Whats up Wednesday

Linking up with Shay today for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week.....

Monday -We had cereal because it's hockey night and I was knee deep in party prep and lost track of time so we had cereal and the kids had broccoli and cheese tots with a hard boiled egg and mac and cheese #momoftheyear

Tuesday- Fish tacos

Wednesday- Pasta with a beef and mushroom sauce

Thursday- left overs

Friday- Pizza night also know as the best night ever

Saturday- It's the babies birthday party so we will be having party food

What I'm reminiscing about.....

With my littlest loves turning one I have been all over memory lane.

You can see the letters I wrote to them here and here

What I'm loving.....

This weather. We have finally been having some nice days and so family walks have been on repeat around here. Makes me love my stroller even more because all three kids have a seat! Plus it's not wide.

What' we've been up to....

Birthday's birthday's and more birthday's. Seriously we have 9 birthday's in April so it's a busy month.

What I'm dreading.....

Marshall getting his first haircut. Ugh this boy hates to sit still so I'm just gearing up for a fight from him. But he needs one so bad because it just hangs in his eyes and he has a mullet in the back. It's bad. So Thursday I will be taking that nugget to get his first trim. Pray for me.

What I'm working on....

The twins birthday party is on Saturday so I have been pulling every thing together for that. We went with a luau theme and I'm so excited. 

What I'm excited about...

Michael and I just paid off a huge loan. Which is such a blessing and now we are on to the next one. We follow Dave Ramsey's plan and while we have had to take a break from the whole debt snowball (because having twins will do that to you) we are back on the train and picking up momentum

What I'm watching/reading...

Okay Grayson and I are obsessed with Moana. So it's pretty much on 24/7 at our house. But I am into the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and NYC. I'm reading my Bible and a couple other books when I get a chance.

What I'm listening to....

The Trolls soundtrack on repeat. It's free on my Amazon Prime so we jam out to that all the time 

What I'm wearing....

Flip flops because the weather is warmer

What I'm doing this weekend....

Cooking 20 pounds of pulled pork. Going to Art Night at the kids' school. Saturday I have a spa appointment that I got when I had the babies that I have to use by the end of April nothing like waiting until the last minute and then we have the babies party. 

What I"m looking forward to next month....

May is just as busy as April so there is a ton but Michael and I have a pretty special day that I'm really looking forward to in May

What else is new.....

Grayson got his packet for Pre-K yesterday.  My emotions are all over the place on this. But in looking over the paperwork it asked for Dental Health information and then I felt like a bad mom because he has never been to the dentist. Ooops. So that is on my list to do today. Make a dentist appointment.

And my favorite spring/summer shoe is of course the flip flop. Hands down if it didn't snow where I live I would only wear flip flops. 


Dear Marshall

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn one
I mean tell me how that is possible.

I remember going into the hospital to have you wondering how on earth was I going to have two babies? How was I going to love two babies?

Then I heard the cries of two precious babies and bam I got two new hearts.

Sweet boy you have my heart. I always tell you and your siblings that I don't have just one heart I have a specific one for each of you. And that you and you alone get all the love that that heart has.

Well honey my heart for you is huge and filled with so much love.

You have come a long way since this day a year ago. You were born two minutes after your sister making you the baby of the family. You were 3 ounces smaller and smooshed in mama's belly. Aside from blood sugar issues that were quickly resolved after birth you were perfect. Blonde hair blue eyes and the best button nose.

You are the baby I didn't know I needed the one that God just knew I needed in my life and gave me despite my arguments for only have two kids. Now I can't imagine life without all of you.

You have changed so much since my last update on you. You went from the one who smiles at everyone to the one that reserves the smiles for those closest to him. You have kept your blue eyes and blonde hair and while it's crazy and long right now I kind of love it. You are pretty serious when entering new situations (like your big brother was and still is) and have to really observe everything.

You walk every where like you have just always walked and new this past week you climb!!!! Plus just last night you started opening our baby gates so we have to make sure we put the extra lock down because your always opening them and climbing the stairs or wandering into the kitchen and walking out with the dish towel and a kit kat bar.

Your big brother hung the moon and you just love him. You are the sweetest with your little sister because even when she steals your sussy you don't cry and you always try to give her your sussy if she is upset and can't find hers. Your big brother is chomping at the bit to be able to wrestle with you and I fear for that day because I can just see it now two boys wrestling all the live long day in my house.

