Yeah Ya know

It's 8 on a Monday and I have no desire to do anything productive at work today.

I have a list a mile long for things that I'm dying to do at home.

I got up early and did laundry and got some things organized around the house. I just wanted to stay home and do all the things that will make my mind feel a little less scrambled.

We had a busy weekend. Friday was G's art show at school and it was so awesome. The teachers there? Are so amazing. The time and effort that they put into that art show is just amazing. I know he is only one but check out how cute these are!!! I can't wait until we get to take them home.

Saturday I got up at my normal time because I had to get myself and G ready and out the door by 8:15. I was early as a matter of fact which was awesome and once I got the nugget settled at my parents I was off for the day. It was dress shopping day for my best friends wedding and let me just say for the most part it was a blast. The first place we went was just okay. The sales person greeted us at the front and then disappeared and basically just said "here are the dresses try on whatever you want" Um ok? So she tried on a few but didn't fall in love with anything for her wedding dress. She loves a few for rehearsal. We tried on a few for bridesmaids but she didn't really like any of them.

Then we went and got lunch. One Bahama momma later and some yummy bar food we were ready for the next place. This place knocked our socks off. Bonnie was the name of the lady we had and she was awesome. She dressed Tracy every time and we got sit outside in the showing area and watch her make her grand entrance. She looked stunning in every single dress and fell in love with one but still had a few places she wanted to go to. We then went to David's Bridal and after 2 dressed and 15 minutes we were out of there. It was just awful. Not one person listened to the kind of dresses she wanted and we only had one little mirror to look in because they were over booked. We are going to our local bridal shop sometime this week and she is pretty positive that she will find her dress and our dresses there!

It was a long day and after being dress shopping from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon so we stopped at a local dive bar and had a few drinks. The bartender who was super cool made us the most delicious shot called a chocolate covered pretzel. Go get ya some because holy party in my mouth.

Sunday Funday was really Sunday do nothing but lay around all day. I did a few loads of laundry and used our little carpet cleaner on the rug in the living room but other than that? I was a blob.

What did everyone else do this weekend?