Don't put your hands in your mouth!!!

Well our streak is ova. My nugget love has Hand Foot and Mouth.

He started pulling on his ears Sunday night but no sign of fever and was still eating. I figured it was just teeth no big deal.

Monday still being a goof ball and laughing like crazy but sleeping a little bit more again blamed the teeth.

Then  Monday night my fat boy refused his nighttime bottle. He only drank about 4 ounces when he would normally drink 13-15 ounces. I waited for the mid night wake up because he was hungry. Nope he only woke up once and then put himself back to sleep before I could waddle in there.

Yesterday was just a shit show. Thankfully my hubby was home with him. He was running a fever off and on and even with Tylenol he was still hovering around 99-101 which meant the fever was really high. Then he would not eat. All morning he only had a few puffs and 5 bites of applesauce. My kid normally eats a bowl of cereal and a million puffs before 10. This freaked me out so I called and got him in the doctors that day. I was expecting strep or maybe an ear infection. Nope Hand Foot and Mouth. Then I had a light bulb moment about a note I got home from daycare last week saying " Hey party people someone in the facility had Hand Foot and Mouth".

Side note- Could we come up with something better to call it? I refer to is as HFM it is less to say and sounds less creepy.

He had no spots on his hands or his feet but they said his throat was just really red and swollen and he some blisters in his mouth. Since then we have been pushing ice water and ice cold milk, pudding, frozen applesauce and anything else cold. He will eat puffs but only within the hour after getting Motrin. We have been giving him a mixture of Benadryl and Malox to help with his throat. I know it sounds crazy but that's what the Doctor said to do.

This means that I was on the phone calling for arrangements because he has to be fever free for 24 hours before he can go back to daycare. Thankfully my sister is off on Wednesday's. Michael is taking off tomorrow and I'm taking a half day on Friday with my dad watching him in the morning.

This is the only time that I curse my job because if I could stay home with him I'm sure our "sick" visits to the doctor would be much less.

Here's to hoping that he makes a quick recovery because sick babies break my heart


Yeah Ya know

It's 8 on a Monday and I have no desire to do anything productive at work today.

I have a list a mile long for things that I'm dying to do at home.

I got up early and did laundry and got some things organized around the house. I just wanted to stay home and do all the things that will make my mind feel a little less scrambled.

We had a busy weekend. Friday was G's art show at school and it was so awesome. The teachers there? Are so amazing. The time and effort that they put into that art show is just amazing. I know he is only one but check out how cute these are!!! I can't wait until we get to take them home.

Saturday I got up at my normal time because I had to get myself and G ready and out the door by 8:15. I was early as a matter of fact which was awesome and once I got the nugget settled at my parents I was off for the day. It was dress shopping day for my best friends wedding and let me just say for the most part it was a blast. The first place we went was just okay. The sales person greeted us at the front and then disappeared and basically just said "here are the dresses try on whatever you want" Um ok? So she tried on a few but didn't fall in love with anything for her wedding dress. She loves a few for rehearsal. We tried on a few for bridesmaids but she didn't really like any of them.

Then we went and got lunch. One Bahama momma later and some yummy bar food we were ready for the next place. This place knocked our socks off. Bonnie was the name of the lady we had and she was awesome. She dressed Tracy every time and we got sit outside in the showing area and watch her make her grand entrance. She looked stunning in every single dress and fell in love with one but still had a few places she wanted to go to. We then went to David's Bridal and after 2 dressed and 15 minutes we were out of there. It was just awful. Not one person listened to the kind of dresses she wanted and we only had one little mirror to look in because they were over booked. We are going to our local bridal shop sometime this week and she is pretty positive that she will find her dress and our dresses there!

It was a long day and after being dress shopping from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon so we stopped at a local dive bar and had a few drinks. The bartender who was super cool made us the most delicious shot called a chocolate covered pretzel. Go get ya some because holy party in my mouth.

Sunday Funday was really Sunday do nothing but lay around all day. I did a few loads of laundry and used our little carpet cleaner on the rug in the living room but other than that? I was a blob.

What did everyone else do this weekend?


