Follow through Friday

Happy Friday!!!!

I'm so ready for this weekend it's not even funny. I'm with Joe Nichols and want to be somewhere sunny and 75. Even though we are experiencing a heat wave of 32 degrees today! This chick is over winter and I'm pretty sure G is too because he hates his coat.

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The new daycare (full story here, hereand here) is awesome sauce and my baby is already less fussy and more happy when we pick him up and it just makes me wonder what was really going on at the other one that we didn't see.


Onto what you really care about did I follow through and the answer is NO

Here are my workouts

1/24- Kickboxing
1/25- Shred it with weights
1/26-Rest (hungover beyond words)
1/27- Shred it with weights
1/28- Rest
1/29- Rest

Ok so I planned for Sunday to be rest day but Wednesday and Thursday yeah I ended up with a UTI and if anyone has ever had one you know they are a bitch. My doctor told me not to work out for at least 3 days, so it looks like I am done with the #jmdvdchallenge.

My weight stayed the same as in I'm still 174. But I talked with my doctor yesterday and she advised that I really hit the cardio hard to get the fat off and then work on toning. So February will be my cardio month. I know I can get to the gym Monday's and Tuesday's before work so I will be joining the 5am club those days and then on Wednesday and Thursday's I can go after work. The other 2 days I will keep doing my kickboxing and only take one rest day. I'm hoping this sheds the pounds.

I WILL do the 3-day cleanse this month. I'm sure I will need it after the Superbowl and I eat! all! the! food! However due to be on the antibiotic I cannot drink (insert crying face) so I will eat my weight in chip and dip and pizza bread.

I have never posted my goal weight but it is 150. I really like 140 better but I was 150 and in super good shape when I got knocked up with G so losing 25 pounds is my goal. I'm hoping with upping my cardio and getting into some different eating habits that I can shed that within the next 3 months.

I just have to say I'm so proud of everyone who did the #jmdvdchallenge and Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who put it on. Your motivation is awesome!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!


Daycare Part 3

So yesterday was the big day.

My baby went to his first day at the new daycare.

My anxiety was a 16 all day Tuesday because I knew I still had to finish all the paper work and pack his bag with new stuff for the daycare, and write out his schedule (or lack there of).

I worked from home for most of the day Tuesday just so I could get all of that done before our Tuesday night dinner. I finished paper work, wrote out the schedule ,and packed up a bag but still felt like I was missing something. I checked through the handbook and I had everything.

I had a hard time getting rid of the pit in my stomach over this decision. I knew it was best but I just want him to be okay. My husband told me it was normal and everything would be OK to which I snapped "Easy for you to say you don't have to drop him off and watch him cry if he hates it." I can be a total bitch sometimes.

This daycare is different in the fact that they let you bring in things daily (formula, food, and change of clothes), the other one I had to leave it all there. I like doing it on a day to day basis. That way I'm the one cleaning his bottle and making sure his fruits are rotated, and that I don't have to pack up a cute outfit only for it to never be worn because it's left at daycare to die or given to another kid. (oh yeah that happened too, we never got the pants back which were osh kosh so I started sending Target brand sweatpants that only cost $3.00, I would rather be out $3 than $25)

So my morning routine has changed I get up and make his bottles for the day. They just put them in the fridge until he needs them. I pack him a little lunch bag with his fruit and puffs in it and then I have his diaper bag already stocked too. This is also nice because now there is a bag there so if my sister wants to come and grab him early she can and has everything she needs.

Drop off went awesome. Since we are not in the computer we have to be buzzed in and the teacher came to the door and walked with us down to the class room. Miss Jenny is her name (and yes it took everything I had to not say I love you Jen-nay) she is super nice and really relaxed and straight forward. I didn't stay long just went over everything about G and she even was nice enough to ask to hold him. He didn't cry which was huge in my book. I walked out feeling at peace. She gave us a letter about herself and her teaching style and that even though the kids are young she still has a structured day. Grayson won't be in her room for too long because he will transition to the Waddler room in a few months but she starts that schedule with him now that it is not a big shock for him.

When I went to pick him up he was a totally different baby. He was happy! He was playing! He had taken 2 naps! It was awesome. She wrote down everything he did throughout the day and what other kids he played with. She does a lot of educational things with them like circle time where they go through all the shapes, colors, animals, and numbers. They have ABC time and everything is really structured. After one day we already see a difference and everything is very organized. His clothes were clean and he did not have snot on his face. Now I know that things happen but I see the difference. Not to say I won't still be cautious but it seems to be the perfect place for us. 

I know it's blurry but someone is super happy!


Our daycare change part two

Ok so Wednesday was a shit show when we picked up Grayson.......

Back up to the 3rd of January. There is a daycare down the road from my work like for real I could walk to it close to my work. I have been talking about touring it since the end of November but then the holiday's came and we had the sick month also known as Decemeber.

