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I'm so thankful it's Friday we have had a few crazy weeks between losing power, the whole house getting the flu and then the big fourth birthday I'm ready to get my house in order and put away all the laundry

Here are a few things I'm loving this week

This blender bottle. I take some vitamins and I have the hardest time remembering them in the morning well this bottle has a pill section on the bottom of it so I just pack them all in there at night and bam I have them for the next morning at work

BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle and Twist n' Lock Storage, Pebble Grey

The babies are obsessed with these right now. They make for an easy something to throw on their tray for lunch or dinner. They just gobble them up

Grayson got Trolls for his birthday and we watched it together it's so so cute. The music is pretty great and it's just a sweet movie. 
Product Details

I'm in full on first birthday party planning mode for the twins. How are they going to be one? We are doing a luau theme because believe it or not it's harder to come up with a gender neutral theme. Once invitations go out (this weekend) I will share the invite. I worked with an awesome shop on Etsy and I can't wait to show you the final product.

These St. Paddy's day picture of the kiddos. Sissy and Grayson smile big Marshall looks like he has rocks in his mouth. Ha! But his cheeks though

I'm so far ahead of the game this year and I'm already done with Easter baskets. All the praise hands. We don't do candy in the baskets because the Grandmas usually take care of that so this year we gave each one a puzzle, a book, and a pair of PJ's. Plus a small treat. Puffs for the babies and a chocolate hockey puck for Grayson. I have them all put into the buckets too and they are hidden in my closet ready to go! Well one part of my life is in order Ha!

Happy Friday!


The flu that just kept coming

For the last week we have been battling the flu.

It lasted 6 days in our house


It started with Marshall randomly throwing up on Saturday I didn't think anything of it but then he drank water and that all came up too.

He seemed fine on Sunday except it switched to the other end, know what I mean?

Then it hit Charlotte Sunday night she threw up all in her crib it was a mess.

Then I woke up at midnight to the sound of poor Michael losing his dinner

Monday afternoon I got it

Then Monday night Grayson


Thankfully my Mother came over after work Monday and let Michael and I sleep for a few hours

I woke up Monday night to Grayson getting sick again in his bed, so after that he slept on the floor in our room. 

I had Tuesday off anyway so I got that day to semi rest. Well rest as much as you can with 3 kids.

Grayson and Michael had it the worst. Michael's lasted until Thursday and so did Grayson. 

So happy that Friday we were better.

Just in time for the birthday weekend to start. 

However during this whole flu thing we got a huge snowstorm. Clocking in at 24 inches in about a day and a half it was crazy. So the silver lining in all that was that even though we were sick we were out of that crazy bad weather. 

I will be back tomorrow with a little re-cap of the best bowling birthday party ever!

Happy Monday


Dear Grayson

Dear Grayson,

This weekend you turn 4. My sweet boy how did that happen?

I mean let me sound like every other mother in the world I feel like I just had you 

I don't know where to start there is so much to say to you.

So let me start with this. 

I love you. Those words don't seem enough but Grayson I love you something fierce. You made my heart a Mama heart and for that you will always be special to me. I'm writing this with tears streaming down my face because I don't know if I can put into words how much I truly love you and how much you have changed me.

I sometimes feel bad for you because you are the first. So we make all of our mistakes with you, and baby boy we mess up a ton. I just hope the extra snuggles make up for it. Well that and the chocolate.

You have the kindest heart. If someone is upset or you feel like you hurt someones feelings you are quick with a hug and I'm sorry. We got some super sad new a few weeks ago and you could tell mommy was sad and you sat on my lap and played with my hair telling me "it's okay Mama I'm here with you forever okay?" The look in your eyes was so genuine and I hope this is a quality you never lose.

You know how to encourage. Sometimes you will walk into the kitchen just to tell me I'm beautiful and sweet. Then you go back to playing. Other times you call me in your room at night just to tell me that I was a good mommy that day. Seriously. The other day your daddy apologized to you for yelling when he shouldn't have and you looked him square in the face and said "it's okay, your still my best daddy! Remember everyone needs forgiveness" We read this Little Critter book about forgiveness and so now you pass it out all the time.

You became a big brother this year. A role that I'm certain the Lord placed in your heart when he created you. You have handled this transition like a champ, exceeding all of our expectations. You beam with pride that you have two babies and claim them always. Your kind to them 90% of the time but there are moments where you push them or rip something from their hands. But I will take that percentage any day. You have to give them kisses when you see them in the morning, and when you see them after school and before they go to bed. You have to sit by them at dinner rather than at the table by us so you now have a chair and tray table so it's like their high chairs. I fear for the days when Marshall is older because I just see tons of wrestling matches and stop touching your brother in my future.

You have the best smile and give the best hugs. You must snuggle me before bed every night and I will never object that. It makes me slow down for a few minutes and just be. I love this time with you and we just talk about anything and everything.

In September you start school and will no longer be with me in the mornings and it makes me a little sad. I love having you with me.