5 on Friday

It's Friday and to celebrate the fact the a mere 7 hours separates me from the weekend I'm linking up with Darci and the gang for 5 on Friday

1- My new curling iron comes today!!! A few weekends back as I was curling my hair I dropped it and it broke into a million pieces. So that just meant that I needed a new one. I went with Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control
Product Details

2- I also ordered a new day planner. I had gotten a funky cool one but it just was not working for me I went back to my old standby and I can't wait to get everything organized in it.

Product Details

3- It's dress shopping time!!!! My best friend is getting married in October and tomorrow we are going shopping for her dress and out bridesmaid dresses! I'm so excited for her and excited to finally get the dresses picked out! We are in full on wedding/bridal shower planning mode!

4- Grayson has an Art Night at school tonight. Yes we call his daycare school because that is what they like to be called. So he has been working for months on all different art projects and now tonight they will all be on display. I'm so excited to go see it all!!

5- May is looking to be a busy busy month. Between First Communions, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday's and Mother's day we do not have a free weekend for over 6 weeks. We will be soaking up this last weekend carefree. And just for good measure a picture of my nugget love TT


I must confess

Writers block hit me hard and fast this morning and then I started reading blogs and Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me saved my butt with her I must confess post. So here it goes

I must confess.....

I get incredibly overwhelmed and stressed if Michael is going to be gone for our bedtime routine with Grayson. This happens maybe twice a month but it is super hard to not have any help with bath time and bedtime.

I have not been eating the best this week. All the chocolate in my house is calling my name and I have been answering every.single.night. Blah

I have taken over monitoring our bank account. I have easier access at work to look at it everyday and I have been keeping my own spreadsheet to have a more accurate idea of where we are monthly. In two months we have saved over $800 and that makes me happy but it still feels like a lot of pressure on me to know where we are money wise at any give time.

I contemplate going home early 4 out of 5 days when I'm at work. I have a constant to-do list in my head of things that need to get done at home and I feel like I just need a day to get things done!

I'm worried about G and his eating. This kid is bright and smart and funny but he is not eating table food. Everyone tells me it's ok he will come around but it just worries me. I know in my mommy gut that he should be eating more table food than cereal, peanut butter, applesauce (which come on is basically baby food), banana's and vanilla cupcake goldfish. He was eating peas carrots and pasta for a while and then he just stopped. As in full on refusal, temper tantrum food throwing stopped. I'm hoping that soon someone will be on my side and we can get him evaluated for his food issues. He drinks milk and will eat stage 3 meals so he is not starving and he is still gaining weigh. Maybe I'm just over reacting?

I get frustrated when I plan to do something for just me and then it gets cancelled. Last Friday I was supposed to get my nails done and then waiting list was 6 people long. I was so upset. It's the little things that keep me sane.

I love all of my Real Housewives shows. As in I need to watch them as soon I get home.


Simple, perfect date night

Since G goes to a daycare affiliated with a church they are closed on Good Friday. Michael and I however still have to work. My mother who is a saint and a teacher was off and offered to take G that day. Well since I have to be to work at 7 she always offers to take him overnight that way it is less rushed in the morning. I never disagree.

She asked if she could pick him up around 4:30 on Thursday and I never argue with my mother. I then text Michael and asked if he would like to go on a date with me. Once we had the bambino packed up and shipped off to my parent's we got dressed and headed to our favorite Italian restaurant.

I ordered the pizza which is my favorite.

We both put our phones away and just enjoyed each other.

After dinner he was all "Hey want to run to Home Depot and price out some stuff for our yard projects?" Normally this is a Noooooooo because either G is on the verge of a meltdown or we have to relieve the babysitter. But last night? Oh yeah we had nothing holding us back. So it was "Hell yeah baby let's go"

We walked through the isle's and garden center and got a ton of things figured out and made the best decision for our budget.

Then on the way home we got ice cream and went home and ate it. While watching a whole show uninterrupted. No nose to wipe, no diaper to change, no child trying to scale me like a rock wall and rip my hair out. And then? We had a night of uninterrupted sleep.