Your my rock star sleeper. We sleep trained you back in December right after Christmas and that was the best thing ever. You only took two nights and now we just lay you in your crib awake but sleepy and you sleep a solid 11-12 hours a night. Don't tell the others but this makes you my favorite child (just kidding kind of because sleep is the like gold) You only had a rough sleep bought when your top two teeth were coming in and that caused you to spike a fever of 103 off an on for two days and to sleep like crap but once it broke through you were golden.

You transitioned to milk pretty easily although if it's too cold your not a fan. You have really up'd your eating came in the last few weeks and you just shovel it all in. Carbs are your favorite and I get it because yum, but really you eat it all.

Your no much of a talker yet but you have the yelling thing down. When you get super excited you let your a yell or squeal to let everyone know. You clap and wave goodbye. You chew on everything and you still have the best dimples with a scrunched nose smile. You can drop it like its hot any time a beat comes on. It is so hardcore while boy dancing that it is funny.

You are my random snuggler. You will be playing and then just come up and lay your head down on me for a few snuggles and then right back to playing. I hope you never out grow that.

Your nicknames are all over the place we mostly call you Bubba or Marshy. Marsh Man comes up quite often and Grayson always calls you Marsh Marsh. When people see you for the first time they always say you look like me and your big brother and well handsome boy we take that as a compliment.

You have the biggest hands and feet and I have a feeling your are going to be a big big boy. You are about 3 pounds more than our sister and an inch and a half taller. Slowly moving into 18 month clothing just in time for summer. We have to put you in 4 diapers at night so that you wont leak.

I just love you so so much. This year was amazing with you. To watch your grow to get be be your mom all of it was great. And while the sleepless nights are hard I'm glad we went through them mostly so I can appreciated the long nights of sleep you give me now.

Marshall Thomas Joseph Smith you are the best caboose to our family. We love you big and with all that we have. We are so blessed to get to have you in our lives every gosh darn day and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love Mama.

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte

You are one!

Let me just tell you that was the fastest year of my life. 

I remember going into the hospital in labor and just praying over and over again for healthy babies. Less than 24 hours after walking into that hospital you were here and so beautiful.

You were born a mere two minutes before your baby brother and the second I heard you cry the tears came.

I remember seeing you and thinking how you looked just like your big brother. My heart was so full. You were the baby I prayed and prayed for. I always had a gut feeling I would be a boy mom and I was more than okay with it but really when I found out I was having a girl I cried. I had this desire to do all the girly things with a little sidekick and I didn't even know it. But you know who did? God and he gave me that blessing.

You came out 3 ounces larger than your brother at birth but that didn't last long. From very early on formula was not something that got you excited. You could take it or leave it and often we would have to fight with you to get you to eat.

You have had red hair since you were born and while the first few days I thought it was blonde looking back it's always been red. You have the sweetest blue eyes that have stuck around and they make you one of the rarest combinations in the world of having red hair and blue eyes.

You are the spitting image of your father. But your personality is all me. This is something I have struggled with because man are we both stubborn. You are my baby that knows how to get what she wants when she wants it and most of it is done with a smile and snuggles.

You could crawl for months however chose to just do it at almost 11 months old. Now you are starting to free stand and will walk when holding onto things. I'm just letting you find your own way with all of it. I have to admit it is hard to not compare you to your brother but I'm working on it.

You still eat all the things but now, you prefer meat. You know what you like and prefer lots of texture in a meal so if we give you lets say eggs and guacamole nope your not happy you want something crunchy too. Plus like your mama you like a little something sweet at the end of a meal for now that has just been some graham crackers because we reserve all sweets for the first birthday. So brace yourself sweet little one you get cake tonight! The transition to milk has been a weird one for you. You will drink it warmed up and in a bottle but no other way, because well your Charlotte. However you will drink water from your sippy cup all day long.

Your favorite thing is picking up any thing clothing related and putting it on your neck like a scarf. It's the funniest thing. Your second favorite thing is when you big brother picks you up and carries you around under your arm pits. You smile and kick your legs like crazy and when he sets you down you point to him for more.

