5 on Friday

It's Friday and to celebrate the fact the a mere 7 hours separates me from the weekend I'm linking up with Darci and the gang for 5 on Friday

1- My new curling iron comes today!!! A few weekends back as I was curling my hair I dropped it and it broke into a million pieces. So that just meant that I needed a new one. I went with Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control
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2- I also ordered a new day planner. I had gotten a funky cool one but it just was not working for me I went back to my old standby and I can't wait to get everything organized in it.

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3- It's dress shopping time!!!! My best friend is getting married in October and tomorrow we are going shopping for her dress and out bridesmaid dresses! I'm so excited for her and excited to finally get the dresses picked out! We are in full on wedding/bridal shower planning mode!

4- Grayson has an Art Night at school tonight. Yes we call his daycare school because that is what they like to be called. So he has been working for months on all different art projects and now tonight they will all be on display. I'm so excited to go see it all!!

5- May is looking to be a busy busy month. Between First Communions, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday's and Mother's day we do not have a free weekend for over 6 weeks. We will be soaking up this last weekend carefree. And just for good measure a picture of my nugget love TT