Ramble much

The diet bet I joined starts tomorrow. Which means I get to weigh myself tonight and submit my info. I will not lose $25.00 so I will be working out like it's the only way into heaven and only eating chocolate the week my monthly bill is coming.

I have been doing weight watchers diligently for about a week and when I stepped on the scale on Saturday I was down about 2 pounds. I send my husband a text. I have not seen the 160s since I got pregnant with G. I'm so determined to be in a swimsuit that I will do just about anything to get in shape.

My house is a disaster and it's driving me up the wall. I have done a few things on the 40 bags and 40 days but have for the most part been slacking majorly. Well this week I'm going to buckle down and get some stuff done. We are looking into renting a storage unit for some things that are just taking up space that we don't have. Our child has more things than we know what to do with and since we plan on having one more we are keeping all the things. I think once we get somethings moved we will be able to breath a little better.

I ordered Grayson's swing set today!! A bunch of people got together for his birthday and gave him cash so that we could get it for him. Michael and I bought him the baby swing for Easter since this set didn't come with one.

Grayson has had a stuffy nose since Friday which equals no sleep for me. I'm seriously dragging ass today and am contemplating a run to get a Pepsi just so I can keep my eyes open. But I'm having a struggle with the points.

Happy Monday


5 on Friday

It's finally Friday!!!

Here are 5 things I'm excited about!!!!

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

1- I made this gift for my friends bridal shower this weekend. I like to give something with meaning. It was super simple and I'm going to make one for our house this weekend! Anyone interested in a tutorial?

2- The Bridal Shower!!! It's a super cute theme Brunch with The Bride. I'm going to try my hardest to stay with healthy foods and stay within my points for the day!

3- Grayson had his yearly check up and my baby is a lanky one. He was 10 pounds 4 ounces. 21 inches long at birth and now he is

10 inches and 12 pounds in a year.
I'm in love with is long chuby legs

4- Speaking of Grayson he is down to only 2 ounces of formula at night and that is really to just use up the little bit we have left and then he will be on all whole milk! My wallet it happy. He is also down to one bottle at night and that is more for me than him. I promised Michael that by the end of april we will be bottle free.

5- My uncles(Mark Weld) art show is this weekend. I'm excited to see family and his amazing work!

Happy weekend everyone!!!


Sticking with it

I have a hard time sticking with anything.

In my dream land I would be stuffing my face with pizza and peanut m&m's and for a "light"day I would throw in some pasta and frosting.

But then I would wake up and be 300 pounds so I try to limit my food intake to healthy crap that doesn't taste as good.

I neeeeeeed to lose 25 pounds.

Since January 1st I have only lost 5 pounds. And that makes me want to find whoever is eating the crap food that is going to my thighs and punch them in the face.

But then it's probably just my fault. I can't stick with anything. I did the 30 day challenge but ended early due to a UTI.

I started T-25 and I still have a hard on for it but you see when I get busy exercise is the first thing to go. Why? Because it's easy and let's face it I'm already tired. SO I have missed an entire week which makes me think I should just start over from  the beginning.

My schedule does not lend well to working out unless it is something I can do with my child because our day starts so early as it is and then ends so early too because duh he needs sleep and duh I'm tired too. And I know I need to make time for it I know this and I'm working on it. I just haven't found the right workout time for me yet.

I know I can do it. And I want to do it. But I think that the eating is what is kicking my ass. I hate healthy food. Well most of it. Vegetables are like a four letter word to me and taste like a homeless man spit in my mouth. And fruit well I only like certain ones and they go bad so so fast.

I was thinking of selling my left kidney (or my right one I'm not picky) to get Gentle Slim-Ultra where they laser off the years of pizza, frosting and beer.

But then Shannon posted on IG her diet bet. And I had a light bulb moment. Since Money and beer are the top 2 motivators in my house I will lose 4% of my weight in April because I cannot lose that money.

I joined Weight Watchers just to have the points thing and I'm going to try and do 2 workouts a day. One in the morning and one at night. If I get two in 3 times a week I will be happy. 

The weather should be warming up here soon and then my second workout will be a nice brisk walk/ jog with my nugget love in his stroller. If the weather is good we will have no problem doing this 7 days a week.

This is it ladies and gents I'm going to be the mean ass landlord and evict the layer of fat and cellulite that has taken up residence on my ass,legs,arms, stomach pretty much everywhere but my boobs and stopped paying rent because newsflash we are not growing a baby anymore!