Your sleeping is awful. You are up more times in the night than I care to count and more often than I would like to admit you end up in bed with us. Your smart so I'm certain that is why you wake up so that you can come in and get extra snuggles because you fall right back to sleep once you are nestled between us.

Your personality is infectious. You love to smile and you wave at everyone. You clap your hands and if anyone asks how big you are your hand shoot as high as you can get them above your head. You love to dance and kick your feet and bop your head any change you get. The Hot Dog song is one of your favorites and you point and grunt at the TV when it comes on.

You have a few small words. Mama Dada Baba but your not really associating them with anything but boy do you babble those all day long.

You are so petite. Coming in at around 17 pounds you have the smallest little waist that would still fit in 9 months but since you have some long legs you need 12 months.

You are sassy and you are a force to reckoned with. If you want a toy a one of your brothers has it you will pull on it until they give up. Your still not the biggest fan of your little brother touching you because your drama but you are starting to interact with each other more. You love to be in the jumper still and will jump happily for at least half an hour which gives me time to get laundry done because trying to do that with you is impossible you rip it apart faster than I can fold it.

I love you baby girl. I'm so blessed that I get to have you in my life as my daughter. Your sweet and I just love to snuggle you. There have been ups and downs and you hands down give me a run for my money more than the other two but I wouldn't change a thing. You help me grow as a mom and a person and for that I will be forever grateful.

Charlotte Carol Halli Smith you are such a blessing to our family. My love for you will never change. We love you big and hard because your just that amazing. Getting to be your Mom is one of my greatest blessings.

Love Mama


Answered Prayers

I think it is an awesome day when you can see a prayer answered. 

For the last 7.5 years Michael and I have had zero days off together.

His schedule was Wednesday through Sunday 
Mine was Monday through Friday

Once we had children we realized the blessing it was that he had those two days off so that our babies could stay home with him and saved all that money on daycare. 

Once the twins came it became apparent how much we needed some consistent family time. And some consistent adult time. We needed a date night and bad. Only problem was one of us always had to work the next day and our bed time is pretty early like 9 at night. And very few people can handle the bed time routine (it's not called power hour for nothing) so we went without.

At the beginning of this year I started a prayer journal. I started writing in it pretty often. One of my first entries was guidance from God about Michael's job. He had an offer from another company that was offering him Sunday's off and while he didn't want to leave his current job it was something we needed to consider.

We decided to pray about it and see what doors opened.

Yesterday after 7.5 years of working the weekends Michael was notified that his company was making changes and his new days off would not be Sunday and Monday.


To say we are thrilled is an understatement. I'm beyond excited to have a family day every.single.week. 

This is such a blessing.

This morning while I was getting dressed I looked in my prayer journal and saw my entry about Michael's job and wrote next to it "answered by God's grace and in His time"

It a reminder for me that prayer works and God is so so good. 

Happy Thursday!


Friday Favorites


Linking up with Andrea

I'm so thankful it's Friday we have had a few crazy weeks between losing power, the whole house getting the flu and then the big fourth birthday I'm ready to get my house in order and put away all the laundry

Here are a few things I'm loving this week

This blender bottle. I take some vitamins and I have the hardest time remembering them in the morning well this bottle has a pill section on the bottom of it so I just pack them all in there at night and bam I have them for the next morning at work

BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle and Twist n' Lock Storage, Pebble Grey

The babies are obsessed with these right now. They make for an easy something to throw on their tray for lunch or dinner. They just gobble them up

Grayson got Trolls for his birthday and we watched it together it's so so cute. The music is pretty great and it's just a sweet movie. 
Product Details

I'm in full on first birthday party planning mode for the twins. How are they going to be one? We are doing a luau theme because believe it or not it's harder to come up with a gender neutral theme. Once invitations go out (this weekend) I will share the invite. I worked with an awesome shop on Etsy and I can't wait to show you the final product.

These St. Paddy's day picture of the kiddos. Sissy and Grayson smile big Marshall looks like he has rocks in his mouth. Ha! But his cheeks though

I'm so far ahead of the game this year and I'm already done with Easter baskets. All the praise hands. We don't do candy in the baskets because the Grandmas usually take care of that so this year we gave each one a puzzle, a book, and a pair of PJ's. Plus a small treat. Puffs for the babies and a chocolate hockey puck for Grayson. I have them all put into the buckets too and they are hidden in my closet ready to go! Well one part of my life is in order Ha!