We recharged our batteries. Don't get me wrong I missed my kid like no tomorrow. And we talked about him a lot. But? We held hands, we talked about non baby stuff, and we didn't have to rush.

Simple perfect date night.

What is your idea of a perfect date night?


Back in my day-Link Up

So excited to be linking up with Suze for back in my day link up

My Blog

I'm going to highlight the top 5 things I remember being popular in high school

1- AIM was life. I was cool and my away message used to be "Chillin like a Villan" or "Hanging out at Rachel's IM me on her name" We would spend hours talking back and forth about god knows what all while eating cookie dough, frosting, and slim jims. Ahhh to have that metabolism back

2- I wore these with socks almost every day of my 9th and 10 grade year. It's what all the cool / preppy kids did and I was so in that crowd. The entire basketball team dressed like this. It started because of sports it was just easier after a game to slip on the sandals because you were never allowed to wear your "sports shoes" off the court. But then we got lazy and wore them like that all the time. At least back then our socks matched.

3-My Cell phone looked like this and I had never heard of texting until I graduated high school.
I had this exact phone and thought I was so freaking cool.

4-Nelly- Enough said. Okay I will say more. It's getting hot in here was all the rage and we used to blast that ish like it was going out of style.

5-When this first aired we were addicted to it like crack heads. 20-30 of us used to get together every week to watch it and we would tape it too (before dvr was a staple in a house) then watch it over and over. I wanted to be LC so bad.


Easter and things

The weekends are never long enough. Unfortunately I didn't win the lottery or find a crap ton of money so I'm back at work today.

Friday when I got out of work I ran some errands and grabbed the last minute things I needed for Easter Sunday. I picked up dinner for my whole family, picked up Michael and we headed down to my parents house. I was so excited to see G. I missed having him with me in the morning since he spent the night at my parents house. We ate dinner and then we did Easter baskets. My mom still hides eggs for all of us and does an Easter basket. Once that was done we dyed eggs. It was nice to have a low key Easter celebration with my parents

Saturday I had to run G to the doctors. He was having some issues but they are all cleared up now and all is good. Then around 3:30 Chris called and said his sister was in town and wanted to know if we all wanted to get together for dinner. We headed to the DRI which is supper awesome bar/restaurant. We got so many compliments on how good our sweet boy was. He just sat in his highchair and ate and played. The food was awesome and it was soo good to catch up with Kimberly. We only get to see her a few times a year so we always make time when she comes home.

Sunday we had a busy day. I had to make a cheesecake and put together G's basket plus my house was a mess. Grayson took a two hour morning nap so that helped. I got all my little things done plus got to shower. Then we headed to my aunt's house which is around the corner for an egg hunt and dinner. G was so cute in his Easter outfit and picking up eggs. My Aunt has a really cool tradition where she hides silver dollars in the eggs. She gives each of the kids a glass piggy bank to hold all of the silver dollars. Since it was G's first year to participate in the hunt he got his piggy bank and his first 10 silver dollars. I'm so excited to collect these for him every year.

After dinner we were exhausted we came home and did baskets for the 3 of us and then just relaxed.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so happy that I have the amazing family that I do.


5 on Friday


Happy Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm so ready for this holiday weekend!!! I'm linking up for the wonderful 5 on Friday!!!

My nugget love went overnight to GiGi's house last night and I was sent this wonderful picture. Scrunchy nose close up pictures are my favorite. Also I love that Face time exists. Even though he was not home I still got my morning kisses.

Ice Cream!!! The ice creams stands are all open and since we were on a date last night my honey and I got ice cream for dessert!!! 

It smells amazing and just reminds me of spring!!!
Product Details

I need to find a dress for a wedding coming up in May. There are some really cute ones at Target looks like I will have to go shopping

It's Easter weekend. I'm excited for the Easter egg hunts and dressing G in his super cute Easter outfit!

Woven Checked Shirt

I can't wait to give him his first Easter "basket" and watch him do his first egg hunt and just be with family!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter and wonderful weekend!!!!


Spring to-do list

Spring is in the air and hopefully it is here to stay.