Being a single parent

It's not for me. Period.

I was all high and mighty reading this post by Katie @ Loves of Life thinking holy cow thank goodness I NEVER have to do bedtime routine alone!

Yeah I always pay for thinking that way. Because on my way home my husband informed me that he was going to play guitar with his two friends that night leaving me solo. Blah!!!

I suck at bath time. I hate rinsing his hair because he cries like your trying to murder him. And he hates getting out of the tub.We have a little space heater in there to keep him warm because he is high maintenance. So here he is shivering like you just stuck him in an igloo and I'm sweating like they just told me I can never drink beer again.

As I was giving him a bath and he had already drank half of the water that I'm sure he peed in and was attempting to stand up for 654656 time I said out loud to Grayson "Thank God for your father because Momma would be bald from pulling her hair out if she had to do this alone all the time"

Our normal night routine is this

6:00-6:45- The boys go upstairs to play guitar and I do my T-25 or watch TV if I have already done it
6:45-7:15- G gets his bath and I make his bottle and pack lunches/ make coffee for the next day and pick up all the toys
7:15-7:30 I feed him is bottle and then he is out for the night during this Michael gets G's room all ready(filling the cool mist and turning on his music)
7:30-8:00 Any other picking up/ packing for the next day and I shower while Michael does the dishes
8:00-8:30- Reading/TV/Catch up time with each other
8:30 Lights out I'm exhausted

Last night holy cow I had to get the Jimmy jams myself and get his room all ready before his bath and make his bottle with him that's such a chore because once he sees it that is all he wants.
Plus after I put him to bed I still had all the clean up from dinner and from that day's shenanigans.

I was in bed by 7:45 and half asleep when my husband walked through the door at 9:00.

When he walked in I told him he could never leave me because I'm just not cut out for the single parenting gig.


I'm over it

I'm over Monday and it's just began. Monday is my husband's day off and he is home with Grayson so of course they only thing I want to do it stay home and soak up some family time but I have to be a grown up and go to work

Saturday I ran errands like it was my job. I have a really fun DIY project in the works for my girl Marie's bridal shower on Saturday so I had to get all my supplies. If it works out I will post a step by step. Fingers crossed my vision comes to life.

My mom is amazing let me drop G off at her house while I ran and grabbed the big things I needed that would have been close to impossible when dragging my wiggling child through the store.
When we got home from my Mom's I fed him lunch and gave him a nap while I scrubbed all the bath toys and the tub because he popped in the tub the night before. That was hilarious. When G woke up we met Michael to head to Wally world so I could grab everything else I needed for my project and to pick up all the pictures from our photo shoot. I'm biased but they look even better printed out.

Sunday- My father-in-law came over for coffee and to spend time with Grayson it was nice to hang out with him and to see Grayson and him interact. Then we relaxed and napped until it was time for Sunday dinner at my mom's house.

It was a busy but fun weekend. This weekend will be even more crazy because I have the bridal shower and my uncles art show.

Happy Monday!


5 on Friday- Pictures

  photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

It's Friday!!!! I'm so ready for the weekend!
This past week we had an amazing photoshoot for out 1 year old and I'm sharing my top 5.

Erin Townsend is our photographer and she is amazing, I cried when I saw the photos they take my breath away.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!






(My mom came with us to help during the family photos and getting him to smile so I threw her in for a few of the 2 of them and this picture captures their realtionship perfectly)


12 months

Dear Grayson,

I know you are a year old but typing out 12 months makes you still seem like a baby to me. This year has flown by. One year ago today you made me Momma. I still remember the feeling that washed over me as they told me you were a boy. Instant, amazing, unconditional love. You had my heart from that moment on.