The bottom line is we love you. Like crazy love you and are so blessed that we get to have you in our lives and be your parents.

A few other things I want to remember about you at age 4

-You love footy pajamas. They must be super hero!
-You have branched out with food and have added pizza, hot dogs, peas, and chicken nuggets to your will eat list.
-You say mines instead of mine and I love it
-You have the best imagination and often cook me chicken fish bagels with sprinkles and a side of beer.
-You want to be just like Daddy when you grow up. Drive big trucks and have 3 kids that is what you always say when asked.
-You talk to Jesus like hes a friend and I love that so so much.
-You have a hunger for learning and I hope you never lose that
-You have the prettiest gold/hazel eyes that are so animated!

Happy 4th Birthday my love!



What's going on

So I have been MIA. 

Our world has been a little crazy.

We found out a few weeks ago that my sweet sweet (great)uncle has lung cancer. 

The original consultation is not good and so now we are trying to make plans and see our options. 

With cancer being so wide spread on my mom's side of the family (seriously every single one of her siblings and her mother and aunts and grandparents have had a form of cancer) it is really hard to even hear the word. Having my own grandmother taken from me so soon after her diagnosis is something I still struggle with and so we are trying to avoid that if possible. 

In other news
We had one crazy wind storm here starting on Wednesday and the damage is crazy.
We lost power for about 32 hours this week and so that was interesting. Our family was spread out everywhere because most of our family was without power as well. We lost it Wednesday around 12:30 pm. So Wednesday night the twins went to stay with Mema and we stuck it out at home for the night with Grayson snuggled between us. However we woke up Thursday morning to a freezing house and knew that we could not stay there again. Thankfully we got our power back on around 7 Thursday night and while Grayson still chose to stay at Aunt Mary's we took the babies home with us to get settled back in. 
Unfortunately there are still quite a few people without power and the amount of telephone poles that are hanging over the roadways are crazy. There are several roads that are shut down because of downed poles. I mean the winds were so bad that tractor trailers were flipping over while driving. I was never so thankful when Michael told me he was out of work before the worst of the winds started. 

I never realized how much we use power. It's been a few years since we lost it and man. My house was a disaster because we couldn't wash any dishes, vacuum, laundry, cook,make coffee(!!!!!), oh yeah and no heat. 
I'm just thankful it's back on.

My sweet big boy turns 4 next Sunday and I'm all sort of torn up about it. I mean I love this age but I miss that fat baby. He starting to look more like a kid than a baby. The fat rolls are gone and his face is thinning out. I will be sharing a letter I wrote to him next week, 

This weekend I plan on getting my house in order and just staying warm in this crazy weather (because today it's 28 and snowing fun fun)



Let's confess somethings today

I can't remember the last time I moped my floors.........I know it was after Christmas but I can't remember for real so there's that. But in my defense I spot clean them sooooo much because someone is always spilling/spitting up/snotting everywhere that they get cleaned with a baby wipe often. Just not all at once

I hate showering on the weekends. If we have no where to go I will always take a quick shower after my work out but I will not wash my hair. I'm not a shower person. I don't stand there and take hour showers. I get in do what I have to do, while trying to do the minimum, like if I can skip a hair wash I do! and get out. I have other things to do!

I let Grayson take hour long baths on the weekends in the middle of the day. Sometimes Mommy needs a breather to eat lunch in peace so once the babies go down he goes in the tub. I can see him the whole time but I'm in the other room eating without being interrupted. Once I'm done I grab a load of laundry and fold that while he is still in the bath. Last Sunday we changed the water 3 times.

I said I was going to start a diet the first of the year and well it's complicated. I have cut way back on carbs and sugar, but I'm still enjoying pizza Friday's (in moderation). I just want to be happy and going on a super strict diet makes me hangry and I just don't want to do that again. Plus I gave up all soda so there's that.

I'm turning 30 in June and it really is not bothering me.  I get more upset thinking of my big boy turning 4 and my babies turning 1 than I do turning 30. Truth is my 20's were pretty amazing I met Michael, we got married, bought a house and had all our babies. So I'm just not phased by getting older because I have a feeling it's just going to keep getting better.

I'm still reading my One Year Bible. But I'm like 3 days behind. I have plans to catch up this weekend and I'm really enjoying it.

I want a Starbucks Frappucino like super bad. But the calories and the closest Starbucks is like half an hour away so it saves me from all that mess. The downside the nearest Target is also half an hour away.

I'm obsessed with planning our summer trip. We are taking a family vacation early in August but then later in August just Michael and I are going away and I'm beyond excited!!! I need a trip and 3 days of solid sleep.

I should probably be getting the babies off of baby food all together however we still have some and I will not waste it. So they keep eating it until we run out!

Speaking of the twins I do not want them to grow up but I'm ready for the bottles to be done. Really the whole washing and making and labeling for school well I'm just over it. We are in the home stretch!


My Loves-Show and Tell Tuesday

Happy Valentines Day! 