So Michael called me on that Friday and said "Meet me at that daycare I set up a tour for 3:30, I will meet you there,with a hot chocolate" (One of the many reason's I love my hubby he is super take charge where I forget things as soon as I think them, and he brings me hot chocolate)

So we walk in and it was like a differnt world. My husband was in love at first sight because they have a coffee bar for the parent. He is a coffee addict so this was his love language. She showed us every.single.classroom. Which was cool. She explained how each room works and what they do throughout the day. It was so clean and smelled like wet swiffers which is my love language.

We got down to the baby room and it was so peaceful. The babies were all in highchairs getting their afternoon snack. Then she showed us the back yard and let me just say it looked amazing even covered in snow. They have 3 play sets and a ton of room to run around. Plus it's grass which is awesome. When it's nice out they take every single kid outside that day. Even the babies go out in shifts.

So we toured and then she told us that she didn't have a spot for Grayson right that second because she was transitioning some kids to the waddler room but by the 20th she would be able to take him. It costs a little more but peace of mind is so worth it to me.

We told her to call us as soon as he could start and then we would go from there. Well when Michael picked up Grayson he called her and she said yes he could start the 29th. Michael then had to call our old daycare and let them know that Friday would be our last day. The director was at a loss for words and didn't know what to say, she knew we were disappointed but she never thought we would leave. Michael asked if there was anyway we could get our deposit back and she said she didn't think so but she would talk to the owner.

Well G had pink eye when he woke up on Thursday morning so he never ended up going back. I went on Thursday to get his things (spare clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, pacis, and sippy cups) Attached to his bag was a check for our deposit and our remaining sick days that we had not used. I went in and thanked the director for doing that for us and she said that 2 of the girls cried when she told them that Grayson was not coming back. I felt bad, and my anxiety was at a 25. But I knew it was the right choice for us. She also said she knew that she messed up and should have taken our issues more seriously.

Part 3 tomorrow about the new daycare and how I felt with strangers taking my baby from me.


Our daycare change story part one

I have tried to write this a few different times..... I had to break it up because it got too long.....

When we first started we loved our daycare. It helped that my sister worked there but still all the other girls were awesome.

Then a certain girl got hired and started a bunch of drama with the other workers. They slowly started to leave to avoid the conflict, my sister included.

Within the last two months it has gone so down hill that we just dreaded taking him there, and what state we would find him in when we picked him up.There was only one girl left from when we had started and they went through a complete staff change.

One time Michael showed up and both of his eyes were sealed shut with green goop and he had food caked all over his shirt, along with snot stuck on his face.Michael kept his cool and asked why we didn't get a call when his eyes started gunking up? The girls response was " I just got back from lunch" He took G and got out of there and then called the doctor first to get him an appointment. When we got him to the doctors he still has poop on him from an earlier diaper change and had poop on his under shirt. I lost my shit and Michael called the director. She said that she was short staffed that day and had to put some different people in the infant room and that it wouldn't happen again.

A week later he was covered in food and snot again, and when I changed his diaper he was in one that had a different kids initials on it. I called the director again and she said he had run out. They had not told us that he was out or even close to out. From that day on I started to count how many I sent and then how many they used a day. I'm not naive to think that kids don't get dirty, or have runny noses. But this was out of control. The diapers that they put him in were a kind that causes G to get a rash on his boy parts. I felt so bad because I could tell he was uncomfortable. I'm the mom that you tell me he has 10 diapers left I will bring you in more the next day. My kid never runs out of anything.

Last Wednesday was the last straw when Michael went to pick him up and he had snot so caked onto his face that you could tell his nose had not been wiped all day. He had peed on himself when getting his diaper changed due to the girl not covering his pee pee when she was getting the new diaper ready (if you have boys you know that you get the diaper ready and then take the old one off wipe on top of the pee pee and then new diaper right on.) Grayson has not peed on himself since he was 2 months old. So they had to change his clothes. They put him in a short sleeve onsie with shorts. It is -15 here!!!! Michael asked to see the clothes that we sent in as spare. He had sweat pants in there and two long sleeve onsies. He changed him and then got out of there.

Part 2 tomorrow.....



Grayson has been fighting sleep the last 2 nights (one of which he was with my aunt) and drooling like he just got Novocaine. I think the top teeth are finally coming through and I'm hoping it happens soon because baby boy being in pain sucks the life out of me

Are football party was a blast. I drank my weight in beer and they had candy on the table so of course I inhaled that right up.

I ate the biggest plate of bacon yesterday when I woke up and I had a soda because I thought I was 21 again

I really don't want to be at work today. It's horrible outside and my boys are home so yeah. I already told my boss that I would like to work from home tomorrow. Fingers crossed he lets me.

