Ramble much

The diet bet I joined starts tomorrow. Which means I get to weigh myself tonight and submit my info. I will not lose $25.00 so I will be working out like it's the only way into heaven and only eating chocolate the week my monthly bill is coming.

I have been doing weight watchers diligently for about a week and when I stepped on the scale on Saturday I was down about 2 pounds. I send my husband a text. I have not seen the 160s since I got pregnant with G. I'm so determined to be in a swimsuit that I will do just about anything to get in shape.

My house is a disaster and it's driving me up the wall. I have done a few things on the 40 bags and 40 days but have for the most part been slacking majorly. Well this week I'm going to buckle down and get some stuff done. We are looking into renting a storage unit for some things that are just taking up space that we don't have. Our child has more things than we know what to do with and since we plan on having one more we are keeping all the things. I think once we get somethings moved we will be able to breath a little better.

I ordered Grayson's swing set today!! A bunch of people got together for his birthday and gave him cash so that we could get it for him. Michael and I bought him the baby swing for Easter since this set didn't come with one.

Grayson has had a stuffy nose since Friday which equals no sleep for me. I'm seriously dragging ass today and am contemplating a run to get a Pepsi just so I can keep my eyes open. But I'm having a struggle with the points.

Happy Monday