We have a long list of things we would like to get done outside this spring.
So what if it was just snowing on Tuesday and only in the 30's yesterday. They keep saying that it was the last of old man winter and I'm praying they are right because I'm sick of him already.

Anyway back to the lovely list that we have.

Yesterday we got a quote to get the tree removed and that should be happening in the next week or two. Once that is done we will be putting up G's swing set and boxing it in. Once that is done we will add the rubber mulch. And then start knocking off the other items on the list. The goal is to really get the most bang for out buck since we are working on a fixed budget.

I can't wait for the nice weather to be outside and have it all cleaned up from our horrific winter.

What does everyone else have planned for their to-do lists this spring?


The Easter basket without a basket

This will technically be Grayson's 2nd Easter and that poor deprived child still does not have an Easter basket.

Why? Last year I was 12 days out from having a toddler ripped from my mid-section. So to say I was a blob on the couch crying at everything would be an understatement. I was still recovering and trying to figure out why they let me take a baby home and how my body even grew a 10 pound 4 ounce baby. The last thing on my hormonal mind was an Easter basket. The only reason he had an Easter outfit was because my sister wanted to get it for him otherwise I'm sure it would have been PJ's the whole way.

Anyway this year I was all " We have to do an Easter basket for Grayson!". And then I got thinking about it. Dude does not need a ton of candy so let's do a practical basket.

And then I had the best light bulb moment ever.........let's get him the infant/toddler swing for his new swing set!!! Perfect I ordered it from Toys R Us.

Well crap that doesn't fit in a basket. So I decided to skip it. 1st of all he won't know the difference 2nd I can't decide what kind of basket I want. So now I have a whole year to make up my mind.

I got him some bath colors and new sippy cups and a few pj's and clothes for spring/summer. All of that will fit in the swing.

Grayson will also have a unique Easter experience because he will not get his "basket" until after dinner. Michael works Easter (because he works every Sunday) so we don't want to leave him out. In G's world the Easter bunny will come while we are having our ham. Then he can scurry off and find it. Or in this case since he will more than likely just crawl to the dog bed we will give it to him and he will lose interest in .25 seconds.

What does everyone else do for Easter?


Weekend Wrap up

Friday my husband met me at work and brought me a plant for my new office

Then we both went and picked up Grayson from daycare. G and I both had a chiropractor appointment at 4 so the hubby had to come with me to hold the rascal when it was my turn.

There is nothing like getting aligned. I love it. I go monthly for maintenance. Plus since we started taking G a little over a month ago he has gotten completely off of his acid reflux medicine!! This is huge! So Grayson and I both go once a month, now if I could just talk my husband into it.

After we left the doctors the boys headed home and I ran and picked up dinner. I really wanted pizza but we got salads from Panera instead. The chicken Cesar salad is my favorite and not to bad on points for my whole dinner. I had to go grab diapers for the monster and of course I accidentally went down the ice cream isle. I got the skinny cow Carmel truffle ice cream bars and oh my heaven they are 100 calories and hit the spot. I'm in love with them!!!

Saturday was gorgeous here. Grayson and I slept in until 7. That is when you know your a parent when 7 is sleeping in. Then we had a wonderful day of playing and waiting for Michael to get home. Once he pulled in the driveway we packed up and headed to the canal. We went for a nice family walk together. G was awesome. It was nice to walk and be removed from everything at home and talk to each other. I'm so excited for this spring and some of the projects we have planned around the house (list to follow)

Sunday- G and I hung out at home until it was time to head to Gigi and Papa's for dinner. We had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!! Yay for grill season.

Today is going to be busy at work and my Dad and Michael are going to pick up G's new swing set!!! I can't wait to put it up for him!! I know he will love the swing!

Happy Monday everyone!


Follow through Friday

Follow through Friday is here and I'm getting down in funky town talking about my weight crap

It has been two weeks since I started Weight Watchers or as I like to call it the Dubbyou.

There have been a few days where I have just not tracked. Why? Because I ate like shit. Pizza, wings, cake 10 beers ya know how it goes. But for the most part I have been eating my daily points and about half of my weekly flex points. I do NOT track my activity in the app because I don't want to even be tempted by having that extra.