You have changed so much in the last month I don't even know where to begin. You have made some huge improvements on the eating front. You eat: Peanut butter toast, Peas, Carrots, Banana's, Teddy Grahams, Yogurt, Pizza and Garlic bread sticks.
It scared us a little when you refused ALL tables foods at the beginning of the month but your making huge strides now. You are down to only 14oz. of formula a day and hopefully with in the next two weeks have it cut out completely. You love milk and drinking it out of your sippy's.
Your teeth are killing me and you I'm sure. I can tell your in pain so I rock you and hold you a lot more than I have in recent months. Sometimes you just need your Momma and that makes my heart overflow with love.
You are free standing a lot more now and it's amazing to see your face when you realize your not holding onto anything. You climb more than anything and have use me or daddy as a rock wall to get on the couch. Walking is coming soon and I'm excited for it. You zoom around in your walker and I have a few bruises on the back of my heels to prove it.
Your sleep is pretty good when the teeth aren't killing you. You still take 2 naps a day but only a short morning one (half an hour) and then a longer 2ish hour nap in the afternoon. You sleep through the night if your not teething and if the teeth get you your only up 1-2 times.
Your personality is amazing. Your a goofy kid and we love it. Your smile is million dollar smile and it melts me every time. Your such a go with the flow baby and are rarely cranky. However you are very stubborn. If you want to get up on the couch you will grunt and pull and climb whatever you can to get there. You are still in 12 month clothing but moving slowly into 18 months. You wear sunglasses when we are outside and people are always amazed that you leave them on but truth is you have always been good about hats and things like that. Bath time with Daddy always brings lots of giggles. You splash and play basketball and show him all the letters. Your bond with him is amazing but in the last few days you have started to favor Momma little more at certain times and I love it! Your doing awesome at your new daycare and you have even learned some sign language (Jesus,Thank you, all done, and more!) and you are babbling like it is your job. I think you have your own language because you talk and ramble for hours!
Bottom line Bubbie Lou I'm in love with you. You are amazing and you make our life so awesome. I can't wait to watch your grow and see what another year with you holds!
Love your very proud

You and your best friends Dadda
You love all remotes and controllers please not the cankles and arm rolls
Visiting Aunt Halli working at the librabry

This is the "It's my binky Momma" look I get when I try to take it from you

Getting out all the toys

And then climbing into the toy basket

Kisses for your fur brother

People watching while shopping

Happy Boy

I just stole his binky out of his mouth and he thinks it's hysterical

Bed head that Momma loves
Yum Pizza crust
Your balloon mouth that Aunt Halli got you

Eating some snacks
1st birthday!!!!

My birthday boy!

Looking back

This day last year I was nervous as hell. I was being induced or so I thought.

We got up and went to breakfast and then off to the doctors office for one last check.

Nope still no progress measuring a big fat 0. And when I say big fat 0 I mean I was big and fat and my who who was a 0.

The midwife sent us home and said come to the hospital at 3:00. They would start pumping me with shit.

I was so nervous we didn't even check in. And being a first time scatter brained only think about the next meal going in my belly mom I didn't pre register either. So Michael had to go down by himself because once I got in that baby room they wouldn't let me leave.

I put on that gawd awful gown. ( they really should get something nicer) and sat in bed. They hooked me up. I was contracting!!!! I got semi- excited maybe my body was working. So she decided to check me. Nope nothing.

The midwife called and would not give me cervadil because of my contractions coming every 5-7 minutes.

My mom came and was amazed that I was feeling no pain because she said the contractions were pretty big.

I ordered food because I was starving since it had been 2 hours since my last binge. I remember  eating a grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, and chocolate ice cream. Michael and I talked about the baby coming. And holy shit we are going to be parents. The nurse gave me a sleeping pill and I passed the hell out. I woke up extra early because she told me by 7 the nurse would be in to start my IV for the pitocin. Well 7:30 and still nothing I called the nurse and basically said either start this shit or give me food. She ran my IV and started the medicine and gave me a red Popsicle.

Those 3 and a half hours of them upping my pitocin until it was at the max went way too fast. My mom and sister were there at the ass crack of dawn because Hello! Baby! Day! Was! Here! My mom again kept saying are you sure you don't feel that? Nope not a thing and when they checked me at 12:00 I was still sealed up like Fort Knox. The baby was starting to show signs of stress, but they didn't tell me that.

10 Minutes later they told me I was having a c-section at 1:00. This was it I was going to have my baby.

Still not knowing what we were having I had a million thoughts. They ranged from....if it's a girl a must buy all the pretty things, but if it's a boy oh no he has to get his wiener snipped to....Holy shit they are going to take all my guts out and pull a baby out of my stomach and what if they find twins in there. I was beyond irrational and when they wouldn't let Michael be in the room while they did my spinal block I almost told them that I would just keep the baby inside.

The one nurse happened to be my mom's best friends cousin and she took extra good care of me and even took pictures of my sweet boy being born.
When they held him up and my husband said "Baby it's a boy he's got balls" I cried.

It was the most amazing moment in my life. He was here my big fat baby boy was here. At that moment I knew I was meant to be his mom and something just clicked. It was truly love at first sight. I'm so grateful for everything this past year has been. And I'm so grateful for the years to come.

