Short Holiday Week

This past week/weekend has had a little bit of everything.

Tuesday night I got whatever Grayson had. It was awful. I woke up Wednesday not feeling much better so I went into work for a few hours and then came home and slept. It was wonderful. Thursday Michael called to tell me that he had gotten Sunday off for our family Thanksgiving. I was so excited. I love having days off together since it is such a treat.

Friday we had Papa Joe over for his birthday dinner. We splurged and got steaks (fillet Mignon) and they were Divine. Michael makes the best steaks ever.We put G to bed visited with Joe for a little bit and then headed to bed ourselves.

While all of this going on just to the south of us was getting nailed with the biggest snow storm ever. I work about 20 mins from where the destruction happened. And let me just say I'm so proud to live in WNY. I'm also very thankful that we were safe and that all of our loved ones were safe. My brother did get stuck at a Tim Horton's and one of our dear friends was stuck at a strangers house for 36 hours. Michael had been out working in it later in the week and people are just trying to get unstuck and dug out of the their homes.We are doing what we can to help everyone and keep all the families who have suffered losses due to this #snowvember. But did you see my Billy Goats last night?!?!?!? We WON!!!! It was so amazing and I died when Scott Chandler air shoveled after his touchdown.

Ok back to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday Grayson and I got up and started getting things ready for the Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. I made my chocolate pie, and After his nap and Michael got home we headed to GiGi's and got to prepping. I brought over my kitchen aid food processor (a must at holiday time in my opinion!) and we got the coleslaw prepped and the stuffing made, we took a short intermission for dinner and then we peeled potatoes and stuffed the turkey. We got so much done that Sunday morning was a breeze for my Momma. We got home put G to bed and then I made my lemon meringue pie and Michael did dishes. Then we hung out and watched TV for little bit before heading to bed.

Sunday we got up as a family!!!! Made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (family tradition!!!!) and colored our little hearts out. I boiled my eggs for deviled eggs and then after lunch finishing up the eggs and a quick shower I grabbed a nap. I got up and finished getting ready, Michael got ready loaded up the car and once Grayson was up and dressed we headed back to GiGi and Papa's . It was a blast and I only have a few pictures from the day because we just hung out and spent so much time as a family. I honestly just love this time of the year.

A few other things to note:
Last night we had Chris and Tracy over for dinner. Michael made Pasta Fagiloi in the crock pot and it was wonderful.
I have my Christmas cards all ready to go in the mail which they will be tomorrow morning!!!
Michael and I get a date night tomorrow night. We are going to the gun range to shoot and then out to dinner all with gift cards!!! My Mom is keeping Grayson overnight so on Thanksgiving we have huge plans to break out the Christmas Tree and all the decor!