That time we carved pumpkins and my sister got engaged!!!

This post is long long overdue.

The Wednesday before Halloween my little sister got engaged.

But first let me back up. Sunday after the wedding I was sitting on the couch trying to work through my hangover and my phone rang and it was my sister's boy friend. He never calls me so I figured it was a pocket dial and didn't answer mostly because I was stuffing my face. I know I know I should have answered but I figured he would leave a message and then I could call him back. I blame the hangover.

Well anyone who is a Mom knows how distracted we can get in a 10 min period of time and I forgot to call him back. So 6 at night I get a call from my Mom that Ryan called her to say I hadn't called him back and that he needed to talk to me.

I'm super oblivious and thought it was something to do with Christmas. When he told me that he was going to propose I was super shocked. He had already talked to my parents and had it all planned out with my Dad to put the ring in her pumpkin on carving night.

So Wednesday rolls around and I was nervous all day. My sister was coming right from work and we were going to eat dinner and then carve pumpkins.

So dinner felt like hours and then it's time to do the pumpkins. My dad always cuts the tops off so that was the plan he was going to cut the tops off of everyones pumpkins and when she opened hers the ring would be in it. First we did Grayson's pumpkin and my sister put him on her lap and was helping him clean his pumpkin and completly ignoring her own pumpkin

I finally said "Hey start your pumpkin so we can all carve ours we have limited space!!!" So she finally went over to her chair and opened her pumpkin and there it was!

She was in total disbeleif and kept going really? He got down on one knee and proposed and she said YES!!!!

I'm so excited for her! They are not planning on getting married until 2016 so that makes for a ton of time to plan.
We toasted with sparkling cider (her finance does not drink) and then carved pumpkins. Let me tell you she was pinning her little heart out .25 seconds after she said yes.

Here is to another wedding!