Sorry that all I have been talking about lately is my boy but it's so hard to believe that I have a ONE year old!!!
Happy Tuesday!


All about nothing

Its a big week in our house with my baby turning a year old. This time last year it was my due date and I was eating a gallon of ice cream straight of the container and squeezing chocolate syrup in my mouth. I was also the size of a house and couldn't get my own shoes on.

This weekend was fun. We had a St.Patty's day party on Saturday and that morning my mom called and offered to watch Grayson so that we could go solo.I took G grocery shopping and I got all the food for my new diet I'm doing. Wish me luck it's like major portion contorl and cutting out all things white. We only went to the party for a few hours but it was a blast. Beer pong was played. A put put course was trespassed ( I know the owners) and climed on. Poker and scat was played and beer was consumed. We were home and in bed my 9 because we are crazy.

Sunday Grayson and I relaxed and I food prepped. A first and hopefully weekly thing now. A little bit of laundry and some napping it was an easy day. The boy is getting two more teeth and these are the worst by far.

Today I'm moving at work to a new bigger office! Then I have to run to the store and find a shirt for me to wear to pictures tommorow. Then I have to iron and get everything ready for photos tomorrow when I get home and try not to rip my hair out.


5 on Friday-Ch Ch Changes

5 on Friday today and it's all about he big changes for my Grayson

1- Grayson had his second appointment at the Chiropractor* this week. He does amazing. He only cried for the first .235 seconds and then he was cool. In just two appointments we have cut his dose of baby zantac in half and starting tomorrow we will be cutting out the morning dose. The reason we decided to try the Chiropractor was because he tried cutting the dose our selves and he went right back to spitting up. I'm so happy with the results and soon he will just be going for maintenance.

* Please hold any negative comments about me taking my child to the Chiropractor. It's my kid I know best and our doctor is amazing.

2- He got is first haircut. There may have been tears on my part not his but it looks super cute. I'm so proud of my big boy. We didn't go too short but he needed a trim for his big photo shoot coming up on Tuesday.

3-He is officially on the "waddler room" schedule so he is all set to transition to the room next week!!!He is down to taking a small nap in the morning (half an hour) and taking one long nap in the afternoon! This is a work in progress because sometimes he won't sleep as long at home as he does at daycare and nap time is sane time for momma.

4-We are down to one bottle a day! He is taking is milk/formula out of a sippy and only having a bottle at night. He would totally give up the nighttime one too but I just don't want to. I know I have to but I love holding him and feeding him his bottle.

5-He had his birthday this past weekend!!! Don't worry I will re-cap it next week but he did so good. At one point someone who worked there asked me who the party was for and I showed her Grayson she was like "Oh! I didn't even know you had a baby here he is so good!" I'm such a proud momma and I cannot believe that he is going to be one in less than a week.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!!


Calling Spring

We got hit with a blizzard yesterday. And no I'm not just being dramatic. The weather people declared it a blizzard.

I was at work for half an hour when daycare called. They were closing at noon. I stayed at work for a total of 2.5 hours long enough to pay people and then I grabbed my baby boy and made our way home.

A normally 20 minute drive took us 45. Not too bad but it seemed like as soon as we got home the sky opened up and the snow started coming down, and the wind picked up. We could not see out our windows.

It started snowing at 8am and had not stopped when I went to bed at 9. We got well over a foot of snow. I don't think that mother nature got the memo that it's MARCH! The snow can end any time now.

It is in the single digits today and in true New York fashion they are saying it will be in the 40's tomorrow.

Due to the crazy weather the birthday post will be pushed back to next week. Being home with my child and him wanting to close the laptop every .325 seconds makes it impossible to blog.

Also when I'm home I feel the need to clean or nap. I chose nap yesterday and it was heaven. I was secretly hoping for a snow day again today but really nothing ever shuts down for too long in these parts.

Happy Thursday!


Lent-40 bags 40 days

Since spring is hopefully right around the corner I'm so ready to get the winter clutter out of my house.

Plus I have never felt organized since having Grayson. I felt like after the shower our house got bombarded with a whole slew of things and I have just never recovered.

The walls are closing in on me and I need it to stop like yesterday.

Which brings me to Lent. Every year I give something up for Lent. Once I gave up beer and then realized that St. Patty's day was during Lent and shit myself. I have not done that since then.

