Short Holiday Week

This past week/weekend has had a little bit of everything.

Tuesday night I got whatever Grayson had. It was awful. I woke up Wednesday not feeling much better so I went into work for a few hours and then came home and slept. It was wonderful. Thursday Michael called to tell me that he had gotten Sunday off for our family Thanksgiving. I was so excited. I love having days off together since it is such a treat.

Friday we had Papa Joe over for his birthday dinner. We splurged and got steaks (fillet Mignon) and they were Divine. Michael makes the best steaks ever.We put G to bed visited with Joe for a little bit and then headed to bed ourselves.

While all of this going on just to the south of us was getting nailed with the biggest snow storm ever. I work about 20 mins from where the destruction happened. And let me just say I'm so proud to live in WNY. I'm also very thankful that we were safe and that all of our loved ones were safe. My brother did get stuck at a Tim Horton's and one of our dear friends was stuck at a strangers house for 36 hours. Michael had been out working in it later in the week and people are just trying to get unstuck and dug out of the their homes.We are doing what we can to help everyone and keep all the families who have suffered losses due to this #snowvember. But did you see my Billy Goats last night?!?!?!? We WON!!!! It was so amazing and I died when Scott Chandler air shoveled after his touchdown.

Ok back to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday Grayson and I got up and started getting things ready for the Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. I made my chocolate pie, and After his nap and Michael got home we headed to GiGi's and got to prepping. I brought over my kitchen aid food processor (a must at holiday time in my opinion!) and we got the coleslaw prepped and the stuffing made, we took a short intermission for dinner and then we peeled potatoes and stuffed the turkey. We got so much done that Sunday morning was a breeze for my Momma. We got home put G to bed and then I made my lemon meringue pie and Michael did dishes. Then we hung out and watched TV for little bit before heading to bed.

Sunday we got up as a family!!!! Made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (family tradition!!!!) and colored our little hearts out. I boiled my eggs for deviled eggs and then after lunch finishing up the eggs and a quick shower I grabbed a nap. I got up and finished getting ready, Michael got ready loaded up the car and once Grayson was up and dressed we headed back to GiGi and Papa's . It was a blast and I only have a few pictures from the day because we just hung out and spent so much time as a family. I honestly just love this time of the year.

A few other things to note:
Last night we had Chris and Tracy over for dinner. Michael made Pasta Fagiloi in the crock pot and it was wonderful.
I have my Christmas cards all ready to go in the mail which they will be tomorrow morning!!!
Michael and I get a date night tomorrow night. We are going to the gun range to shoot and then out to dinner all with gift cards!!! My Mom is keeping Grayson overnight so on Thanksgiving we have huge plans to break out the Christmas Tree and all the decor!


Another check off the "you know your a mom when..." list

Yeah and the weekend.

So Friday we had leftovers. Since we are on a budget we decided to save our takeout budget for this week and next and have a date night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so leftovers it was. I was ok with it because I didn't have to cook and on Friday the only thing on my mind is getting into comfy clothes and drinking a beer.

Once we were done with dinner the boys went upstairs to play guitar and I watched Parenthood which is starting to bug me because every week the previews get more and more vague and intense!!!! Ahhhh so sad it's the last season!

Saturday- it started of wonderful. As in G woke up at his normal time 5:30 and we went downstairs and snuggled and watched "Icky Ouse" Then after breakfast we got ready to head out to a craft show with Gigi, Trace, and Marie. I had my mind set on only spending $40.00 well I spend $41.04 so close enough. I got the cutest coat rack. The picture below is not the best (because Michael took it) but you get the idea. Speaking of that is a church pew under it. It was my Great Grandmothers and was given to us by my parents when we bought out house. I love it so many memories from my childhood.

We also stopped at another antique/craft shop and I bought a shelf with hangers on it for stockings and I will show you that once it is hung up. I still have to figure that one out!
G napped and woke up kind of cranky. We snuggled, Michael got home from work and the boys headed upstairs so I could finish off dinner. I then hear "Katliiiiiiiiin I neeeeed a towel and fast!!!!" Grayson threw up. All over. the. carpet.twice. So I ran up stairs and grabbed G changed him and brought him down with me. I held him while I finished making dinner and was about to go sit in the living room when it happened. Round #2 all over him and I. There it is got my Mom card. I went 20 months without getting up chucked on and in one night it happened 4 times. Poor thing couldn't even keep water down. He went right to bed he was so exhausted and slept until 4 when he woke up asking for "lawlor" I gave him some and prayed that it stayed down. It did and he has not lost anything since.

