My plan

When I started this blog I never intended to have weight loss posts. But guess what reading blogs is what motivated me to get my wide load in gear and get in shape. So if your not into it skip this one k?

I need to do some form of exercise twice a day to shed the pounds. I found this on facebook and am going to be doing this every morning.

I will also be doing the 30 day ab challenge this month.

I did it last year and it kind of kicked off the craziness that is trying to lose weight 

Weight watchers will be my mistress and will keep my binge eating in check. So now here are my pictures and no you don't have to adjust your monitor 

Man my ass is hungry because it is eating the crap out of those swimsuit bottoms

I posted yesterday that over the weekend I saw the 160's. Let me clarify I saw 169.5. I gained back that .5 pounds and started my diet bet at 170 even. To win I need to get down to 163.2. I'm shooting for 160.

I bought this swimsuit 2 summers ago right before I got pregnant with baby G it's my goal to get back in it and not look like 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag 

I had my husband take my pictures and the whole time he kept telling me how good I look and how I was hot and I kept saying really? I see so much wrong with my pictures and I guess that just shows that perception is everything.

My areas that need work? The lower body I mean I have tree trunks for legs and my ass is for sure a wide load. Also I have enough love handles for 20 people to grab onto. But I keep telling myself you grew a human. Breath.

I'm dedicated, I'm determined and I'm a cheap ass so I can't lose money. I know there will be hurdles like tonight I'm going on a date with my dad and we are going out to Tully's. I'm on their website as we speak trying to find a lower calorie meal.

Any tips from anyone out there? Anyone else doing the diet bet?