Now what you all care about. I started at 171 and now I'm down to 166.6. Boom! I'm firmly in the 160's and I have to be at 163 to win my $25 dolla make ya holla back. I think I can lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks.

Since the weather is nicer out lately the walking will begin. I'm hoping this will help shed the pounds. I have been doing my ab challenge when I can but I'm trying really hard not to be so tough on myself. My old habit was crap I missed a day now it dosen't even matter what I eat and then I would eat 3 candy bars. Now I'm not focused on a 100% but more like 85% if that makes sense.

If my eating has been on point but I didn't get to the ab challenge. That's ok.

My clothes are fitting better and I overall feel more confident. I have finally found my groove and what works for me!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


Can I tell you a secret?

Or can I confess some things?

My baby is sick. Ear infection, pink eye, and sinus infection. Plus just for good measure he is teething and he just drools non stop. I was holding him the other night and he drooled on me and I looked at my shirt and I had a flashback to when my boobs used to leak at the end of my pregnancy, I freaked for a second and then realized it was just from the vat of drool that it my child.

I almost went ape on a nurse practitioner last night because she tried to put my child on 2 antibiotics that do not work for him. One he his immune too the other oh yeah that's right he is allergic!!! Read his effing file before you get all willie nillie prescribing shit. I made the office lady note in our file that we do NOT want to EVER be seen by said NP.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and I still feel guilty that I missed her dinner because of having to taking G to the doctor. We still made it for cake and she totally understood but it still bothers me.

I have made 2 cakes in 3 days and I was supposed to make a third but opted for store bought once I saw my schedule and good thing too since G was so sick last night.

My DVR is backing up. We have been so busy that I'm behind on all my shows and it's starting to affect me on a day to day basis. It's like I neeeeed the mind numbing reality trash to be able to decompress at the end of the day

I have fallen of my WW band wagon this week. Between date night with my dad, my mom's birthday, Easter celebration and Monday night dinner with C&T It's off the chart. But today is a new day and I'm back on it like it's my job remember I have $25.00 on the line.

Michael and I have decided to take a trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary. It's not until August but I"m already obsessed and dreaming of it. I also stalk to inter web looking for things to do while we are there. I think I say to him at least twice a day "is it August yet?"

What do you have to confess?


Dates with my Dad

My Dad and I have always been pretty close. He is the perfect parent. There when you need him but not overbearing on a day to day basis. He never wants to be a bother and is super relaxed about everything.

Back in the fall there was a Living Social deal for two photography classes at a cheap price. My dad has always loved photography and has a couple really nice cameras. I asked him to take the classes with me. Well you know life we just finally got around to it.

The classes were amazing. Way better and more than I thought they would be. Sometimes when they name a class camera basics I worry that it will be all this is how you turn on your camera. It was so much more than that.We learned how to take action shots use our ISO and shutter speed.

We had fun being together and we went out to dinner and just talked. It was a nice break in the week and nice to spend some one on one time with my Daddy.

We did get a few side eyes when we walked in. I know people were trying to figure out if we were an item or not because my Dad always has and always will call me sweetie or sweet pea those are his names for me. Somehow we worked in the conversation that he was my Dad and a few people went ohhhhhhhhh. I had to laugh.

We talked about taking some more classes together. I'm excited, it was so nice to go on a date with me Dad.


Politics should be spelled F-A-M-I-L-Y

I didn't blog yesterday........did you miss me? I'm going to start closing every Blog with a question because Holly says to and I always follow the cool kids. Now if I could just figure out how to respond to comments via e-mail we would be all good. Moving on.....

My family is about as bat shit crazy as you anyone can imagine. Sure we help each other out and would do anything for each other but the other 95% of the time it is all about politics.

There are some rules in my family that are not negotiable

1- Never turn down a beer or a shot. Unless your with child and then you must still tag along on drinking binges because hello built in DD this includes day drinking and night drinking. It's always drink o'clock in my family.