I must also address something. I keep seeing on social media "Even though I'm not catholic I'm still participating in Lent" I'm not catholic, I'm Methodist and I grew up with Lent. It's not just a catholic thing.

Anyway now that I'm way off track for Lent we are doing 40 bags in 40 days. It's all over the place. You can find easy printables to help you keep track. I wanted one I could type in so I just made an excel spreadsheet.

I broke things up to get me to 40 days but if I get multiple day's done in one day then thats ok. The idea is to purge purge purge!!! I swear my body is a year behind because I feel like nesting just kicked in and the child is almost a year old. My mom always told me I wasn't normal.

We started this weekend and I'm super excited. I will do a halfway check in to see if we stick with it. I'm hoping with the chart we can do it and by Easter be organized like my little heart loves.

I'm doing some of them out of order and that's ok just as long as I get it organized and throw out/donate 40 bags/boxes/tubs whatever you have it.

I plan to do the kitchen this weekend so that will knock out a whole week worth of things. Which is cool because between working, working out (t-25) and taking care of my boys my time Monday-Friday is very little.

Happy organizing!!!


Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry I don't have a party re-cap with pictures. My sister took most of them and I have not had a chance to get them all organized. So I will give you a little breakdown of the weekend with a few photos that I have on my phone.

Friday- I had the day off!!! And I still dropped G off at daycare. Honestly I needed to get things done and an 11 month old as cute as he is slows things down. So I ran all my errands and baked his smash cake while I was off. Plus I cleaned the house! Which went so much faster than I expected.

Saturday- Michael was off. Which is like heaven and I wish it would happen all the time. I offered to get up with G and let him sleep in. I brought G downstairs and we made a big breakfast for Michael. Then we woke him up and ate as a family. Since I was a mad women on Friday and got everything around for the party that night I had a pretty chill day on Saturday. I felt very little stress. We got to the club and decorated the room and still had time to spare before the guests started coming so I downed a beer.
Then my baby boy came and he made an entrance.

(Ignore the bearded monster in the background that's just my father-in-law)

The party was amazing and he was sooooo good even though he only had an hour nap. The food was awesome. The cake made me want to shove my face in it and the beer was cold. It really was a perfect day and he got so many awesome gifts. My boy he is so loved. Our family and close friends are so amazing. He dove into that cake like it was the only way into heaven, he takes after momma with all the sweets.
(If you look close you can see that his feet are crossed. This kid cracks me up)

Sunday- We relaxed. Michael was off and since I got up with Grayson on Saturday he got up with him on Sunday which was my plan from the beginning because hello daylight savings time. But G actually did really good and slept until 6:15 which is his normal time. We hung out, went through G's presents, I cleaned out his closet and threw a bunch of stuff out and packed some stuff away (which is party of my Lent project more on that later). Then we watched a couple movies. Also I ate cake for dinner because I do what I want.

The weekend made my heart happy and full.

I promise a full update sometime this week on the party. Do's, Dont's and favorite parts.

Happy Monday!


Blog Quiz

Simple post today because I'm already checked out. I have the day off of work today and I'm running around getting shit done. I'm so excited for tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate my beautiful baby boy with my family! Full photo dump post I promise!

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend! You can find the blog quiz here@ Two Thirds Hazel!


1st and possibly only DIY

Most of the time my DIY projects turn out like a giant Pinterest fail. However this one worked out in my favor so I will share it with you now.

I really wanted G's to put around at the party. That was part of the compromise with Michael. That we would do mustache and G's. I found ones that I loved but they cost almost as much as my total food budget. I knew I had to figure out a way to do it myself or just forget it.

Joann Fabrics saved the day, and I competed this project for $12.00 and only half an hour of my time.

I bought 2 of these paper mache letters from Joann's. They have great sales all the time and the day I ordered they were on sale for $1.99 each!! They always have 40% off coupons but even not on sale $4.99 they are not badly priced.

I used Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Craft Paint I bought the 2oz. bottle and that was perfect for 2 coats and there is still some left over. I chose Spring Pasture and Indigo. The two colors we are using at the party.

I always have these around the house but they are $1 at home depot or you could use a paint brush.

I'm classy so I put my paint in a coffee filter. That and it was the first thing I saw and just wanted to get started.

Here they are with one coat on them. It dries really fast. The paint says wait an hour but I only waited half an hour and it worked fine. Also please ignore the crap on my table I'm in full on party mode so shit is everywhere.

Here they are 2 coats and done!! I love they way they turned out. The lighting is weird in this picture because the green is not really that yellow.

