I must confess

Writers block hit me hard and fast this morning and then I started reading blogs and Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me saved my butt with her I must confess post. So here it goes

I must confess.....

I get incredibly overwhelmed and stressed if Michael is going to be gone for our bedtime routine with Grayson. This happens maybe twice a month but it is super hard to not have any help with bath time and bedtime.

I have not been eating the best this week. All the chocolate in my house is calling my name and I have been answering every.single.night. Blah

I have taken over monitoring our bank account. I have easier access at work to look at it everyday and I have been keeping my own spreadsheet to have a more accurate idea of where we are monthly. In two months we have saved over $800 and that makes me happy but it still feels like a lot of pressure on me to know where we are money wise at any give time.

I contemplate going home early 4 out of 5 days when I'm at work. I have a constant to-do list in my head of things that need to get done at home and I feel like I just need a day to get things done!

I'm worried about G and his eating. This kid is bright and smart and funny but he is not eating table food. Everyone tells me it's ok he will come around but it just worries me. I know in my mommy gut that he should be eating more table food than cereal, peanut butter, applesauce (which come on is basically baby food), banana's and vanilla cupcake goldfish. He was eating peas carrots and pasta for a while and then he just stopped. As in full on refusal, temper tantrum food throwing stopped. I'm hoping that soon someone will be on my side and we can get him evaluated for his food issues. He drinks milk and will eat stage 3 meals so he is not starving and he is still gaining weigh. Maybe I'm just over reacting?

I get frustrated when I plan to do something for just me and then it gets cancelled. Last Friday I was supposed to get my nails done and then waiting list was 6 people long. I was so upset. It's the little things that keep me sane.

I love all of my Real Housewives shows. As in I need to watch them as soon I get home.