Three Things

This has been floating around and I kind of love the idea of a quick little catch up on everyone.
So here are three things right now about us.


1- He has been taking skating lessons for about 4 months and he finished his third session. He started with a basic learning to skate and now he has moved to the learn to skate for hockey. He loves it so much! He goes Monday nights with just Michael and so they get some sweet one on one time. He starts his fourth session on Monday.

2-He starts Pre-K in September in our school district (as opposed to continuing on at the daycare). He is excited to ride the bus and only have to be at school half a day ha! We went to orientaion and he loved the bus plus when we went for his screening test the teacher told me that he could probably skip pre-k because he already knows so much but that she will start working with him on sight words early on and she is so excited to have him in her classroom this fall! We are so proud of him and the daycare he goes to because they really do such a great job of working with the kids.

3- He loves sports. He can tell you the rules of football basketball and hockey. He really wants to play t-ball but we are holding off one year until he is 5. He asks almost daily if  can swim and so I think swim lessons are on our future this summer. He just loves to play sports and be outside. 


1- Is a Daddy's girl and loves every minute of it. She knows how to get him and she does it multiple times a day. I often wake up to her in our bed because she just seemed like she needed a cuddle in the middle of the night (insert rolling eyes here)

2- She can hang with her brothers. So her brothers love to wrestle and she will watch it all from the sidelines until they are both on the ground and then she will run over and belly flop on both of them. It's the funniest thing ever.

3-She is such a crazy sleeper.  Some nights she sleep right through other nights she is up multiple times a night ugh! Could be something to do with the 4 teeth she is getting at once but still. Drives me crazy.


1- He is the funniest walker ever. He walks like Frankenstein mixed with a penguin if that makes sense. He waddles like a penguin but takes big steps with his arms out like Frankenstein. 

2- Still a rock star sleeper. Still wakes up happy. Still drools and soaks his shirt 3 times a day. Still eats anything you put in front of him even if you can tell he doesn't like it he still shovels it in.

3- Got his first haircut and blew me out of the water with how good he did. He already needs another one and it's only been 5 weeks. He has so much hair!

Michael & I

1- We both are loving our new schedules. It is so nice that we have a whole day off together now (Sunday) and that I have a permanent 3 day weekend

2- We have planned our anniversary trip and while it is not what we originally had planned we are so excited to get away for to nights at the end of August just the two of us

3- We are currently battling over re-doing the living room. I want to paint it he doesn't want to spend the money.

I went through my phone to get a recent picture and we have none so this will have to do.