I hate our highchairs. I just bought two of the ones that strap to the  chairs and they will be eating off of those from now on because cleaning up the ones we have now are awful they have too many places food can get into and our sweet Charlotte makes sure that she rubs her dinner over every single inch of her highchair. I spent 45 mins cleaning the chairs last night and it drove me insane.

Still have no idea when I mopped all the floors at the same time. However my dining room floor and kitchen floor are spotless I have to mop them daily because of all the food my kids think is fun to throw on the floor.

My bathroom floor is clean too because every night they think it's Sea world and splash half the water out of the tub. I come out of there soaked too. Now as I'm typing this I need to get some more bath towels because I'm still trying to dry off my one year old's with baby towels. Ha!

We lived out of baskets for like 2 weeks. So I already failed on that new years resolution. Oops. See my Aunt and Mom anytime they watch the kids and the kids go to sleep they wash and dry and fold my laundry. Well that's all well and good until I have 6 loads of laundry to put away and no time to do it. Hey at least the laundry is clean.

Speaking of laundry is it just me or do you have to re organized the drawers every time you put laundry away? It took me an hour just to put away the kids clothes. I had to go through rotate the clothes pull out things that don't fit anymore and then put everything away. My husband says this is just me because I'm crazy but I have to do it. I cannot just throw the clothes in the drawer.

I had to order new dressers for the twins room. I have been shoving and stacking and rolling their clothes for the last few months now but with summer on the way I do not have enough room for all their clothes in their bedroom. Because one day it's 80 and the next it's 47 so I need some winter clothes and spring clothes. We have just been using the changing table/dresser combo that has 3 (tiny)drawers and two cabinets (that each have two shelves) and some fabric baskets in a bookshelf but it just does not cut it anymore . That is what i used to use for just Grayson so trying to do that for two babies is a little hard. So we have two new dressers coming (from Ikea so you know they have to be put together) and hopefully this will help with the mess of their room. Because right now I have all their summer clothes in laundry baskets and that is just a pain trying to find anything in.

I have given up on Grayson eating new foods. The doctor told me to back off so we have and we are much happier at dinner time. That kids still does not like to eat meat and would chose peanut butter over anything else.

Charlotte is still in a infant car seat but I really need to get on changing that out. See I just don't know how I would get them all into daycare with the bags. Marshall is walking but not to the point where he will walk in himself and Charlotte is still not walking so I have to carry her. Ugh I guess I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do it. There goes the easy part of having someone strapped into a seat and not being mobile.

Michael really needs a new vehicle however we are running that puppy into the ground. Seriously right now he has both of the backseat doors ratcheted strapped closed because the latches are broken. We are getting the one fixed so that he can still have Grayson in it but we are trying so hard to just get through the summer with the vehicle. I just really don't want another car payment right now so we will see how that goes. Fingers crossed the floor doesn't fall out of it or else he will be Barney Rubbling that puppy to work.

I did make Grayson his first dentist appointment on a day when Michael is off so that he can take him.  I just really have no desire to take him to that appointment I think he will be fine but you never know.

Plus I have to take Charlotte to the eye doctor because her eye is pulling in on the left side and has been since she was about 6 months old and we waited to see if it would correct on it's own but it hasn't and so we are having it looked at to see what's going on. I'm secretly nervous about this but praying that it's nothing or something that a little patching can't fix.


Looking back on a twin pregnancy

Now that I'm a year (plus) past my twin pregnancy it's strange to look back on

I mean I carried around two babies in my belly for 35 weeks.
And those two babies equaled 13.5 pounds. Yeah let that sink in. Plus they were 19 inches each. I mean that's a lot of baby in one stomach. 

Talk about stretching 

I was huge. 

I have found out (after the fact) that they called me torpedo at work because that's what looked like was coming out of my stomach

Looking back man how did I do that?

I can remember now feeling like my stomach was going to rip right open or that I was going to stand up once and my water would break.

Getting off the couch was something I had to mentally prepare for. At the end I was getting up to use the bathroom every hour. Sleep happened in increments of a few hours. I watched more Nick at Nite than anyone should plus all 8 season of Sister Wives because they were on TLC GO

Eating was a chore because I would be starving have a bowl of cereal and then within 3 bites feel like I couldn't take one more bite. I would crave pizza get it home have half a slice then be done then an hour later have the other half. I was eating every two ish hours because I just had no space.

Showering was awful and I would almost always skip the hair wash for a quick body wash and back on the couch. I'm telling you the last 4 weeks were hard but really the last 2 about did me in. 

When the doctor took me out of work, told me I couldn't drive, and said no more picking up Grayson or going up and down the stairs I burst into tears. But I had to promise those things or else he was going to keep me in the hospital until delivery and that was not an option. 

And even a year after I'm still dealing with some medical issues from it. I have a pretty serious case of Diastasis Recti. Which is separation of my stomach muscles which other than still making me look about 5 months pregnant (yup got asked when I was due the other day at the grocery store so that was a great hit for my self esteem) it is super painful. Right now I'm hovering around a 3.5 finger gap I was a 5 plus right after having them so it's slowly improving. My back is so weak that by then end of baths it's falling asleep and I have to go into stretches to make it stop seizing up. 

I guess all this to say is twin pregnancy is not easy. And a year later neither is twin parenting. It's a whole other level of crazy. It's worth it so so worth it but that doesn't mean it was hard.

And to the people that tell me I chose it (because a mom at daycare told me it was my choice to have twins) our twins were a gift from God. I was not on fertility medicine. It was the biggest shock of my life that I was pregnant with twins. But now could not imagine life without them.

I asked my husband if I complained a ton and he said no only the last day I was pregnant because I was in labor and they kept trying to stop it and I looked at him and said I need to not be pregnant anymore because they feel like they are trying to crawl out. I guess when I was in it I just focused on them and forged ahead. Even though putting on shoes felt like I was running a marathon.


Two different babies

Comparison is the thief of joy.

How true is that?

Just this last week someone tried to steal my joy as a mother.

The questions I was asked was "How worried are you that Charlotte isn't walking yet like her brother?"

I kindly smiled and said "not at all"

But then later that night when my house was quiet and I had time to let things creep into my mind I started over think the situation.

Marshall has been walking for about 3 weeks now. Straight up walking everywhere and trying (and sometimes successfully) to climb (ing) everything.

Charlotte is cruising along furniture using her little push toys to get everywhere but not independently walking.

Once that comment was made I started to wonder. Is she behind? Wait should I be worried? Is something wrong with her legs? 

And a million other ridiculous things that should have never come into my mind.

I closed my eyes and prayed for peace at that moment and asked for my joy back because guess what?

They are perfectly made as individuals and just because their way into this world was through sharing a womb which is a unique experience they are still two separate babies.

They will develop at different paces, heck they look different they are TWO DIFFERENT BABIES.

The one thing that is the same though

Our love for them is big and huge. We all love them something fierce and consider ourselves blessed to get to watch them grow.

And for the record Grayson didn't walk until 15 months and he is like the smartest 4 year old I know.

Happy Thursday