Happy Friday!


The flu that just kept coming

For the last week we have been battling the flu.

It lasted 6 days in our house


It started with Marshall randomly throwing up on Saturday I didn't think anything of it but then he drank water and that all came up too.

He seemed fine on Sunday except it switched to the other end, know what I mean?

Then it hit Charlotte Sunday night she threw up all in her crib it was a mess.

Then I woke up at midnight to the sound of poor Michael losing his dinner

Monday afternoon I got it

Then Monday night Grayson


Thankfully my Mother came over after work Monday and let Michael and I sleep for a few hours

I woke up Monday night to Grayson getting sick again in his bed, so after that he slept on the floor in our room. 

I had Tuesday off anyway so I got that day to semi rest. Well rest as much as you can with 3 kids.

Grayson and Michael had it the worst. Michael's lasted until Thursday and so did Grayson. 

So happy that Friday we were better.

Just in time for the birthday weekend to start. 

However during this whole flu thing we got a huge snowstorm. Clocking in at 24 inches in about a day and a half it was crazy. So the silver lining in all that was that even though we were sick we were out of that crazy bad weather. 

I will be back tomorrow with a little re-cap of the best bowling birthday party ever!

Happy Monday


Dear Grayson

Dear Grayson,

This weekend you turn 4. My sweet boy how did that happen?

I mean let me sound like every other mother in the world I feel like I just had you 

I don't know where to start there is so much to say to you.

So let me start with this. 

I love you. Those words don't seem enough but Grayson I love you something fierce. You made my heart a Mama heart and for that you will always be special to me. I'm writing this with tears streaming down my face because I don't know if I can put into words how much I truly love you and how much you have changed me.

I sometimes feel bad for you because you are the first. So we make all of our mistakes with you, and baby boy we mess up a ton. I just hope the extra snuggles make up for it. Well that and the chocolate.

You have the kindest heart. If someone is upset or you feel like you hurt someones feelings you are quick with a hug and I'm sorry. We got some super sad new a few weeks ago and you could tell mommy was sad and you sat on my lap and played with my hair telling me "it's okay Mama I'm here with you forever okay?" The look in your eyes was so genuine and I hope this is a quality you never lose.

You know how to encourage. Sometimes you will walk into the kitchen just to tell me I'm beautiful and sweet. Then you go back to playing. Other times you call me in your room at night just to tell me that I was a good mommy that day. Seriously. The other day your daddy apologized to you for yelling when he shouldn't have and you looked him square in the face and said "it's okay, your still my best daddy! Remember everyone needs forgiveness" We read this Little Critter book about forgiveness and so now you pass it out all the time.

You became a big brother this year. A role that I'm certain the Lord placed in your heart when he created you. You have handled this transition like a champ, exceeding all of our expectations. You beam with pride that you have two babies and claim them always. Your kind to them 90% of the time but there are moments where you push them or rip something from their hands. But I will take that percentage any day. You have to give them kisses when you see them in the morning, and when you see them after school and before they go to bed. You have to sit by them at dinner rather than at the table by us so you now have a chair and tray table so it's like their high chairs. I fear for the days when Marshall is older because I just see tons of wrestling matches and stop touching your brother in my future.

You have the best smile and give the best hugs. You must snuggle me before bed every night and I will never object that. It makes me slow down for a few minutes and just be. I love this time with you and we just talk about anything and everything.

In September you start school and will no longer be with me in the mornings and it makes me a little sad. I love having you with me.

The bottom line is we love you. Like crazy love you and are so blessed that we get to have you in our lives and be your parents.

A few other things I want to remember about you at age 4

-You love footy pajamas. They must be super hero!
-You have branched out with food and have added pizza, hot dogs, peas, and chicken nuggets to your will eat list.
-You say mines instead of mine and I love it
-You have the best imagination and often cook me chicken fish bagels with sprinkles and a side of beer.
-You want to be just like Daddy when you grow up. Drive big trucks and have 3 kids that is what you always say when asked.
-You talk to Jesus like hes a friend and I love that so so much.
-You have a hunger for learning and I hope you never lose that
-You have the prettiest gold/hazel eyes that are so animated!

Happy 4th Birthday my love!