Friday Favorites Fall Edition

Before I jump into my Friday Favorites I have to give a shout out to my amazing husband and say Happy Anniversary! 5 Years ago today I married my best friend and we started this crazy adventure together. Things are so different from where we were 5 years ago but they have exceeded my every dream. Here is to 50 more together. Like Red on a Rose. 

Ok so it's Labor day weekend and in my book that means Fall. I decorate for Fall Labor day weekend or September 1st and they both just happen to fall on the same weekend! Here are a few of my Favorites this week!


I'm Linking up with Andrea today!

These Halloween Plates from Pottery Barn Kids are so awesome. Grayson is in a huge owl faze so I'm going to get the cat & owl set. I'm so excited to start all the fun traditions with him since he gets a little more this year!

Fall to me also means back to school and since Grayson is moving up to Toddler 1 (hold me) next week I decided that it was time for a back pack. I found this Mickey Mouse one at Children's place and after coupons I got it for $13.00!!! I know he is a little young for a backpack but now he will have a cubby now I just love how little backpacks look hanging up in them.

Mickey Mouse mini backpack

And last but not least Bath and Body works has all the hand soaps on sale for $3.00!!! Plus spend $25 and get $1 shipping. I just got 9 soaps shipped for $30 I'm all stocked up for awhile!
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Deep Cleansing Hand Soap - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

Happy Friday Everyone!


Somethings on Friday

It's Friday and I have never been more excited for the weekend. Bullet points seem to be the way I post now so here is goes.

1- We leave for our anniversary trip tomorrow!!! I cannot wait for 3 nights away with just my husband away from the house! We have big plans to sleep in and have no schedule. Since we all know with kids it's all about the schedule.

2- I'm so super thankful that my parents are taking G while we are gone. I will miss that nugget love like crazy but I know he is in good hands and being spoiled.

3- I got my first order of fall candles from Bath and Body works yesterday and cannot wait to start burning them. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin has been my jam now for years and I tried a new one for me the Warm Carmel Cider!  They are on sale right now 2/$22 so get ya some plus!!!! $1 shipping with a $25 order so throw in a hand soap and get awesome shipping.

4- My baby boy is moving up a room at daycare!!! Again!!! September 3 he will be starting in Toddler 1. I'm excited for this transition but was super hormonal and kept saying that he is not a toddler yet and it was too soon. I think it is time for a backpack since he will have a cubby in the hallway! Ahhhhh!

5- It's Friday which means takeout, ice cream and lots of packing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! I won't be back until Wednesday!


Where it's at

I have been sick for a week now and finally threw in the towel yesterday and went to the doctor's and got put on a z-pack. I'm still not a 100% but I'm getting there.

Grayson has had a head cold for a week but no fever and just a runny nose so I'm hoping it passes on it's own.

The last time I blogged I was getting Libby for an overnight and it was wonderful. She is such a good girl and helped me out so much. We ended up have my family and a few friends over for a cook out that night and it was a blast. We played bags and can jam and flip up. Plus we stuffed our face with delicious food.

We leave for Cleveland on Saturday and I could not be more excited for some one on one time with my hubby. It's a quick trip two nights and then back home but it is what we need.
We realized the other day that there are some nights that after I get home from work we are so on the go that we only get about 20 mins of solid one on one time so a whole 3 days will be wonderful.

My Mom is taking Grayson on Saturday and we are picking him up on Tuesday. It will be hard to be away from him but she has agreed to face time every morning with us we that makes me feel a little bit better.

Despite my sickness I have been trying to slowly start making my packing lists. I have one for Grayson, Me , Michael , and Riley who is going to my father in laws while we are gone.

There are some big things potentially happening for our family and so I'm just praying really hard and trying to remember that it is all in God's hands and that if this is what's right for our family then it will happen. But the prospect of said changes is nice to dream about.