I want to deep clean my house. I'm just wanting to purge. So I have started a list and am hoping to start tackling one room/area of the house each weekend. I need order! And fast! I never nested with Grayson probably because I was the size of a whale and could hardly walk up the stairs so maybe a year later it's kicking in?

The contract for the venue is all set now it is details galore. I'm hoping to figure out the menu today so I can tell everyone what to bring and then I need to find mine and Grayson's outfit.

Happy Monday!


Follow through Friday


I'm really loving this link up.
I say to myself when I want to just keep my booty on the couch at night that I can't because
a) I need to post my #jmdvdchallenge pictures
b) I have to link up and I don't want to feel like a failure

So on with the numbers, workouts and eating OH MY!

I gained a pound. I know I said I wasn't going to weight myself but habit took over and I did. Gaining a pound had me in panic attack mode and then I though well lets try some measurements. So I did and my progress is showing there so I'm feeling pretty good.

1/17- Shed it with weights
1/18- rest
1/19- Kickboxing and Shed it with weights
1/20-Shed it with weights
1/21-Shed it with weights
1/22-Shed it with weights
1/23- Rest

Ok the workouts this week were kind of crappy. Last night we were at the doctors right through  my normal workout time so I decided to just skip it after being so exhausted from G being sick again.

I have been keeping my eating on track and have not had any sweets this week. Saturday is our football party which has an open bar and I will be drinking my weight and then some in beer ( I guess that pound gained is in my favor this weekend). I knew this was coming so my plan is to double up on workouts tonight and Saturday and then maybe sneak one in Sunday depending on how my head feels. The challenge is almost over but there are some talks about a 30/30 challenge where you do any DVD you want like zumba or run or whatever as long as its 30 mins. I like having a group to check in with plus my mom on top of that it really keeps me going.

I'm not one to wish time away but my body is aching for spring time! It is -15 with the wind chill here today and I'm wishing for the days when I can put my nugget in his stroller and go run/jog for a few miles. I do so much better when I can be out in the fresh air.

TGIF! Momma needs her nails did and new outfit for tomorrow here's to hoping I'm down a pant size!


Thursday Things

List form seems to work the best for today's post and I wasn't even going to post today but I needed to get somethings out

- Grayson woke up with his eyes sealed shut from green crap. He could not open his eyes and I was almost in tears over it. Thanks goodness my sister works nights tonight so she is staying with him until 1:30 and then  my dad is going over until Michael gets home for work.

- We have an appointment at 5:30 and I'm going to be grilling the crap out of the Doctor. If it's pink eye this will be the 3rd time since December 6th that he has had it and I want answers.

-As soon as I find out he has pink eye and he has started drops I sanitize everything in our house. I wash the toys that can be put in the washing machine and the rest get a wipe down with Lysol and then hot water after that because I still freak about the chemicals if he puts it in his mouth.

-Friday was supposed to be Grayson's last day at his current daycare but it looks like yesterday was because he won't be going back due to his pink eye

-The decision to switch daycare was very hard and a whole post could be dedicated to this.

-I was going to make a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight but it looks like Subway will win because there is no way I will have time to cook once I get home and then we have to leave again.

-I wore a sockbun to work on Monday and now everyday since my boss has resorted to calling me bunny, and asks me where my sock bun is he is just crazy.

-My husband hates the sock bun and calls me a librarian and makes me watch the King of Queens episode about the bun.

-I'm already exhausted and it's only 9:15 but having a sick baby drains the crap out of me.


So What!

Life After I Dew

So What..........
I'm leaving work early on Friday for a quick appointment (that will take like 15 mins.) and then I'm going to get my nails did and pick out an outfit for our football party on Saturday

So What...........
I'm still second guessing the date for G's birthday party. I really need to get over it because I already ordered the invitations and booked a venue.

So What.............
I got the proof back for G's party and I'm in LOVE. I will post it once they have all been handed out!

So What..............
I forgot a load of laundry in the washer, washed and didn't realize it until I was looking for a specific shirt then it was all light bulb moment and then cuss like a sailor moment after that

So What.............
Every night I crave and dream about something chocolate. So far I have only caved once when we were at a birthday party and had a small piece of cookie cake

So What...........
I already spent all of our grocery budget for the month and we still have over a week to go. Looks like its an eat out of the stock pile / freezer kind of month.

So What.............
I'm obsessing about the 1st birthday party details. Everything! Must! BE! PERFECT! I think I yelled that at my husband the other night when he said he didn't care what invitaion we sent out. Oh the pressure. 


Let the planning begin

If you  missed my post yesterday Grayson is now 10 months old!

That means I have 2 months to prepare and figure out how to pay for a birthday party.

We have a big family / extended family so with just family it is about 35 people. Then add in the close family friends that have been there for it all we are looking at 50, and that is cutting the list way down from my original must invite everyone list. This is a birthday party not a wedding.