What better way to celebrate the day of love then to talk about my loves. 


This guy right here is the love of my life. God knew what he was doing when our paths crossed. This man helps me be me. In marrying Michael I finally felt like it was okay to be myself and still to this day he pushes and stretches me to be the best version of me. He is my biggest supporter and the person that can make me laugh until I cry. He works everyday to let me know that he loves me and for that I'm forever grateful. I never have to question how is heart feels about me.  He is just plain amazing and I'm so blessed that I get to do this life with him. 

Grayson Michael

The one that made me Mom. This boy right here holds a special place in my heart because he is the only one to hold that title. He is just awesome. He has the sweetest heart and is so full of love. Even at 3 (almost 4) this child puts other first and there are times it brings tears to my eyes. He is funny too and knows how to get a laugh going. He is quick with a hug or kiss if he thinks you need it. Plus he is the best big brother there ever was. We lay in bed at night together and just chat and that is one of the favorite parts of my day because listening to him amazes me. His imagination is on a whole other level and I catch myself sitting in the bath room while he takes a bath just to listen to his stories he makes up. I love this boy and I cannot wait to see who he grows up to be.

Charlotte Carol-Halli

This girl is the answer to my prayers. I prayed to God to get pregnant again and he delivered (and then some). She is a feisty one, with gorgeous auburn hair and pale blue eyes that melt you. She can hold her own with her brothers and is pretty rough and tumble. Even at 9 months old she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. She does things in her own time, like I caught her crawling the other day and then when she saw me watching her she dropped down to her stomach and army crawled. Stubborn should have been her middle name. She also exudes joy, laughs all the time and has the best smile. I can see her being a tough tough girl because she is in the middle of two brothers but the one who is kind to all. She is the girl I didn't know I would have and well she just fills my heart. There is nothing better then when I put her to bed at night. She does one final sigh when she finally gives into sleep and it is the best to watch her sweet face sleep.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this sweet and feisty soul. 

Marshall Thomas-Joseph

My bonus baby. I got a two for one deal and it was the best deal ever. This little nugget is a brute. At 9 months he holds his own with his big brother and they roll around together and laugh together. To see that relationship makes my heart so full. He was the baby that I didn't know I would ever have and I'm grateful I do. Marshall has a full body and soul smile and you can't help but smile when he does. I think it's the dimples. He is a snuggle bug and when you are sitting on the floor to play with him he will randomly come and lay his head on you and just snuggle for a second. He is the youngest (by 2 mins) but he is a brute. I'm so in love with him. He is always yelling or destroying something so I'm sure in my years to come that I will be kept on my toes with this one. He has the best giggle there ever was and I tickle under his chin just to hear it multiple times a day. I can't wait to here is voice for the first time. Right now it's pretty raspy and I wonder if he will hold onto that. I cannot wait to watch this boy grow up (well maybe I can wait just a little bit longer)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Linking up with Andrea


"I get it and thank you"

Sometimes I sit and stare at my babies and think wow. Just wow. I was entrusted to raise these little humans. That's an overwhelming feeling.

One, I don't want to screw them up. I mean I'm eight shades of crazy, and I really don't need to pass all of that down to them.

Why did God chose me? I still struggle with that sometimes. Why me? Why do I deserve this privilege? Why me when I fail on the daily?

I find my self questioning God a lot. It's something I'm working on. I have gotten better. After my miscarriage I feel like I yelled and questioned him everyday. Then on April 21st I remember after everyone had left the hospital and it was just Michael and I and the twins and I just sat there with tears running down my face and I look up and said out loud "I get it and thank you".

I was pretty out spoken that I wanted TWO and only TWO children. I didn't want to be out numbered. I didn't have 3 pregnancies in me ( I have rather large children Grayson was 10 pounds 4 ounces), and it was a big conversation to get Michael to agree to a second.

When I got pregnant with my second. I went into full on planning mode. I kid you not I got the positive test and then pulled out my calendar to figure out what the best day would be to have my c-section. I was all backwards.

At 9 weeks I remember going into my appointment and having this nagging feeling on my heart. I was miserable. I couldn't explain it but the JOY was not there. That day when they told me there was no heartbeat. I was devastated, distraught, numb, angry, but expecting it. I felt like I had made it happen to myself with the whole not enjoying the miracle God had graced me with.

I remember praying, and questioning, and praying some more that if he would allow me to get pregnant again and to keep that baby that I would just be so full of JOY. That I would let him lead this time.

Well He showed me in a big big way that He has the answers and that His plan all along was so much better.

So when I sit and stare at these sweet faces that God blessed me with the most overwhelming feeling I feel is love. Love for a God that knows better than me. Love for these children that bring so much JOY and purpose to my life. Love for the life that I'm living day to day, a life that people pray for all the time for years and years and God has blessed me with it. My heart is so full it aches sometimes but in the best way, and while I fail everyday (multiple times) I'm sure I will look back on some of those moments someday and say " I get it and thank you"