The seven year itch

Monday was the day that 7 years ago I married my wonderful husband

7 years ago we became husband and wife and while we are not the same people we were 7 years ago we are still madly in love.

Listen this marriage that we have is far from perfect. I have a sharp tounge, his first reacation is anger no matter what but at the end of the day we move on from all that because love wins. Love is enough.

In our seven years of marriage we have bought a house, had Grayson, had one miscarriage, had twins!, went on mulitple vacations, spent money when we shouldn't have, saved money, paid off debt, bought cars, and fell more and more in love.

It's chliche when people say I only thought I loved you then. It's true. So so true. My respect for him has grown too. He's just simply amazing. Sure he can drive me up the wall crazy like no one else but I love him so much.

My heart comes first to him and that is all I could ever ask for.  So here's to the seven year itch.


Random Random Random

My babies start daycare today. Tiny tear. And just a tiny one because I love love love the teachers in the infant room. I dropped off the diapers yesterday so that it was one less thing to carry in while trying to get my small herd into the building. Alive. I did it and we all made it in. Seeing Grayson so proud to show of his babies was the sweetest thing. Plus his teacher said they would be taking a field trip down to the baby room to see his babies! He was so happy.

Small win I don't have to send in spoons or bowls for their cereal. All the praise hands becaues that's one less thing to pack and wash. I do however have to make bottles. Because since we are not using the daycare provided formula (not because we are snobs just because my babies have sensative stomachs) I have to pre mix all of their bottles for the day. Womp womp this caused me to have to buy more bottles. Otherwise I would be washing bottles right before we had to leave in the morning and that is no bueno.

I opted to get my makeup done for the wedding as well as my hair. A girl my sister went to highschool with does eye make up and will do it for $10.00. Sign me up for that and another plus? She is coming to the hair salon so that is a one stop shop for me!

My bridezilla sister assigned us hairstyles. Normally I would protest but I love the style she picked for me so I just called her bridezilla and moved on.

Did I mention I'm doing the entire reception hall? Yup I'm the stylist for the whole reception. Bring on all the mason jars and flowers and chalboard signs. I love doing this kind of stuff though so I'm really looking forward to Friday and decorating.

Michael and I celebrate 7 years of marriage on Monday and that just blows my mind.


Grayson is thriving and testing us and getting smarter by the second and I fear for his teenage years because he is so good with words. Plus he has the best facial exprestions.

He had to make a cardboard car for school tomorrow because they are doing an end of summer drive in movie. It's so cute and him and Michael worked on it yesterday. Grayson wanted a Camaro "wike daddy" so that is what he got. He is so proud of it and can't wait to watch Zootopia in it with his friends tomorrow.

I have been eating like crap lately. Being busy causes us to reach for take out for dinner more nights than we would like. After the wedding we are jumping back on the health train.

Today is my Friday. I'm off tomorrow and don't come back to work until Tuesday and I'm excited for a weekend with my family!


All the hormones

This pregnancy was so different mostly because when you have two babies you have twice the hormones. Seriously, I never thought that was true but I asked my Doctor and he said yup you have double.....everything. Joy.

I remember having swings after I was pregnant with Grayson. Mostly crying at the drop of a hat because he was growing up so fast. #crazymommy

Well having the babies just hit the 4 month mark and my hormones are out of control.

My hair is falling out. Seriously when I get out of the shower it looks like a small cat is sitting in the drain or hanging on the wall*. (* does anyone else get the hair off their fingers and then put it on the shower wall and swirl it around? No? Just me? Ok)

My ovaries feel like they are going to burst and I'm having pregnancy symptoms (No I'm not pregnant it's physically impossible at least it's supposed to be because those suckers are tied up) just like I did with Grayson around this time postpartum.

I'm tired all the time, and starving, and I cry because when I grabbed a handful of M&M's out of the bag I grabbed an un even number and now what I'm I going to do.

Michael walks in a room and asks if it's okay to enter because I'm that emotionally unstable. #itsfuntobemarriedtome.

But then I look at those babies and it's all worth it. My sweet sweet lovely babies.

My hormones even got the best of me the other day when I said I was sad that I would never be pregnant again. Michael looked at me and said "What?!?!?! We are done with babies, you said 3 was it, the twins were our last we both agreed, why are you changing your mind?!?!?!? You CAN'T change your mind your tubes are tied, I can't handle another baby I can hardly handle the 3 we have! Don't do this to me!!!!!"

Once he took a breath I explained that no I don't want any more babies I feel like the good Lord above as completed our family just the way it is but I will miss growing a baby. The kicks, the excuse to eat all the food, hearing a heartbeat. Ya know the fun part. However I won't miss the cankles, stretch marks, or the post partum things, like all the hormones that are making me crazy right now. If you see me in the grocery store crying, I'm okay really just throw me a tissue and run. 