This is really how the green looks.

It would probably be easier to spray paint but since it's -20 here I have no where to do it, since our garage floor is flooded and has my husbands other child in it (his camero) it's off limits.

I'm really proud of how they turned out. I think I might even hang one of them in his room after the party!


So What

So what that Grayson's 1st birthday party is this weekend....

I have found the key to have a stress-free party. Have it somewhere other than your house.

The amount of stress I'm feeling about his party is 2 on a scale of 10 which in my book is a success. I also took Friday off to do the cooking and finish the decor, plus momma needs her nails done!

Not having to clean my house for everyone to come over and then clean it again once they leave took so much off my plate I just feel awesome.

And my family is amazing. Most of them are helping with food and my mom,sister and best friends are coming to help me set up.

The most stress I'm feeling is the fact that my boy will be ONE!! I can't believe that we are here already.

That and if I'm going to have a breakdown on his real birthday because I want him to stay a baby forever.


Why do you have a phone????

I had to make my monthly trip to our wholesale club BJ's yesterday. They had a smoking deal on diapers and coffee which are both like gold in our house so I did what had to be done.

I stopped off at Target first to grab a few things. I called my husband on my way there and we discussed dinner and how Grayson was doing. I told him I would call him once I got done with both stores. I figured it would take me about an hour. Then he would start dinner.

Shopping solo is so nice. I still rushed because I just wanted to get home since we now live in the frozen tundra.

I called Michael an hour later and he did not answer. I figured okay no big deal he is feeding Grayson. I tried 5 minutes later still no answer. Now my blood is boiling. (see yesterday's post about my monthly bill making it's imminent arrival) I then went all high school on his ass and called him every 30 seconds until he answered, over half an hour later.
"Why do you have a phone if your not going to answer it?!!?!?" (in that moment I felt like my mother)
He says sorry my phone was in my pocket I didn't feel it going off. I had to take a couple deep breaths and try to rationalize with myself that it was not worth the fight.

But really why does he have a phone if he does not answer it!!! It's not the first time it's happened and it drives me crazy. I always have to throw in the " What if I was on the side of the road in a car accident and you didn't answer your phone" just to solidify my crazy.


10 signs your getting your monthly bill

PMS,I have it bad. The arrival of my monthly bill is approaching and I can see all the warning signs.

I vote that they create a once a month vacation place that women go to. They have these places they are called the spa. However in my dream land the spa would be attached to a bar and I would be as happy as a pig in shit.

The past few days were full of hints that PMS was happening I was a nut job.

Grayson is not eating table food I decided to call the doctor because I freaked out that something was wrong. (sign # 1 irrational thinking) So I talk to a nurse. She said " Unfortunately for you it takes work on your part to transition kids to table food, your going to have to try a little bit harder" Hearing this I started to cry (sign # 2 crying when I normally would not). Normally I would have been bitchy right back at her instead I cut her off said thank you and hung up so that I could cry (sign # 3 crying over ruled bitchyness). I then proceeded to call my husband and cry that "Buuuuuuuut I'mmmmmmmm aaaaaaa gooooooooood moooooooom, she said I'm noooooooot doooooooing wooooooooooooork! She doesn't eveeeeeeeeen knooooooooow meeeeeeeeee" He tries his best to comfort me the best he can. (sign #4 crying so hard you can't breath and sound like a 5 year old who just fell and skinned their knee)

Later that night we are again attempting to feed G and he is refusing everything!!! I throw my hands in the air and declare "I can't do this anymore my anxiety is a 25" (sign #5 my patience is .01) Michael then says to  me "I wish I could give you my thicker skin" I then explode and tell him where to go and how to get there (sign #6 I pick a fight because I can) He then tries to defend himself and I throw in is face that I do all the work when it comes to taking care of Grayson-which is not true ( sign # 7 all logic goes out the window and the lies start flying like pigs). I walked into the kitchen grabbed a bag of chocolate chips and started pouring them in my pie hole. (sign # 8 you stuff your face with chocolate because that is the only thing that makes it better)

He then had the nerve to ask me what was wrong and I thew every women thing in his face- PMS, Childbirth, having to use tampons you know the usual. ( sign # 9 you brag about bleeding from your vagin, and think it makes you superior)

When we went to bed that night I lean in and kiss him and say I love you like nothing happened at all (sign #10 I act like nothing happened and he goes along with it because he does not want to repeat signs 1-9 again)