I cannot and will not have that many people in my shoebox of a house so renting some venue is our only option. Only I don't want to waste a huge amount of money for a rental fee so I have been calling places trying figure out the cheapest/nicest place to host a 1 year old birthday party. Also there must be beer (and lots of it). Some places make you buy their bar package (which means you have to pay 8.95 per person even if they won't drink anything but water) blah, so they get tossed out the window. And I want to bring my own food in. I don't want to pay the over priced not as good caterer or ladies auxiliary to provide sub par food. Remember as you read this I'm a control freak.

I also get a lot of questions as to why having beer is so important because it's a one year old birthday party to which I reply " I'm still trying to make up for going without it for 10+ months".

I finally found a venue. It's at a private club but my brother is a member so I'm in like Flynn. They have a bar that we can run a tab for as long as we like so I don't have to buy a bar package for someone who is just going to drink water. I can bring my own food in and decorate however I want. We go and sign the contract on Saturday and it's only a $25.00 deposit so that's awesome.

Now here is the kicker. Grayson was born on March 19th. The only dates they had available were the 8th or the 22nd. Now the 22nd was my dream date but due to my hubby's work schedule that is a day that is blacked out for taking days off. So I had to go with the 8th.  Do you think that's too early? I will second guess this decision until he is 25 because I'm crazy like that. I thought for a second about having the party on the 22nd because that's what I wanted and then I realized that would make me a selfish bitch because as I get reminded all the time he is our son not just my son. I call bull shit because I carried him for what felt like ever. I digress

So now that the day is picked I need to get the invites ASAP! Do I want a picture one? or one with just the info? I snapped some pictures of him last night on my good camera and I think I found the invite I want from etsy. However where do I print it at? I want it on thick cards stock and suggestions?

And theme? I chose a mustache theme. I didn't want anything too babyish. I wanted something that would be fun for the adults too. But colors? Oy. I think I will go with a red and blue. Plus now I need to get decorations and a cute outfit that is mustache related for my nugget and me because I will not be left out.

Then the food. Oh the food. I'm thinking I will do the pulled pork and then have everyone else in my family bring a side or an appetizer. Does that make me cheap? Probably but I know that will appreciate the fact that the less I spend on food the more beer they can throw down their throats.

I'm already going crazy and if I had an unlimited budget that would be great. But we cannot go in the poor house for a party that he will not remember.

Any suggestions from some veteran moms??? I will take all the advise I can get!!!


10 Months ( a day late)

Is this real??? Didn't I just write the 9 month post where is the time going??

Dear Grayson,
Oh Bubbie Lou! I love you so. You are such an amazing little boy. You are sweet but spunky and your daddy says you get it from me. Your a dare devil which you get from your father but it gives momma a heart attack. Christmas was amazing with you and I look forward to so many more holiday's with you my sweet baby boy.
You started waving this month!!! I love it! It's super quick and sometimes you make a fist but it's cute. You very randomly with do the "how big is Grayson" game but sometimes when I ask you I get the full on stink eye ( you so so get that from me!). You pull to stand cruise along when holding onto something. Walking I'm sure will be happening anytime now. I had a break down the other night thinking about how much you have grown and all the milestones you have already hit and how next think I know you will be driving and getting married and I will be a grandma ( Yes your mother is a little over dramatic sorry).
Your eating is back on track, jack. Thank the Lord. You eat your 8 oz. bottle in the morning and at night. You have a 6 oz. at 10 am and then fruit and some puffs at 1 pm. Then dinner between 4 and 4:30 where you eat a stage 2 meal and a yogurt and some puffs. We have tried giving you some table food but your pretty much against any new textures. You threw up when we have you a bite of mash potatoes so we are hoping your not scarred for life. I'm not too concerned we will just keep offering your the food and you will get there eventually.
We went for your 9 month check up on the 30th and you had lost weight. It got me freaked out (and I may have had a mini panic attack in the applebee's parking lot) until I remembered that you had the flu, and a sinus/ear infection with in the last 3 weeks. We go back on the 27th for a weight check. I'm confident that you will be back to the right weight and then some.You are in 12 month clothes with some 9 month sprinkled in. But really 9 month are too short in the arms your turning into my lanky baby. Your sleep is going good. You wake up sometimes because of your top teeth which they informed us at the doctor's that all 4 are coming in at once!!! Poor G!  But for the most part sleep 7-7 or 7-6 depending on if its a daycare day or not.You chew on everything and we are just hoping that the break through comes soon!
Your personality is so amazing and kind. You have the best smile and smile at everyone. We have started to venture out with you a little more but since the temperatures have been in the negatives some days we keep you at home and take you out as little as possible. Once spring comes you will be my shadow and be going all over the place with me.
I love you so much and I know I kiss you a million times a day but I think you like it. I'm proud to be your momma, and I love watching you grow!
Your Momma.

I'm in love with those cheeks!!