Exhausted send coffee and my sanity

This is me last night after spending 2 hours trying to get babies to bed and get everything ready for the next day

I'm exhausted. I crawled into bed and then woke up to cries from my little lady and she was up on and off for the next 3 hours until I finally fed her 4 ounces and got her to go back to sleep. It was a full moon last night and my kids all got the memo to drive me crazy. Extra dose of coffee for me today.

We had our trip just me and Michael and it was wonderful I slept so much and just relaxed and watched 2 movies straight through (that never happens with kids)

However getting back into the swing of things and last second wedding stuff for my sister (because it's one week away!!!) is just making our schedule crazy. We have no more free days until after the wedding. Saturday is the bachelor party, Sunday we are meeting to make the favors and do the table numbers, Monday I have to finish the seating chart and print it all out, Tuesday is our final dress fitting, Wednesday is the guys final fitting, Thursday is dress rehearsal, Friday is decorating the hall and nails and Saturday is the wedding. Busy busy busy.

Plus lets not forget the fact that next Thursday is the first day my sweet smallest nuggets go to daycare. I'm not nervous about them going because I love the two ladies in their room but I'm nervous about my house. My mother has been amazing and doing all my housework for me. Laundry, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom, dishes. I'm going to be lost without her. Plus I will miss the sweet pictures she would send me throughout the day. And I still have not figured out how I'm going to get all 3 kids ready in the morning and out the door to make it to work on time. We shall see how that goes.

I'm soaking up the last bits of summer. Trying to plan the babies baptism. And trying to keep my sanity.

Happy Friday!


Oils Oils Oils

I was about 3 weeks post partum with the twins when I had just gotten them to sleep and I heart my 3 year old still upstairs rooting around, calling my name. I remember in my hormonal/exhausted state googling "how to get my kid to sleep without drugging him" 

One night while holding a baby that just would not sleep and scrolling my Instagram I saw Jessica had a new page all about oils. I jumped over,scrolled through and then got distracted (story of my life)

A few weeks went by and then she had a post up about e-mail me and I will send you some info. So I didn't get distracted this time got her e-mail read through and bam I ordered a starter kit.

There were a few things that really interested me about oils but I was more than excited to get the diffuser. Well one day with that thing and I had 2 more on the way to my house because I needed one for each bedroom. Crazy maybe but necessary. I'm saving up for one for the downstairs babysteps.

So here are my top 3 oils right now. I just got some carrier oil to start dilluting to use on the babes and so I'm sure next week I will have even more things I'm loving. My plan is to do a once a month oil update (maybe twice a month?) what we have tried and loved and what we have tried and not loved so much. I'm going to be so honest with all this stuff and tell you exactly how I use it and how it has helped. Because too many time I see a blog that says I use these oils but it doesn't tell me how, or exactly what the affects are. Plus knowledge is power. I have done hours and hours of research (thankful for my phone and iPad because I can do all this while holding a sleeping baby on me!)

Stress Away- I added this to my Essential Rewards order because I need this all day everyday. I put the roller ball on and used it on my wrists and oh my word. I was in love. Plus I have started diffusing this in our bedroom at night. It smells amazing and really does help you relax. Michael and I have both said that we feel like we are more well rested in the time that we have been diffusing. Not that we are getting more sleep. No just no that's not the case, we both average about 5.5-6 hours a night but that we have been not feeling so drained in the morning.

Lemon- I'm a coffee drinker because I have 3 month old twins and a 3 year old but I need something to give me a boost of energy. So first thing in the morning I put 2 drops of lemon in my glass of water and drink that while I get ready. I mean I feel amazing! It just lightens me, it's hard to explain exactly. Plus it's supposed to help boost your  metablolism so hey anything the help shed the baby weight and trust me I have it.

Lavender-I don't want to jinx this but I'm going to say it anyway in hopes that it helps you guys too but I have been diffusing this in the kids' rooms and oh my word.

Here is the deal I bought the book Gentle Babies because this is one area that I wanted a ton of clarity. So for the Lavender what I do is diffuse a lesser amount in the twins rooms (only have 3-4ish drops) and run it for half an hour before they go to bed (i.e. they are not in the room yet) when I bring the first one up to bed I just shut the diffuser off. The room still smells like lavender all the next day! How has this helped well once they are in their beds for the night they have been self soothing a ton better. Now in Grayson's room I diffuse a few more drops (6 ish drops) and again let it run about 30-40 mins before he even goes in his room. Then we shut it off together when I bring him up to bed. Now prior to doing this I would have to go into that boys room 3-5 times before I could even get him to fall asleep and now? Not once. It really does relax him. Since it's only running a short amount of time the water and drops last me about 2 days and then I clean out the diffuser and start fresh. We have just started dilluting to use toppicaly and so I want to give it a little more time before I give you my insight on that.

Guys I have just scratched the surface, really.

Here is the link to order a starter kit through me, if you want. It really has changed so much for us. Plus the group that I'm a part of is amazing and has a ton of knowledge!

Having small babies and a 3 year old that goes to daycare and picks up alllll the germs was another huge motivation for me get into oils because my sweet babes cannot take cough medicine or anything except tylenol and I just want them to be healthy.