My baby is 17 months old today and he has started picking up new words left and right which is so fun. He also took his first fall off of our back steps. It was down one step and I felt so bad for my husband who was .215 away from catching him. He has a nice goose egg on his head and a black eye but I know it won't be the last time.

I think that's all for now I'm sure I'm missing something but that's all my congested head can get out
Happy Tuesday



It's Finally Friday!!!! I'm linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!

I got my Erin Condren Planner and I'm in love. I'm still working on getting everything transfered over to it but so far it's nothing but amazing. So worth the price tag so if your trying to justify the $50 go do it! It will change your life. Here is a link to sign up!

It's not a favorite thing but it's a BIG thing in our house. Grayson climbed out of his crib last night!!!!!!!! I almost had a heart attack and now today when Michael gets out of work he will be lowering the mattress down to lowest setting. 

I'm picking up my sweet girl Libby tonight after work and she is spending the night with me! Then tomorrow my whole family is coming over for a cook out! It's going to be so fun and we are for sure soaking up the last summer weekends!

Tomorrow it will only be 2 weeks until our anniversary trip!!! I cannot beleive we have been married for 5 years!!! I love spending every day with that man!

I'm in love with my new bag from JustFab. It's a subscription website but you can skip a month anytime from the 1st of the month to the 5th. If you don't skip you are charged $39.99. I didn't skip one month and was just waiting for the perfect fall bag and I found it! The Mirmar Bag is beautiful and big. I love the dark green color for falls and it has so much room and the perfect size straps. Plus it comes with a smaller bag inside of it which I'm using for G's package of wipes some diapers and a few toys. I love that his stuff can stay seperate but can still fit in my bag!

And just to leave you with a picture of my nugget love!

Happy Friday everyone!



The bridal shower

This shower was crazy to plan (6 people involved not including the bride!!!). I have OCD when it comes to parties and I want it to look amazing. I tried to take a back seat but lasted the first week and then when nothing was getting done I just jumped in with both feet. 

So here are the pictures that the bride's future sister-in-law took for us!

These are the favors that we gave out the vase is an oldie but a goodie I had laying around from the Christmas Tree Store.
 I bought the bottles at a local liquor store and had the labels made by a wonderful Etsy shop ZoeDeZigns I e-mailed her with a vision and they turned out perfect and so east to put on!
 The centerpieces were a labor of love. I bought cheap mason jars from Dollar General I think I got 12 for about $10.00. I picked up antique white matte spray paint from home depot and hammered silver spray paint. I wanted a more antique feel than just regular silver. I spray painted 8 silver and 4 white and the painted the lids opposite. Then I drilled a hole in the top of the lid and hung it on the jar with twine.
 Here is a view of the room it was the perfect size and I loved the feel.
 This is the outdoor patio that attached to the bar it was nice to be able to spread out and just take a breather.
 This is a stage where they have bands and since we had rented out the room we had use of this space too. We mainly just used it for pictures.
 Sign walking into the shower. I had Michael make this for me I bought the sheet of chalkboard at Home Depot ($9.99) and then we used some old barn wood to frame it in.

 The bride is pretty non-traditional and so we had simple games. Guess the number of candies, find hidden rings and then we had pulled an envelope from our basket. I made all the mini chalkboard signs as well. I bought dollar store frames and took them apart. I painted the frame part with the same paint as the mason jars and then I bought chalkboard spray paint for the glass. Let them dry and then assembled them. We erased a few times and the chalkboard paint stayed great.
 I went back to my favorite letters from Joann Fabrics. The are under $5 and I just spray painted them. I love how the "G" turned out in the hammered silver.
 This was maybe my favorite little spot. We had everyone address an envelope such a time saver for the bride. I made the chalboard, threw the pens in a mason jar and used another vase I had at home. The silver tub? Was originally pink. I bought it at the Dollar store and then spray painted with hammered silver. I love how it turned out!
 More Joann letters. This made the bride cry and she will be using them at her wedding!
Overall it turned out how I had it pictured in my head so that's a win!