Let the planning begin

If you  missed my post yesterday Grayson is now 10 months old!

That means I have 2 months to prepare and figure out how to pay for a birthday party.

We have a big family / extended family so with just family it is about 35 people. Then add in the close family friends that have been there for it all we are looking at 50, and that is cutting the list way down from my original must invite everyone list. This is a birthday party not a wedding.

I cannot and will not have that many people in my shoebox of a house so renting some venue is our only option. Only I don't want to waste a huge amount of money for a rental fee so I have been calling places trying figure out the cheapest/nicest place to host a 1 year old birthday party. Also there must be beer (and lots of it). Some places make you buy their bar package (which means you have to pay 8.95 per person even if they won't drink anything but water) blah, so they get tossed out the window. And I want to bring my own food in. I don't want to pay the over priced not as good caterer or ladies auxiliary to provide sub par food. Remember as you read this I'm a control freak.

I also get a lot of questions as to why having beer is so important because it's a one year old birthday party to which I reply " I'm still trying to make up for going without it for 10+ months".

I finally found a venue. It's at a private club but my brother is a member so I'm in like Flynn. They have a bar that we can run a tab for as long as we like so I don't have to buy a bar package for someone who is just going to drink water. I can bring my own food in and decorate however I want. We go and sign the contract on Saturday and it's only a $25.00 deposit so that's awesome.

Now here is the kicker. Grayson was born on March 19th. The only dates they had available were the 8th or the 22nd. Now the 22nd was my dream date but due to my hubby's work schedule that is a day that is blacked out for taking days off. So I had to go with the 8th.  Do you think that's too early? I will second guess this decision until he is 25 because I'm crazy like that. I thought for a second about having the party on the 22nd because that's what I wanted and then I realized that would make me a selfish bitch because as I get reminded all the time he is our son not just my son. I call bull shit because I carried him for what felt like ever. I digress

So now that the day is picked I need to get the invites ASAP! Do I want a picture one? or one with just the info? I snapped some pictures of him last night on my good camera and I think I found the invite I want from etsy. However where do I print it at? I want it on thick cards stock and suggestions?

And theme? I chose a mustache theme. I didn't want anything too babyish. I wanted something that would be fun for the adults too. But colors? Oy. I think I will go with a red and blue. Plus now I need to get decorations and a cute outfit that is mustache related for my nugget and me because I will not be left out.

Then the food. Oh the food. I'm thinking I will do the pulled pork and then have everyone else in my family bring a side or an appetizer. Does that make me cheap? Probably but I know that will appreciate the fact that the less I spend on food the more beer they can throw down their throats.

I'm already going crazy and if I had an unlimited budget that would be great. But we cannot go in the poor house for a party that he will not remember.

Any suggestions from some veteran moms??? I will take all the advise I can get!!!