October Debt and November Goals

Lets start with our debt 

we paid off $2,479.00 this month!!!
That number also paid off our second to last credit card!

We have a giant chart in our bedroom that lists our debt and goals and such and we are crossing our debts off as we complete them and this month we go to put a giant red line through one of those line items. This means we have 3 left. We started with 6 and while the first 3 were small it still means we are halfway through our line items and that is huge!
The one we are working on now we are shooting to have it paid off by the end of January 
and then it is the last 2 big loans which is over half our debt that we have total. 

I know it sounds odd but we are so excited to get to that point and start hammering the big loans!

I also want to mention that we cash flowed quite a bit this month. 
Halloween costumes for all 3 was $60.00
Pumpkins and candy was $40.00
Baby Gift  $50.00
Michael B-day $50.00
Car repairs $400.00

So that is another $800.00 and while our goal is to get out of debt it is also just as important to stay out of debt. Which means we cash flow and budget for everything!

Okay goals from October

Close the pool and get all the outside toys put away
Finish our will
Baby Step#2
Christmas Cards
Plan dates for holidays
Trick or Treat as a family
Celebrate Michael's Birthday

The pool was officially closed and most of the outside stuff is put away we left a few things out because we were having a heat wave but now it's cold.

Our will is a lot more complicated than we thought. But I love the discussion it has opened up and we are really getting on the same page. 

Baby Step #2 see above 

Christmas Cards well half way done? I have them designed. I just have to order and get my addresses around these will be done this week

Holidays with my brother are planned we always celebrate the Sunday before the holiday

We trick or treated are and were a frozen Popsicle at the end I'm hoping to post on this this week we will see

We celebrated Michael's birthday with a kid free dinner the night before and then a family dinner and cake on his birthday!

November Goals

Make a special project with Grayson to give to family (I'm thinking cinnamon butter)
Mail out Christmas cards
Baby Step#2
Christmas shopping get it done!
Decorate for Christmas 


Grayson goes to School

This post is only a month late! But better late than never! Which lets be real most times if enough time goes by they end up as never but I just couldn't let this go because......

We officially have a Pre-K student in our house

On Wednesday September 6th Grayson had his first officall day of school. 

Our school runs a "soft opening" for Pre-K which means the first week each Pre-K student only goes one day so that they can acclimate to the new classroom without the full class. 

So Wednesday was his day and Michael and I each took the day off so we could take him because they did not have bus runs yet. He was so excited!

He had a great first day! 

Then on Monday Septmeber 11th he had his first day of riding the bus!
I took a half a day so I could be there for it. I don't have pictures because I was taking a video but he was so excited/nervous. 

He was a little nervous

His "babies" even came out to watch him get on the bus

He really loves his new school and teacher and by the end of the week he was talking about his new friend Ian that is in his class and rides his bus.


September Debt and October Goals

It's time for a Debt and Goal's check

Here were September Goals

Close Pool and get ready for winter
Complete our Will
Start Financial Peace University
Work on Baby Step#2
Halloween Costumes for kiddos
Keep working on organizing house

Fail on the closing the pool. It on the list for Sunday when we both have a day off together without kids so I'm moving that one over to the October list

Complete our will man is this hard. There is so much to discuss and figure out and so we are working on it.

Start Financial Peace University is a win! We are on week 3 in the home study program and loving it. 

Work on Baby Step #2. We sure did! this month we paid $2,944.00 towards debt and we are over the moon happy with that number. Michael started 6 day work weeks and I have been scrimping and saving on our grocery budget and really working with what we have and not going over the top. 

Halloween Costumes for kiddos well Grayson says he wants to by Kylo Ren and we already have that costume and I think the babies are going to be salt and pepper because it's easy. Halloween here is either still warm or freezing. Last year the kids had on hats gloves and winter coats. So I need a costumes for the babes that I can layer layer layer. 

