Resolution 5

Here are my top 5 New Years Resolutions

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

1- Food prep!!! Michael and I have made a commitment to do our grocery shopping and food prep Monday nights! I'm beyond excited to start this for our lunches and meals. This is a huge step for us.

2- Work out and lose that last of the baby weight. I have 30 pounds to lose. Yup I became a statistic and gained weight from November to December. If you guys don't already you should follow my girl Big Holly she is doing a January challenge and I'm in like Flynn on this one. Plus the chance of winning $150.00!!!! I also was given money by my mother in law for Christmas so I think I'm going to invest in some training sessions at my gym and I'm going to hit it hard. I already roped my mother into being my biggest loser coach and if I don't workout at least 5 times a week I have to pay her $20.00 for every day that I miss in a week!!!! This will last until I hit my goal weight with weigh-ins every other week. I know I can do this!!!

3- Picking up the house every night. I hate dishes and they are NOT my job. But my husband does bath for the boy every night and so dishes sometimes get left for a night or two so my goal is to pick up the slack and make sure the dishes are done every night. Along with putting away the laundry and keeping the house picked up.

4- Save money every month!!! We need more savings and I want to be able to make our home our dream home sooner rather than later. So I'm going to coupon my fingers off and become a cheap-ass. We are also doing that savings jar that is floating around blog land. You end up with over $1300 in the end so that is a start.

5- Finding joy and special moments everyday. I have an amazing life. I'm blessed beyond words and 2014 is going to be my year of gratitude. I'm going to soak up the small moments and be grateful for the everyday things.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!