"Ok Momma enough pictures already"

You love the paper at the doctors office
Petting Riley

Eating a bow from a Christmas present

Clearly he lacks personality he is such a goofy boy

This is his "my top teeth hurt" face

He's a genius he can already spell his name

Pulling Daddy's hair

Working the pole!

He lunged for a toy .25 seconds after this

"In yo face!"
"Whoever put this on me head is dead"

He likes to stand in his crib and hit the door

My nugget love!

Checking out the new threads momma got you
Studs lonigan in his Adidas suit (normally I would never buy him a suit so expensive (normally 45.00) but I got is on sale for $10.00 so he got lucky and he looks cute)

First trip to a bowling alley and first birthday hat!


Follow through Friday

I weigh myself on Thursday's because that is what day the Jillian Challenge started.
To say I'm semi disappointed would be the truth. BUT I'm holding onto the comments that people have been saying like "your shrinking" or "babe your hot" (that last one was my hubby in case you didn't get that)
My clothes are fitting different too so I'm trying to ignore that gawd awful number and keep it moving

Onto the working out portion of this shin dig

1/10/2014- Kickboxing and Shred it with Weights (if you have not tried this yet DO IT!! It's awesome)
1/12/2014- Kickboxing
1/13/2014-Shred w/weights
1/14/2014- Rest
1/15/2014-Shred w/weights
1/16/2014- 6 week 6 pack

I will never workout on Tuesday's my schedule does not allow it but I try to make it up at some point. I really like the Shred it with weights. It is by far my favorite but I like to alternate between the kickboxing and that. The 6 week 6 pack was the death of me and I did not care for it but that's just me. My abs are super sore today so I guess I worked.

I have been to lazy to get all the things I need for the 3 day cleanse but I'm hoping to get it all today. And do it Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We will see. My eating has been good and I can see how my portions are getting smaller and I'm still feeling full.
I over ate at lunch on Wednesday (our boss buys us lunch once a week so we order out). I felt like shit the rest of the day and vowed that I will not do that again.

In all honesty it has been hard fighting the scale. I think I'm going to give up on it until we get to the end of the #jmdvdchallenge, because I don't want to get discouraged just because of a number.

Happy Friday everyone!!


How it works in our house

We may have a very different family dynamic than most and I'm all good with it. (for the most part)
Work schedules being what they are we are often left to single parent Grayson because we have opposite days off.
My husband (praise the lord) is very hands on with Grayson
I give most of the credit to him but the other part is that on Monday and Tuesday's he has no choice because he is home alone with him. This forced him very early on that he had to know how to do everything for him.

Our typical days when we both work I end up doing most things in the morning solo. Michael is nice enough to put the bottle together and pour the water in it for me which in my world is huge! and saves me some time.
Here is our typical Wednesday-
5:15- I wake up. I usually shower the night before so that I can get an extra half an hour of sleep. Plus I work out at night so I need to get clean before I climb into bed. Win, win. I get up let the dog out and throw my clothes in the dryer for a fluff. I pack my lunch and make G's bottle. Then I get dressed and do my make up and hair.
The office I work in is super laid back so I get to wear jeans and sweatshirts to work and in the summer shorts and tank tops! I love it! Plus if I'm having a rushed morning and only have time to do mascara and a high pony it's all good.
6:00- I go wake up G man (if he's not already up). I get him changed and dressed comb his hair, do a quick photo shoot to send daddy a picture and then suit him right up into his coat, hat , and mittens.
6:20- We are in the car and rolling to daycare. We talk to Michael on the way to work. Most of the time G falls asleep but if he's awake we talk and sing to him. Since Michael is already gone for work when G gets up this is a way that we decided he can still be part of his morning routine. I personally love it.
6:40ish I drop G off at daycare. He eats his first bottle here that I make at home.
6:50ish I get to work and turn on my computer and get started for the day
3:30 I get out for the day. On Wednesday I usually run some errands after work because Michael picks up G from daycare usually around 2.
4:00-4:30- I get home and start dinner. We are usually all out in the kitchen. Michael feeds G at this time and we just hang out while I cook and Michael does the dishes or goes through the mail.
5:00- We eat no later than 5 sometimes sooner depending on when I get home and such. Once we are done with dinner we play with G down on the floor which as of late just means stopping him from grabbing the DVD player.
6:00- I do my workout and Michael take G upstairs with him while he play guitar.
6:45- Michael starts to run G's bath. I go upstairs and get his jimmy jams and a diaper for him.I make his night time bottle and make the coffee for the next day.
7:15- I feed Grayson his night time bottle, burp him and then he is in bed by 7:30
7:30- I pick up the toys (if it's not already done) and then jump in the shower. Michael does the dishes and cleans up the kitchen then he gets in the shower
8:00- We watch a show together upstairs or just talk about our day
8:30-9:00- It's lights out baby because we are old and Michael gets up at 3:20 in the morning.