I'm almost done with having our bedroom done. I just need to tackle the pile of books by my bed and my closet. Most of which I will be donating I just need actually do it! 

October Goals

Close the pool and get all the outside toys put away
Finish our will
Baby Step#2
Christmas Cards
Plan dates for holidays
Trick or Treat as a family
Celebrate Michael's Birthday

I'm super excited for this month and celebrating Michael and Halloween as a family


An Open Letter To The Parents in Houston and Florida

To all Parents in Houston and Florida

First just let me say your doing a great job. I can't even imagine being in your shoes. Having children watching your whole world be turned upside down and losing so much and having to stay brave for your kids. The unknown is scary but you can't be scared at least not on the outside.

I guess that is something we get when we become parents the ability to keep it together in front of them. To make them feel safe and secure even when we don't feel that way. To keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we feel like our shoes our made of lead and we are climbing the biggest mountain.

Also how brave are you? Having to make such difficult decisions at a moments notice. I mean the weight of that on someone is crazy but let me tell you this whatever you decided it was right. If you stayed, if you evacuated it was the right choice for you. Because you know your family best and you know to follow your gut no matter what.

I live in upstate NY and so my biggest weather problem is normally snow and we can shovel that. I have no idea what it must feel like to have to walk away from a home not sure what state you will find it in again. A few months back we lost power and it was still pretty cold out here (March is a touch and go month I mean it could still snow!) I had a 3 year old and 11 month old twins at the time and having to decide if we stick it out and bundle up or if go somewhere else. A family member who had a generator thankfully took our twins and we slept in our bed with our 3 year old using body heat and a million blankets and layers to stay warm in our house that got down to 48 degrees overnight. When we woke up the next morning we did not know when our power would be back and the estimates were saying not until the following day. I know the pressure I felt of making the best decision for our kids and us in that situation. And compared to what you have that is nothing.

What you are facing is so much bigger. Your house is damaged and you have everyone's safety in your hands. Power could be lost for weeks and your house well who knows yet or if your in Texas it is unlivable at this point. Memories are lost, everything you have worked for is gone and yet you have to keep going. You can't fall apart at least not in front of them.

So I guess I'm just here to say. Your doing a great job. I'm praying for you. Follow your gut and do what you feel best. It's easy for us who are hundreds of miles away to say I would just walk away I would evacuate but really we don't know. It's easy to pass judgement from where we sit. But there is no judgement from me.

You go parents and keep doing what YOU feel is best for you family and just know you have our prayers.


August Debt Check in and September Goals

I'm going to do at least one post every month about last months progress and the next set of monthly goals. 

So August
Here were our goals

Complete Baby Step #1- Save $1,000.00

Hit Baby Step#2-Debt Snowball
Cut out a ton of extra fat from our budget (I'm looking at you storage unit full of junk and XM radio)
Get Term Life Insurance
Enjoy our last vacations until we are debt free (these were pre-planned and already paid for with CASH!)
Get Grayson ready for school
Organize our house

So the ones in Green are complete and blue are a work in progess

Lets break it down

We hustled and got that $1,000.00 emergency fun fast we pulled it out of the bank and have it on hand for real emergencies although I'm hoping we never have to touch it

Baby Step #2 is a work in progress and will be for a while but we successfully paid off $4,572.93!!! YUP!!! We are so excited for that number. Now this is an exceptional month because we sold some things and really moved our savings down to just our $1,000.00 emergency fund our goal for the months moving forward are between $2,000 and $3,000 a month

Cut out a ton of extra fat from our budget we did just that. We removed the line item in our budget for eating out we just stopped that all together and we also cleaned out our storage unit and cancelled my xm radio. Those alone have given us an extra $210 in our budget a month which we are loving

Get Term Life we have done everything on our end now we are in the approval step where we have done our medical exam and submitted our applications so now we just wait

We enjoyed our last vacations but I'm already cooking up a way that we can do our camping trip next year because the kids just love it so much and so I have a couple things I'm planning on selling to fully cash fund that next summer

Grayson is ready for school and has his first day (with parent drop off no bus yet!) tomorrow so thankful his supply list was only glue sticks and tissues

Organize our house well that is a work in progress because it seems like we have so much to do but we got the basement cleaned out yesterday and go that ready use as more storage

Onto September Goals

Close Pool and get ready for winter
Complete out Will
Start Financial Peace University
Work on Baby Step#2
Halloween Costumes for kiddos
Keep working on organizing house


8 years.....