This was one of the hardest things for me because I was committed to going to a brunch for my Aunt's 50th birthday on Sunday and I didn't really want to leave Grayson but as my mom pointed out we were gone  during his nap time so I went and had a great time and got home before my baby woke up. Thank goodness for my Dad he sat with Grayson. Once he got up we colored and hung out in the dinning room while I rearranged some furniture and cleaned out some drawers on our buffet. My boy is still not 100% but he is keeping down food and drink so that is good.

This wonderful Monday started with SNOW and has not stopped yet! Here is to the 16 inches they are calling for!

Happy Monday!


Thankful on this Thursday

It's Thursday and it is the month of Thanksgiving so here are my tops things I'm Thankful for.

My husband-

This man I mean. First of all gorgeous. Second of all one of the best people I know. Listen I can fully admit that I'm bat ish crazy and I'm okay with it and the best part is? He is too. He loves me for me. And I love him for him. Nobody is perfect but we are so perfect for each other. I have never laughed so hard as I do with him and I love it.

This little man-

This little man is just amazing. He has such a sweet heart and a kind way about him. He walked up to me last night grabbed my hand kissed it and then patted my leg. I melted! He is very genuine and shows his feelings. He is very guarded but once he lets you man you just won the golden ticket and he will love and kiss on you like crazy.

This Dog-

Weird that I'm listing my dog? Well we went through a learning curve when Grayson first came home. Liiiley (Riley) was very nervous about this little being. Now? He lets him pull his tail ride on him and they lay together on the rug and watch tv. They can be found running back and forth while Grayson is chasing Riley with his popper toy.

Our House-

There are many areas that I would (and will someday) change but for right now it keeps us warm and we brought our baby home here. We came home from our honeymoon here. We spent all of our firsts here and well I looooove that.

Our Jobs-

The hubby and I both work very weird/demanding jobs. Working in a small office means that you are the only one that often knows how to do tasks which means days can get overwhelming but it provides for us. My husband has to work the weekends but gets 2 days solo with G and that makes their bond amazing.

Our Family-

It's crazy and dysfunctional but it's always there. We love them all and even though they drive us crazy we are still so thankful that we have them


This sweet nectar helps we get through the days and without it I would be a zombie.

Happy Thursday!


That time we carved pumpkins and my sister got engaged!!!

This post is long long overdue.

The Wednesday before Halloween my little sister got engaged.

But first let me back up. Sunday after the wedding I was sitting on the couch trying to work through my hangover and my phone rang and it was my sister's boy friend. He never calls me so I figured it was a pocket dial and didn't answer mostly because I was stuffing my face. I know I know I should have answered but I figured he would leave a message and then I could call him back. I blame the hangover.

Well anyone who is a Mom knows how distracted we can get in a 10 min period of time and I forgot to call him back. So 6 at night I get a call from my Mom that Ryan called her to say I hadn't called him back and that he needed to talk to me.

I'm super oblivious and thought it was something to do with Christmas. When he told me that he was going to propose I was super shocked. He had already talked to my parents and had it all planned out with my Dad to put the ring in her pumpkin on carving night.

So Wednesday rolls around and I was nervous all day. My sister was coming right from work and we were going to eat dinner and then carve pumpkins.

So dinner felt like hours and then it's time to do the pumpkins. My dad always cuts the tops off so that was the plan he was going to cut the tops off of everyones pumpkins and when she opened hers the ring would be in it. First we did Grayson's pumpkin and my sister put him on her lap and was helping him clean his pumpkin and completly ignoring her own pumpkin

I finally said "Hey start your pumpkin so we can all carve ours we have limited space!!!" So she finally went over to her chair and opened her pumpkin and there it was!

She was in total disbeleif and kept going really? He got down on one knee and proposed and she said YES!!!!

I'm so excited for her! They are not planning on getting married until 2016 so that makes for a ton of time to plan.
We toasted with sparkling cider (her finance does not drink) and then carved pumpkins. Let me tell you she was pinning her little heart out .25 seconds after she said yes.

Here is to another wedding!


Weekend Recap

So this weekend? It was amazingly unproductive.

The time change and all the craziness of October has taken us sometime to recover from and I think this weekend was just what we needed.