I will be back next week with our favorite roller blends and a few other oils I have already started loving. Plus the accesories I use.
If you have any questions please please please e-mail me. I will be happy to answer and if I don't know I will find out! Promsie!


Nothing and Everything

I'm going to be honest this week has been a doozy and it's only Wednesday.

What's wrong?

Nothing and everything all at the same time.

I'm in a funk. It happens and it is what it is.

We have our little trip together coming up. Michael and I decided (when Grayson was born) that our anniversary was the one time a year that we would for sure go away, no matter what just the two of us and spend at least one night somewhere special. We have gone to Cleavland, Toronto and this year since our time is limited and so are funds we are staying at our local casino in Niagara Falls. My aunt got us the room so we just have to cover meals, and any spending we want to do. So we have been saving our pennies to be able to have a good time this weekend, and you know not worry about funds

I think that has put me in a funk. I'm so ready for some one on one time with Michael.

We need it bad. Not that him and I are in a bad place. No we are actually doing really good but we need to have a converstation without starting the same sentance 27 times because "mommmy I neeeed you!", or a baby starts crying.

We love our kids, like hard core love them. In fact (with my hormones being so crazy) I started crying on my way to work the other day because how blessed am I that God gave me these 3 little babes? See I'm so crazy.

Someone asked me the other day how my marriage was after twins and really its stronger. We have to communicate better because we dont have that much time to sit down and talk. We get aggrivated easier that is true because it seems like the shit hits the fan all at once and we take it out on eachother but we get over it so much faster. He legit said to me the other day " I don't want to sit and stew all day you telling me what to dress the kids in pisses me off just let dress them who cares" and he's right. I get overwhelmed, I try to control the dumbest things and it's just not worth it.

We have had to become even more of a team. We were good before but with just one kid (which how did I ever think that was hard?) we had a ton more freedom to get a ton of things done. Now our family motto is divide and conquer, okay let's get a plan. Seriously I say that a hundred times a day. Most days when I leave work our converstation starts like this "Okay here's the plan for tonight...." It works for us.

So having this weekend away is overdue and needed and has put me in a funk because I'm so excited for it now every day leading up to it is dragging big time. Oh yeah and my list of things to do/pack before Sunday is like a million miles long. Packing up twins to spend the night is a nightmare.

So what's wrong? Nothing and everything. Nothing is wrong because my life is great. But everything is wrong because I just want to get to Sunday already!


3 year old food issues

Ahhh there is nothing like a 3 year old who knows what they want. My 3 year old is particularly stubborn (he comes by it naturally from his father both of us)

Grayson was a big baby 10 pounds 4 ounces big. He come out eating 4 ounces every 4 hours and just went up from there.

We introduced rice cereal at 4 months, he loved it. We then went with fruits and veggies, also loved all of those. Then we graduated to the meals in a jar. Gobbled them up.

Then one day it all changed. He started refusing certain foods. So we switched it up.

Then his list of foods he would eat got smaller and smaller.

Now I can list out all the things he will eat and it's not that big. And forget getting him to try new foods.

So here is his list

Granola bars
Yogurt (he really loves my vanilla greek so that's mostly what he gets sometimes he begs for the Gogurts so I cave and buy those)
Nutrigrain bars
Veggie/Fruit pouches
Grapes (only purple because he's 3 )
Apples w/peanut butter
Peanut butter sandwiches
Graham crackers
Mini Muffins
Anything chocolate
Most cereals (favorites are Frosted flakes and Mini wheats)

That's it.

And yes there is no meat on that list. I have never seen my child eat meat. Except for that one time he took a bite of a chicken nugget. Other than that nothing. They used to tell me he ate meat at school then they caught him one day shoving his food over to the other persons plate, because my kids is crazy like that. So we have just recently started with Carnation Instant Breakfast daily. He thinks it is chocolate milk so win win. I give him half a serving twice a day.

I have tried it all to get him to eat. No such luck and so we act like it's not big deal anymore.
I have bribed, threatened, let him go hungry, hidden food, not let him drink anything during dinner. I have done it all and the only thing that did was make us both super stressed out and emotionally drained. So now we let him choose his dinner and limit treats and always always offer him what we are eating. He can take it or leave it but we just stopped battling. I realized I was giving food too much power and I was potentially creating a kid who would have major food issues.

I have to say we are all much happier this way.

A few other things
I don't think this is a texture issue, as you can see from this list
We have consulted a doctor and a nutritionist. The biggest thing they told us was a daily vitamin which we do.
I'm not sure if this is because of him having baby food for too long meaning I didn't offer him table food soon enough. I do plan on doing a little more of baby led weaning with the twins.
He is growing and healthy and smart. My doctor does think I'm crazy because I get upset that he won't eat grilled cheese or a hot dog or pizza because as she keeps pointing out to me those aren't the healthiest food ever.
I love my son more than words can say and I will do whatever is best for him.I guess his stubborness with food is payback for all those times I would sit at the table for hours over taking one bite of green beans ha!