That's how it works in our house! And I love every second of it!


So What!

Getting down with some So What! today

Life After I Dew

So What.......

I seriously thought about calling in to work today and then I realized it was Wednesday and that there was no way I could (i.e. no one would get paid)

I have no idea what we are eating for dinner tonight, probably brown rice and veggies because I know we have those in the house

A pizza sounds way better

I did an at home gel nail kit last night and I hate my nails

I'm going to get my nails done at the salon either today or Friday

I'm counting down the days to our annual football party. It is the best time and I'm ready for some adult time

I still wear my maternity t-shirts. I love how long they are and you cannot tell that they are maternity

It's only 7:30 and I'm counting down the seconds until it's 3:30 and I can get out of here I need some home time with my boys

Happy Wednesday!


2013- A review

 I know this is a little late but better late than never. This year has had ups and downs and for sure one for the books!!!

January- We found out my mom had stage one cancer but that it had all been removed with surgery and she was now cancer free!!! I had my baby shower, and we made plans for when baby Smith arrived. I had to sit through our annual football party sober and vowed that I will NEVER do that again!

February- We found out that the deal to sell our house fell through and that we would NOT be moving. We kicked it into high gear and got the nursery ready and the house all set for our nugget to arrive.

March- We became PARENTS!!! Grayson Michael was born on March 19th via c-section you can read more about that here. We went from a family of 2 to 3 and it was an adjustment. We celebrated Grayson's first holiday (Easter) and I got to stay home with him

April- We celebrated a million birthdays and had a surprise party for my Mom's 50th. I got to spend the whole month snuggling my nugget. Grayson started to spit up a lot and we made our first trip to the doctor for a cold.

May- I went back to work. It was hard but I needed the routine again. Grayson started daycare and transitioned beautifully. We figured out our groove as a family with two working parents.

June- Celebrated my birthday. Grayson got baptized, and we had a Par-tay. I started this blog but neglected it for the longest time. Two of our couple friends got engaged!!!

July- G's first 4th of July!! We got a pool!!! Grayson started rice cereal this month and got chunkier I think. We found out that Grayson had acid reflux and he started medicine.

August- We went on our first family camping trip to Gramstock. It was a blast....and we drank way to much. We celebrated 4 years of marriage (where does the time go?).

September-Was pretty low key. We celebrated Libby's birthday I can't believe she is 8. Other than that September was filled with fall fun, and football.

October- We celebrated Michael's birthday with a taco party. It was blast. It was Grayson's first Halloween and he had two costumes!!! He also got his first two teeth

November- Thanksgiving!!!! I loved all the first's with Grayson. Michael and I got a date night just the two of us and it was much over due. I got 80% of our Christmas shopping done and Grayson saw snow for the first time, and started crawling.

December- Christmas!!! Seeing my baby boy open presents, and Michael open his gift was amazing.We battled the flu and rashes but we came out all better in time for Christmas. We celebrated the last day of 2013 family style and I loved every second of it.

I'm excited for 2014 and all the amazing things we have planned for our family!!


The Weekend and Things

Our weekend was pretty relaxing

Except for on Saturday when Grayson decided to fight his nap.... Any Momma knows how much you neeed nap time.

I use nap time on the weekends to work out and do all the things that I can't do when G is up, like scrub the bathroom, and put away my laundry, or eat even.

When he fights sleep and won't go down I have a meltdown. I need that time to re-charge and what not. He finally fell asleep but only for half an hour. So I went up and brought him downstairs with me. He just laid on me on the couch and before I knew it he was asleep again. Not wanting to risk another wake up I let him sleep on me for about and hour and I caught up on my trashygottahaveit TV.

After that we met up with my sister to do some shopping and I got G the coolest shop stool for out in the garage/man cave.

Sunday we had family dinner at our house (chili dogs, because we are classy) and then we watched the Bronco's win and are now just hoping that they smash the patriots next week. I'm a Bill's fan hardcore but when my Billy goats are out I move on to other options and I love me some Manning.

I have not been to the gym yet but I have been hardcore working out at home and have been loving it.

I'm buying my own gel nails kit this week because I'm tired of going to the salon. Plus the last few times they have not been as good and the girl has seemed rushed.

Grayson is getting so big and will be ten months and it is so close to his 1st birthday that I'm having a breakdown/ I want another baby thing going on. My husband thinks I'm crazy and I can't deny it.

That's all for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that we all survive this Monday!


2 link ups one post

2 link ups one post because that's how I roll!!!


 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

My workouts this week
1/2/2013-Yoga Meltdown
1/4/2013-Kickboxing and arms
1/5/2013-Kickboxing and abs
1/7/2013- Rest day
1/8/2013-Kickboxing and 30 day shred
1/9/2013- Rest day

I got hit with the head cold  so I will be doubling up tonight to get in my workouts

I was all for the Dr.Oz 2 week rapid weight loss program until I got home and realized it just does not work for me because I hardly eat any of those veggies. Which would not be healthy so I'm going with his 3-day cleanse and going from there.