Friday- I left work ran to the grocery store solo! I can breeze in and out so much faster than without Grayson. I normally always take him with me but with the weather getting colder and his coat getting bigger I decided that since I had a big(ger) trip to make that it would be best to leave him at daycare until I was done. Plus he got to watch the full episode of Veggie Tails instead of having to leave halfway through. Once I grabbed him We grabbed takeout for dinner and headed home for comfy clothes and time with daddy. The rest of the night was spent relaxing.

Saturday- I got up and decided that I just felt like relaxing that day. My house was destroyed but I just wanted to hang out with G so we did just that. My sister came over and we tried to get a picture for the Christmas card that was a big huge fail. So we went back to cuddling. When G went down for a nap so did I for about 20 mins. I woke up felt good and did a few things around the house. We tried Christmas picture round 2 and I got some good ones (or so I thought) That night I could not fall asleep to save my life. I was wide awake and so I watched netflix until midnight only for G to wake up ( he is getting teeth). He went back to sleep fast but then I was up again for another hour.

Sunday- I woke up exhausted so coffee was my best friend and I decided to take down Halloween decorations and tackle the laundry. Then it was lunch time, nap time and football time. Sadly the Billy Goats lost. Next we headed to my parents for our Sunday dinner. I pulled up and started to put my picture of G in the Christmas card and I had taken the picture so he did not have a good background it was half wall half trim and there was no way to crop it out. Ugh so after his bath I put him back in his Christmas picture sweater and with 3 people behind me got him to smile the best smile ever and it is the best picture. I'm so in love with it and now I'm just waiting for my proof back from minted. The rest of the night was spent finishing up laundry and spending time with Michael.

Happy Monday!


Friday Favorites-Novemeber edition

Well since it is the first Friday of November I'm going to list some of my favorite things about this month

Linking up with Andrea!!!

One- Of course Thanksgiving!!!! I love the food, family, and football that happens on this day. We have 2 Thanksgivings because it's crazy with a big family so we do one the Sunday before and then on Thanksgiving day. We get our fair share of turkey!!!

Baby Grayson last year were does the time go?!?!?!?!

Two- We take family pictures on Thanksgiving Every. Single. Year. So I'm really digging this shirt for G to wear! I also like this one too but my husband said I can only get away with Thanksgiving shirts for the first year!
Jersey Striped Pullover

Three- It's acceptable to wear Christmas pjs in November because really there aren't thanksgiving jammies. Here are some that I love love love for my little man
I already have these for him
 Christmas 1-Piece Microfleece PJs

I have my eye on these ones as well  I'm loving the deer on the pants and even though they label it Christmas totally just a winter thing in my eyes

2-Piece Christmas Cotton & Fleece PJs
(carters had 50% off plus an extra 25% off your $40 purchase!!! great time to stock up!)

Four- I always always always send my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving. It's all because of Minted. They have this awesome address assistant that I have all my addresses in and they print out my envelopes for free!!!! Plus the cards are amazing quality and I love the designs. I purchase my cards way in advance but can upload my picture anytime! I will be doing pictures this weekend and then getting my proof done! Here was the card that almost made the cut, but it was pretty similar to last years and I like to change it up. (plus click the link and you can get $25.00 off!!!)

Vintage Holiday Wishes


November Goals

We are six days into November and I have finally decided to write out my goals

First here are 4 simple goals I gave myself for October

1- Get Pumpkins and carve them!-Done and Done! We had a great day at the pumpkin patch and so much fun carving them that is a whole post I'm working on for next week because something very special happened during our pumpkin carving
2-Pick apples again and make a dessert-Done! I picked apples and then made 2 big loaves and 4 mini loaves of apple zucchini bread which was a huge hit!
3-Clean off our "coat chair" and organize coat closet- Did this put now we have relocated throwing our coats over the banister!!! I need a coat rack!
4-Take a family picture with our pumpkins- Fail! We still have the pumpkins so maybe I can sneak this in this weekend!

Okay November!!!!

This month is surprisingly calm so here we go

1- Have a date night with Michael.- We don't go out to dinner just the two of us very often so I'm hoping that we can venture out for an early dinner the day before Thanksgiving. 

2- Bake Pies- I love baking and I love making pies. This one is kind of a give in because I'm in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving but I'm still working on what ones to make

 3- Get Grayson's picture taken for our Christmas card. I always take this myself. I plan on getting this done this weekend

4- Start T-25. I'm hoping to start this program this weekend and keep it going 5 days a week all month. 

5-Send out my Christmas Cards- I like them to go in the mail the day after Thanksgiving that way people have all month to enjoy them!

