Our daycare change story part one

I have tried to write this a few different times..... I had to break it up because it got too long.....

When we first started we loved our daycare. It helped that my sister worked there but still all the other girls were awesome.

Then a certain girl got hired and started a bunch of drama with the other workers. They slowly started to leave to avoid the conflict, my sister included.

Within the last two months it has gone so down hill that we just dreaded taking him there, and what state we would find him in when we picked him up.There was only one girl left from when we had started and they went through a complete staff change.

One time Michael showed up and both of his eyes were sealed shut with green goop and he had food caked all over his shirt, along with snot stuck on his face.Michael kept his cool and asked why we didn't get a call when his eyes started gunking up? The girls response was " I just got back from lunch" He took G and got out of there and then called the doctor first to get him an appointment. When we got him to the doctors he still has poop on him from an earlier diaper change and had poop on his under shirt. I lost my shit and Michael called the director. She said that she was short staffed that day and had to put some different people in the infant room and that it wouldn't happen again.

A week later he was covered in food and snot again, and when I changed his diaper he was in one that had a different kids initials on it. I called the director again and she said he had run out. They had not told us that he was out or even close to out. From that day on I started to count how many I sent and then how many they used a day. I'm not naive to think that kids don't get dirty, or have runny noses. But this was out of control. The diapers that they put him in were a kind that causes G to get a rash on his boy parts. I felt so bad because I could tell he was uncomfortable. I'm the mom that you tell me he has 10 diapers left I will bring you in more the next day. My kid never runs out of anything.

Last Wednesday was the last straw when Michael went to pick him up and he had snot so caked onto his face that you could tell his nose had not been wiped all day. He had peed on himself when getting his diaper changed due to the girl not covering his pee pee when she was getting the new diaper ready (if you have boys you know that you get the diaper ready and then take the old one off wipe on top of the pee pee and then new diaper right on.) Grayson has not peed on himself since he was 2 months old. So they had to change his clothes. They put him in a short sleeve onsie with shorts. It is -15 here!!!! Michael asked to see the clothes that we sent in as spare. He had sweat pants in there and two long sleeve onsies. He changed him and then got out of there.

Part 2 tomorrow.....