My goal is to keep up with the DVDs and try to make it to the gum at least twice a week. It just has not worked out this far because of the weather and other appointments. 

My diet for the most part has been good. I did splurge and have a piece of ice cream cake at a birthday party and a brownie but I'm OK with it. My lunches have been good and dinners even better. It was really hard to get out of this mind set

Of course I have to end it with my main motivation my nugget love

Happy Friday everyone and keep up the hard work ladies!!!


Hot mess Momma

I was reading this post by Katie over at Loves of Life and it really shook me to my core...

Why do we put pressure on ourselves? To be perfect? To be supermom? To be like so and so or be better than so and so?

Listen I'm going to call my self out I'm a hot mess of a mom. And a hot mess of a wife for that matter.

Grayson is always clean and in clean clothes and I change his diaper almost the second I smell that he peed or pooped (which has resulted in my getting pissed and shit on multiple times) I feed him when he wants and I kiss him a million times a day... However I'm not perfect. Was I right next to him sitting on the floor when he fell and was crying so hard it was silent. Yup it happened to me and that's OK because he will fall a million more times but I beat myself up about it all day.

I heard a quote a while back that said
Comparing your whole story to one persons chapter is setting yourself up for failure and heartache. It's so true. Instagram (which I love!!!) Is a fleeting moment, because I know for a fact that in my house 5 seconds after I snap this adorable picture that G peed in the tub and then started screaming because he didn't want to get out of the tub. The dog drooled all over the floor and I walked through it so now my sock is wet and I just dropped the container of coffee and it opened up all over the floor and every cuss work from A-Z flew out of my mouth.

Embracing who we are good and bad is the only way to be at peace. I'm a hot mess and I'm proud of it. But here's the thing. My boys know how much I love them. So when they are laughing at me because it looks like something died on top of my head because I have not washed my hair all weekend that's OK because I have memories with them. Silly, goofy, over the top crazy, heart filling memories that bring a smile to my face every time I think of them.
So here's to all the hot mess Mommas out there. Let your freak flag fly and just love your babies!!!


Past, Present, Future


We have been living in a frozen tundra and according to the weather man we have a vortex over us. I don't know what a vortex is but I'm over it. I hate being cold all the time. 

My office that I work in is a converted pole barn and does not have the best instillation. It is so cold. Yesterday when I went to get in my car for work is said -4. Plus we had wind that made the temperature -30. I got to work and the office was still so cold my hands were frozen after only an hour. I also got a horrible migraine and decided to pack it up and head back home and work from there. A quick nap later and I was feeling better and warmer. Once I finished my work I demanded in the nicest way ever that we had to get all the decorations down. I also did not visit with Jillian yesterday mostly because it's time for my monthly bill and I just knew that our TV would end up with a hole in it if I tried to even look at her face yesterday.


All of our Christmas decor is packed away for another year. I love putting it up but once it comes down I love how clean and organized everything looks.

We are going to a birthday party tonight. My uncle's(by marriage) mom is turning 92! When you are up there like that you celebrate every chance you get! Her wish list includes 
Individually wrapped lifesaver peppermints
Book marks

Ahhh to have simple needs and not be like me where I say give me everything I want or I will focus on the one thing on my list I did not get. Although since having kid I have jumped off that train and more onto it's about my baby.

My poor husband has to be out working in the vortex and says he is freezing his balls off today. Gas delivery drivers cannot work from home bummer.

I will be working out double tonight to make up for missing a day. I really hate to admit it but I feel better when I workout but I still hate having to do it. 


I read Holly's blog today and she gave me the kick in the ass I needed. So I will be attempting the Dr. OZ plan as well. I'm a carbivore, as in the more carbs the better. I'm sure I will be the biggest bitch the first couple days but really if it can help me shed the pounds I will get down in funky town. Now I just have to get to the store and get all the ingredients. Which hopefully will happen tomorrow and then I can board the crazy train. The one thing I'm looking forward to is the detox bath. Because the conversation in my house will go like this.
Me: I have to take a bath tonight and I want to do it after Grayson goes to bed. I will be lighting candles and listen to Jason Alden radio on Pandora.
Husband: I don't think you have to take a bath but if you want to take one tonight go ahead
Me: No I have to and if you would have listened to me when I told you that Dr.Oz said for 2 weeks I have to do a detox bath
Husband: I do listen you just talk so much I forget parts of it, Can I join you?
Me: No (slams door in is face)

We really do love each other.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


The time that a little boy met Santa

We had our Christmas with my brother the weekend before Christmas. I love this time because no one has to rush anywhere else and we can just enjoy our time together.