2-A happy birthday must be wished on the day or it doesn't count. Example- Party is on May 28th actual birthday June 2nd. I attended the party and gave a gift but if I don't call on June 2nd I'm on the shit list.

3- Thank you's must be sent with in 6 weeks.

4- Cake is a must for all birthday's. You don't like cake? Oh well eat some anyway or you will be questioned to death.

5- If you invite one you invite them all. You haven't seen your cousin that lives in Florida in 3 months oh well you still send them an invite even though you know they won't come. The non invitation is like a bitch slap. Even if they say who the eff is Katlin Smith because they don't know your married name you still have to send it.

6- You go whenever they need you. So what they called you during a wind storm and you lost power they need you to upload a picture to their new website you drop everything and help.

Grayson's party was March 7th. Someone in my family read in a Ms.Manners book once that you send Thank you cards for a 1st birthday. When I found that out I wanted to track down Ms. Manners and give her a good throat punch.

Shit got really crazy in this neck of the woods and it has been one month since said party and this bitch over here has not sent out Thank you cards. Whoops. So I hopped on Wal-Mart.com and found some one hour photo card that I could slap my adorable kids face on and call it a day.

I mentioned it to my mother and was told it's not personal enough. Well shit I already ordered and picked them up. Now what. I do the most classy thing I can do and I write on the back of them. All 25 of them.

I know that no one gives a crap if I write a personal message. They don't care once they see that gorgeous round face and perfect little two teeth smile. But 25 stamps, half the skin off my tongue missing from licking envelopes and a hand cramp later they are all sent out.

And within the 6 week deadline. I made it barely just barley and hopefully I can stay off the shit list until I forget a birthday or say cake isn't in my diet.

Anyone else have a crazy family?


5 on Friday

This week has been one for the books and I'm so happy it's Friday

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

1- I'm so thankful for coffee. The sleeping this week has been crazy. I'm normally in bed by 9 at the latest and did not get to bed until after 10 two nights this week only to have G wake up at 3:30 in the morning. If it wasn't for my Folgers I would be a zombie

2- I'm so excited for tomorrow we are celebrating Easter with my brother and my dad's side of the family. We do it early to have more time together plus my brother and is family go out of town with his in-laws for Easter so it works out. Also we are celebrating my mom's and sister in laws birthday. I can't wait to give my mom her present all of us kids went in on getting her the new kindle paper white! She had the first Kindle that came out and it just recently stopped charging. I'm so excited that we could get it for her!

3- Michael's truck broke on Wednesday. It would not accelerate any more and he could not go over 35 mph. I'm so thankful that my company also owns a repair shop because they got it in the next day and I get 20% off my total bill with the option to make payments. However it was more complicated than they thought so it won't be done until today. But my family is awesome so my aunt let us borrow her car.

4- Grayson has mastered his first word and that is UP! He says it whenever he wants to be picked up. He raises his hands look and squeals UP! It gets me every time and he knows it so he does it often. He has half mastered Uh-Oh. He drops something says UH and then looks at you to say OH. We are working on getting the whole thing down. He babbles like he knows what he is talking about and if you ask him who Dada is he points to Michael and if you ask him who Momma is he points to me but the kids refuses to day it. Stubborn and I'm proud of it.

5- Sunday we have nothing to do. I'm looking forward to a day home with Grayson and getting caught up on my 40 bags 40 days.

Here's to the weekend!!! What is everyone else up to?


32 Things That Make Me Happy

Fresh out of ideas on what to blog about today without sounding boring I came across this fun link up on Sarah's page so join or just read below either way enjoy!

1. My baby he melts my heart

2. My husband- he just does it for me still after 6 years and even though I would rather kill him than love him sometimes he's mine and I'm proud of that

3. My job- I know shocker but it really is the best for my family and gives me more time with the ones I love and is super flexible.

4. This made me laugh

5. Sunglasses- I love them on a sunny day.

6- Spring colored nail polish

7- Hershey's bar with almonds

8- Hearing my boys laughing together during bath time because Michael taught Grayson how to splash.

9- My engagement ring- I love looking down at it every day.