6- Start and Finish Christmas shopping! I want it done early this year so that I can just enjoy my family during the holiday times

7- Start a new family tradition for Thanksgiving.- We have lots of tradition most are from my childhood so I would like to start one for out little family!

Happy November (six days late!)


The cold hard truth-Our Debt

If you missed my post last week you missed the part where I declared boldly that I was obsessed with Dave Ramsey.

I plan to do monthly updates on our Baby Steps but I wanted to share with you some ugly numbers I discovered when embarking on this journey.

First a little back story. When Michael and I first got engaged I had a car loan, a small student loan (3,000) and he had a bike loan. We had no other expenses!!! He had $10,000 saved in an account for a house (from his grandpa).

We for sure got caught up in the hype of buying a home and that we had to do it sooner rather than later and that the only way to buy it was to take out a loan. Looking back if we would have found Dave earlier our lives would look very different but I know this is now our path to walk and we will do it together. 

Anyway we bought a house(used the $10,000 to update it since we bought a fixer upper), and then a lawn mower, and then a new car, and then we decided (when I lost my job) to consolidate some of our other loans into one payment. Then I went back to school while I was laid off and we took out student loans to do so. I graduated got a job and then got pregnant (very much planned) Then things just started adding up we didn't plan for the future (heat in the winter months we use oil which is super expensive) We didn't plan on Grayson going to daycare 3 days a week (a whole different story) and we made dumb selfish decisions.

So here we are and we are $62,353.99 in debt. Hold me sweet baby Jesus because that number scared the shit out of me. That does not include our house.

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and got my blood pressure down. I decided to read the book before I went any farther. I went into this book thinking no way no how were we going to be able to get out of debt. 3 pages in and I knew we were going to do it. I don't want to get super specific with what we make but we make more than enough and now that we are taking control this debt is going to get a kick in the pants.

Michael is 1000% on board and even though I have been the one over reading about it and getting inspiration daily we sat down and did a full budget and have every dollar spent before the month even started. We also have envelopes for almost everything. Now there are certain things that we cannot envelope. Daycare, mortgage, car loan and other things because we have those on auto pay due to getting a savings because of that.

Now we have a unique situation where Michael has a set income but can (and most weeks/months does) make more than that. So we have decided to set our budget based on his guaranteed take home pay and then any extra goes to our emergency fund and then after that will go towards debt. Our first loan should be paid off by June if not sooner and I'm so excited.

I have decided to update once we complete baby step #1($1,000 Emergency Fund) and then after that am hoping to do monthly updates on our debt destruction. That's what we are calling it. I'm making a chart for our bedroom (because we don't want everyone seeing our income and debt when they come in our house) to show our progress. Listen anyone can do this. Let me take that back anyone who has the drive and determination can do this and will do it. And in the words of Dave Live like no else now so later you can live like no one else.

That's just what we plan to do.

Again I'm not an expert but I love talking about it with anyone!!!


What's on my bucket list

I wanted to write about something fun today and my bucket list (that I had to sit down and think about lol) seemed perfect

Have baby #2! Is this weired to put on a bucket list? It's something I want and that we are talking about (a lot!) and so I feel like it's something we want to do. Add to our family.

 Get my Bachelor's degree
I have 2 associates degrees (one in accounting one in business management) but I would love to get my Bachelor's degree. I'm just super indecisive. Also see #1

Take a trip just Michael and I for my 30th Birthday. That is 2 1/2 years away and I don't want some big party just a relaxing time on the beach with my hubby

Go to Disney!!! I have been 4 times and Michael has been zero! I can't wait to take our babies and my hubby for the first time!

Own a business. This is something Michael and I long for and while we kick around ideas all the time we are hoping that someday we can have a small business that is ours. 

Leave a Legacy (and read the book by Dave Ramsey) I have read only one of Dave's books but his new one just came out about leaving a legacy for your family and this is something that had touched mine and Michael's heart. 

Become Debt free. We are so passionate about getting rid of our debt and up until a month ago thought it was impossible and so this is a recent addition to the list

Build our dream house! Or re-do ours to make it our dream house. I love our house but there are things I can't stand about it (small kitchen!!!) so we are hoping that once we have our debt gone we can create our dream home

Buy toys for kids at Christmas. I want to walk into Toys R Us and buy carts of toys and then donate them. Or drop them off at a family in need.

Go to NYC with my family and ice skate. I have been to NYC but never skated and I want to create great memories with my family. 

Linking up with Andrea