Eight Years 

I was getting up and ready to head to the salon to get my hair done and it was pouring down rain. 
I was not phased by it at all I was just so happy to be marrying my best friend

Back then (and still today) I was just in awe that he chose me. He was (and still is) more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I always think of what our pastor said during our pre-marital counseling, she told us that she was praying about our marriage and she just kept coming back to that we were written in heaven to be together.

That sticks with us so much and has been the foundation for our marriage.

It hasn't always been perfect and it I know that rough roads lie ahead because that's life but we have a good foundation one that can withstand all the storms

8 years ago we were two young kids getting married and now today we have three kids of our own.

We have endured countless sleepless nights together, blowouts that need a hazmat team, teething of 3 children (still in the midst of that) potty training (still more on the horizon) house repairs, new cars, debt, losing loved ones, 3 pregnancies, one miscarriage, friendships coming and going, vacations and hard decision but through it all we have remained the constant. 

Our love is strong enough and it wins always.


Total Money Makeover took our communication to the next level

So I read The Total Money Makeover about 3 years ago but I could not get my husband to read it.
I kind of tried to do it myself and guess what that is a huge burden for one person to take on. He was on board with paying off debt but he wasn't so on board with the whole rice and beans approach.

So it didn't work very long and we both got back to our spending ways.

Then in the midst of a heated disagreement spurred by money talks I asking him to please get Audible and listen to Dave Ramsey. He did and that changed everything not just financially but with out relationship.

We have always been communicators. Michael and I both talk to each other about everything. We always discussed purchases but it was a "hey there is this great deal so I bought xyz" kind of thing. He hardly ever looked at our account and I paid all the bills. I would print out a budget I did once a month and then he would look it over tell me it looked good and then it would go in the drawer never to be seen again.

We would spend 10,15,20 on drive thru coffee or a pizza for dinner. I added it up one month and we spend over $75.00 on drive thru coffee runs I mean that is just insane but neither one of us was concerned enough about debt and our budget we were just half way budgeting.

I felt so much pressure to make it every month and I started to feel isolated when it came to finances. So while he our marriage was good and we were happy I knew we needed to work on this area specifically.
We thought we were good at communication but we never communicated properly about money! Which by the way is one of the major reasons people get divorced and should be something constantly discussed.

So once he read the Total Money Makeover we had a real talk about our finances. We put blame and shame aside. You see I have always felt guilty about being the only one with student loans but we are a team and we both take responsibility for our debt. Our money is one and our debt is one. There is no separation.

I mean we talk daily about our budget, projected debt payoff, which money is going where, life insurance, long term disability insurance and the man himself Dave Ramsey.

We both listen to the pod casts daily and Michael loves to YouTube debt free screams, which something that is now on our bucket list!

We are on the same page and when I went to pay bills this month. I smiled, like a big cheesy smile because there was no stress at all. We had already budgeted everything and if something came up we had made the necessary adjustments.

We are less stressed and it shows even our kids can tell. I'm not trying to juggle the accounts and squirming when Michael talks about buying something. We are so in sync with this debt payoff and it is so wonderful.

We are starting FPU in 2 weeks and I can't wait to watch our marriage get even stronger. There is nothing like working on a goal with your spouse. Plus it helps that we are both competitive and have hopes to kill out two year projection of being debt free. But I think it goes deeper than that we are changing our family and it's future and that is just something that makes both of our hearts so full.