10- My parents- They save the day more times than I care to admitt and are truly my hero's. Plus the way they love my baby makes my heart melt.

11- Southern Comfort- on the rocks, as a shot, mixed with ginger ale I will take it all.

12- Mexico- It's where we went on our honeymoon and I'm dying to go back

13- Riding in cars with boys- My husband has a hot rod, muscle car, whatever you want to call it and that's what he picked me up in on our first date and I love riding in it with him it takes me back.

14- Lotion- My hands are always dry at work and I love having hand lotion on my desk plus it smells good.

15- I died over this and also wish it was true

16-Beer on taco night- There is nothing like a Corona and a taco.

17- Cupcakes- mini ones to be exact because you can just pop one right in your mouth no messy bites.

18- Weddings- I love seeing two people so happy and in love. And it's the only time I get to shake my groove thing and not get weird looks from people plus normally open bar!

19-Tuesday night dinners with our best friends that are really more like family now.

20-My Bravo shows- I love watching my housewives.

21-Walking into get my Grayson up in the morning and as soon as I say "good morning" he gets the biggest smile and yells "UP!"

22-Comfy clothes- sweat pants, yoga pants, my husbands old sweatshirts they are all my uniform as soon as I get home from work

23- Bonfires- with S'mores and I laugh everytime I say that because I always think of The Sandlot

24- 3:30 on a Friday. It's the end of my work week and I'm free and clear until Monday at 7:00

25- Family dinners every Sunday

26- Making Christmas cookies. I love it all and being with the women and kids in the family.

27- Tully's- It's a local resturant here and they have the "best tenders on earth".

28- Sunny days

29- A fully stocked fridge.

30- Cereal- I could eat it for every meal.

31-Family pictures

32- Quality time with the ones I love!


So What!

So what that I'm geekily excited that it is getting warmer out............

Being outside makes me happy. It makes me more active. This winter has been looooooooong. Too long for my liking and I'm just over it.

My boys are going stir crazy too. Grayson loves to be in his stroller. Lately we have been struggling I think it's just been too much togetherness in the house.

I cannot wait to get home tonight and get in a nice walk/run. I'm thinking about loading up and going to the park that has a nice trail by it and letting the boys play on the play ground while I run/jog/die.

Yesterday was beautiful and if I didn't have a date with my dad to go to photography class you bet your bottom dollar and your top one that I would have been outside.

I woke up so happy this morning just thinking about getting to be outside with my family. Plus flip flops are my favorite footwear and my feet are more than ready for them.

Happy Wednesday and be sure to link up with Shannon!


My plan

When I started this blog I never intended to have weight loss posts. But guess what reading blogs is what motivated me to get my wide load in gear and get in shape. So if your not into it skip this one k?

I need to do some form of exercise twice a day to shed the pounds. I found this on facebook and am going to be doing this every morning.

I will also be doing the 30 day ab challenge this month.

I did it last year and it kind of kicked off the craziness that is trying to lose weight 

Weight watchers will be my mistress and will keep my binge eating in check. So now here are my pictures and no you don't have to adjust your monitor 

Man my ass is hungry because it is eating the crap out of those swimsuit bottoms

I posted yesterday that over the weekend I saw the 160's. Let me clarify I saw 169.5. I gained back that .5 pounds and started my diet bet at 170 even. To win I need to get down to 163.2. I'm shooting for 160.

I bought this swimsuit 2 summers ago right before I got pregnant with baby G it's my goal to get back in it and not look like 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag 

I had my husband take my pictures and the whole time he kept telling me how good I look and how I was hot and I kept saying really? I see so much wrong with my pictures and I guess that just shows that perception is everything.

My areas that need work? The lower body I mean I have tree trunks for legs and my ass is for sure a wide load. Also I have enough love handles for 20 people to grab onto. But I keep telling myself you grew a human. Breath.

I'm dedicated, I'm determined and I'm a cheap ass so I can't lose money. I know there will be hurdles like tonight I'm going on a date with my dad and we are going out to Tully's. I'm on their website as we speak trying to find a lower calorie meal.

Any tips from anyone out there? Anyone else doing the diet bet?