

What I'm working on

My outside area. I need to pull out some dead plants and start my veggie box again. Spring is here!

(last years flower shopping)
What I'm excited about

The weather! I love when it is in the high 60's low 70's it is perfect outside play weather and we go out every day before and after dinner

What I'm watching/ reading

19 kids and counting I love this show because I'm fascinated by them I mean 19! kids wow!
I'm reading Not a fan. It's amazing and eye opening.

What I'm listening to

The life of a mom. Mr Golden Sun and Jesus Loves me and both on repeat at our house all.day.long

What I'm wearing
Jeans. I love the office I work in we dress casual as in sweatshirts and jeans in the winter and shorts and tanks in the summer. So I get to be comfy all the time

What I'm doing this weekend

Flower appointment for my sisters wedding! So excited to start making plans

What I'm looking forward to next month

We start swim lessons! I want G to love the pool so I'm hoping this will help

What else is new

Michael is working 6 days until the end of the year. It's a tough routine but it helps us get to our end goal of being debt free that much faster!
So thankful for this man
What I'm giving for Mother's Day

Hanging flower baskets. My Mom loves them up on her pool deck so every year I take her shopping and buy them for her. It's our fun little day date and we get to flower shop together.
My momma!