We always have a ton of food but it's soooo good and I think I may have gained 15 pounds in one day.

Anyway my sister's boyfriend's dad (confused yet?) is Santa. He is one of the best in our area and does private parties all the time. He comes to my mom's house for pretty cheap and does the best job ever

He starts off with jingling bells in the entrance of my parents house. The kids flipped this year when they heard it and ran out to see him. Then he comes in and sits in a chair and says hi to everyone. He reads the kids a book and while he reads the book he picks one person to hold his one glove so he can turn the pages (it was B this year) and is soooo good with them asking them questions and everything.

Next comes the present part. He brings each of the kids a present (that we have provided him ahead of time) They get so excited when he calls their name. This is when they sit on his lap and asks what they want for Christmas.....once the kids are done he goes around the room and asks the adults what they want for Christmas. Then he hands out Candy Canes and is on his way. He is there for like half an hour tops. 

This was G's first interaction with Santa and he did pretty good. Granted he was not feeling good an on the edge of a nap but no tears so it was a win in my book.

And now a photo dump of that day and our Santa experience.

Me and my girl Libby holding hands listening to Santa's story
Baby G pretty much passed out
B has a death grip on that glove
Santa looks like he has G at gun point but he was really so good with him

No tears!!!

Santa was grilling Libby about her slippers
B getting his gift
And yes I put my kid in this shirt and I loved every second of it.


Resolution 5

Here are my top 5 New Years Resolutions

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

1- Food prep!!! Michael and I have made a commitment to do our grocery shopping and food prep Monday nights! I'm beyond excited to start this for our lunches and meals. This is a huge step for us.

2- Work out and lose that last of the baby weight. I have 30 pounds to lose. Yup I became a statistic and gained weight from November to December. If you guys don't already you should follow my girl Big Holly she is doing a January challenge and I'm in like Flynn on this one. Plus the chance of winning $150.00!!!! I also was given money by my mother in law for Christmas so I think I'm going to invest in some training sessions at my gym and I'm going to hit it hard. I already roped my mother into being my biggest loser coach and if I don't workout at least 5 times a week I have to pay her $20.00 for every day that I miss in a week!!!! This will last until I hit my goal weight with weigh-ins every other week. I know I can do this!!!

3- Picking up the house every night. I hate dishes and they are NOT my job. But my husband does bath for the boy every night and so dishes sometimes get left for a night or two so my goal is to pick up the slack and make sure the dishes are done every night. Along with putting away the laundry and keeping the house picked up.

4- Save money every month!!! We need more savings and I want to be able to make our home our dream home sooner rather than later. So I'm going to coupon my fingers off and become a cheap-ass. We are also doing that savings jar that is floating around blog land. You end up with over $1300 in the end so that is a start.

5- Finding joy and special moments everyday. I have an amazing life. I'm blessed beyond words and 2014 is going to be my year of gratitude. I'm going to soak up the small moments and be grateful for the everyday things.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


The Rash-Part 2

Check out Part 1 here
The Ice Storm here

And for the record I may be a little over dramatic but being without power and a baby puts me straight into panic mode.

Anyway we were at my parents house and after breakfast I gave him a second dose of Benadryl. He took his nap and was acting  pretty normal but he cheeks were still red and his little chubby body was covered in dots. We got him dressed in his Christmas sweater and got ready for Santa to come visit. He almost fell asleep during Santa's story and then passed out after opening his gift. He woke up half an hour later and was on fire. He would only sleep with me holding him and the rash seemed to get worse. This was around the time his cough started.

My sister-in-laws sister-in-law ( that's a mouthful) is a nurse. So we called her and she said that we could give him Tylenol and benadryl at the same time and to give him an oatmeal bath and that would help soothe the rash.

We got him in the bath and the rash was raised and covered every inch of his body. I asked my mom if I should take him to urgent care and she said yes. So we got him out of the bath and got him dressed. We got ready to head out to the dr but called first since it was a Sunday and they closed at 6. It was not 5:55. So we decided to give him a dose of Tylenol and benadryl and see how he reacted. With in the hour he was up and crawling. His cheeks were still super red but the fever was gone and he was not crying.

We got him home and got him to bed. I had to go into work the next day ( but not for long due to no power). I called on my way home from work and got him a 9:15 appointment with James.

Grayson was in much better spirits but still had the rash. James confirmed that he did have an allergic reaction, but that he also still had a sinus infection and ear infection. Grayson also developed bronchialitis. This is not the same as bronchitis but still not good. We did two breathing treatments in the office to try and get his pulse ox up but  neither treatment would bring it above a 94. They like babies to be around a 96 so they decided to send us home with azithromyicin (baby version of a z-pack) and a steroid to help with the rash. We also had to go back in the next day to check his pulse ox and he was at a 99!

He was fully recovered by Friday and has been back to my happy smiley very mobile baby.