32 Things That Make Me Happy

Fresh out of ideas on what to blog about today without sounding boring I came across this fun link up on Sarah's page so join or just read below either way enjoy!

1. My baby he melts my heart

2. My husband- he just does it for me still after 6 years and even though I would rather kill him than love him sometimes he's mine and I'm proud of that

3. My job- I know shocker but it really is the best for my family and gives me more time with the ones I love and is super flexible.

4. This made me laugh

5. Sunglasses- I love them on a sunny day.

6- Spring colored nail polish

7- Hershey's bar with almonds

8- Hearing my boys laughing together during bath time because Michael taught Grayson how to splash.

9- My engagement ring- I love looking down at it every day.

10- My parents- They save the day more times than I care to admitt and are truly my hero's. Plus the way they love my baby makes my heart melt.

11- Southern Comfort- on the rocks, as a shot, mixed with ginger ale I will take it all.

12- Mexico- It's where we went on our honeymoon and I'm dying to go back

13- Riding in cars with boys- My husband has a hot rod, muscle car, whatever you want to call it and that's what he picked me up in on our first date and I love riding in it with him it takes me back.

14- Lotion- My hands are always dry at work and I love having hand lotion on my desk plus it smells good.

15- I died over this and also wish it was true

16-Beer on taco night- There is nothing like a Corona and a taco.

17- Cupcakes- mini ones to be exact because you can just pop one right in your mouth no messy bites.

18- Weddings- I love seeing two people so happy and in love. And it's the only time I get to shake my groove thing and not get weird looks from people plus normally open bar!

19-Tuesday night dinners with our best friends that are really more like family now.

20-My Bravo shows- I love watching my housewives.

21-Walking into get my Grayson up in the morning and as soon as I say "good morning" he gets the biggest smile and yells "UP!"

22-Comfy clothes- sweat pants, yoga pants, my husbands old sweatshirts they are all my uniform as soon as I get home from work

23- Bonfires- with S'mores and I laugh everytime I say that because I always think of The Sandlot

24- 3:30 on a Friday. It's the end of my work week and I'm free and clear until Monday at 7:00

25- Family dinners every Sunday

26- Making Christmas cookies. I love it all and being with the women and kids in the family.

27- Tully's- It's a local resturant here and they have the "best tenders on earth".

28- Sunny days

29- A fully stocked fridge.

30- Cereal- I could eat it for every meal.

31-Family pictures

32- Quality time with the ones I love!