Weekend Re-cap

Weekends go by too fast. I say that we implement a 2 day work week 5 day weekend! Anyone with me?

Friday- I got out of work 2 hours early because I had an appointment. That went super fast and only took half an hour so then I headed over to Target! I needed new jeans in a bad way and since we were going out the next night I then needed a new outfit. I got the cutest jeans and shirt from Target. Sadly I could not find any boots I liked soooo I bought a couple more shirts! It was so nice to take my time in Target and not fight feeding times or naps or my hubby saying that he is hungry. I got 3 shirts, one pair of jeans, a gel nail polish kit, Almay CC cream, 2 pairs of pants for G, some undergarments for myself, and new make up brushes all for $116.00. Cartwheel which I wrote about in my 5 on Friday saved me $9.00. Plus you can stack cartwheel with target coupons so I saved over $30.00 on my shopping trip!Then I had to get supplies for the next night aka jello shots! I picked up a pizza on my way home and was off to see my boys. We relaxed and I started to get G's stuff ready for his overnight at Gigi's on Saturday.

Saturday- I woke up and hung out with G until we had to pick up my sister so she could spend the day with us and then go out in the limo! We feed G his bottle and then he went down for his long nap. We made the jell-o shots and got everything around for the limo. I got G all packed up and then when he woke up we got him dressed and fed him is bottle. After that it was off to the U-pick for some more apples. My mom met us there and just took Grayson home with her from there. We got back home around 3 and by that time Michael was home so we took a nap. 2 hours later we were all refreshed and then we got ready for the big night out. Had some dinner and then headed over to Chris and Tracy's. The limo was right on time and we went to surprise Marie! She cried when she saw all of us because she was just saying 2 seconds before we called her to come out that she had no friends and then there we all were in the parking lot ready to party down! It was a blast we hit 4 bars and there was plenty of dancing and boozing. Our limo driver was the bomb.com. It was a late night though we didn't crawl into bed until 3 am. That is what time Michael normally gets up to go to work so we felt it for sure.

Sunday we got up and went to breakfast at our local restaurant just Michael and me. It was nice to have some one on one time with my hubby. Then we went home and got the house ready for his party next weekend all while watching our Bill's win!!!! 2-2 baby I love it. We went to my mom's for dinner and to see our gorgeous baby. Oh how we missed him. I hate being a way from him for the night but it is nice to have some QT with the hubby.

Overall great weekend. This week consists of decorating the front porch and full on party planning mode!
Enjoy the day as much as anyone can enjoy a Monday back at work blah!


Friday 5

It's time for 5 on Friday



Guys try this fo' real. It's from Bath and Body Works. It smells so wonderful I cannot get enough of it! Plus I love the little mason jar ones!


, Brown, hi-res

How awesome are these. Now that we have cooler nights I have been dressing G in the comfy fleece jam's. He loves them


 The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record

I know I'm probably way late to the game but I just found these on amazon (it popped up in my "things you might like" section, the sucker me in every.single.time!) I got one for me and one for Michael and we will be working them into our night time routine.


 Cartwheel Logo

 You get more savings from Target and you can stack coupons with it? I'm so there!

This picture
Yes he fell asleep like that and stayed asleep through the grocery store holding that AND did not let it go until I took him out of his carseat at the doctors office. I mean how cute is a sleeping baby with a death grip on an elephant toy?

Happy Friday everyone!


6 month numbers

Grayson had his 6 month well visit yesterday
My boy is getting BIG, well he has always been big but he is getting bigger

We played while we waited for the Doctor......

Then my boy amazed me when getting his shots. Before she could even get the band aids on he was done crying and back to smiling. He did however wake up in the middle of the night screaming so I gave him some Tylenol and rocked him to sleep and he was back out within 5 mins.

I love our Doctors office. They are so friendly and they are relaxed which I love. They also give us formula when we go there because G is on the AR version of enfamil and they get free samples so they gave us those and $30 worth of coupons! Grayson is in the 90th percentile for height and 80th for his weight. The doctor said he is a good boy and is hitting all of his milestones. He told us that once he crawls and/or gets his first teeth to move him onto what they call 2nd foods. I cannot believe that he does not go back until he is 9 months now. Hopefully we make is the whole 90 days without any in between visits but with winter coming I know that is a lot to ask.
I'm just happy this healthy smiling little man is in my life!


So What Wednesday

I'm saying So What today

Life After I Dew

So What............

.....If still cry everytime I see someone else cry

....that if I didn't cook last night and we had cereal for dinner at least it was healthy cereal and not Fruit Loops.....yummmmm Fruit Loops

....If I'm leaving work early on Friday to go shopping for a new outfit for our night out on the town. My body is changing at a rapid pace and I want to look good for a night out with my man

....If I let Grayson talk in his crib for 30 mins so I could relax in bed a little bit longer. Some days I just need that extra time.

....I went out last night after our volleyball game and I was wearing yoga pants

....I'm nervous still every.single.time we go to the doctor's and G has to get shots. It breaks my heart when my baby boy has real tears (see first line and imagine the shit show that is us at the doctor's)

.....If I don't get all the rage that is PSL......I'm not a pumkin fan I much prefer a vanilla frap

.....I'm pinning wedding things on Pinterest like it is my JOB. I'm married and have been for 4 years however my friend is getting married and so I'm living through her.

.... I'm looking forward to baby free sleeping on Saturday night. I will miss my nugget but it's nice to sleep in once every 6 months


A very fall weekend

Friday- I grabbed my bambino from daycare and when I got home I took a nap! I needed it. Some weeks are just crazy. I had had a headache all day and closing my eyes for 45 mins was just what I needed. I woke up and felt amazing. Then we ordered food hung out put G to bed and then watched a movie. I slept like a rock that night.

Saturday- G woke up at 5 in the morning because well let's put this in a PG way he did is business. So I changed him and then put him back down. He finally fell back asleep at 6 and I went back to sleep for about an hour. I got up showered did a load of laundry and vacuumed the floors. Then we got ready to pick up Libby! Finally we got a day with her. We hung out at her house so MK and B could visit with G before we went about our day. Then we went grocery shopping and to Tim Horton's for breakfast. Then home. Gigi came by to see the kiddos and while she was there she put G down for a nap. Lib and I made apple crisp and decorated the house ( I will do another post with a mini tour). Grayson slept for 2 hours!!! So we got a lot done. By then Michael was home so we hung out and watched a movie. Then my brother and sister-in-law and B came for dinner we hung out and had a great time.

Sunday- G and I lounged around in the morning. He went back down for a 3 hour nap at 10:45 and I got a ton done. I made sauce, did the dishes, and scrubbed the bathroom. Then my parents came over. Sadly we closed our pool this weekend but with the weather staying steady in the 60's the pool is no longer getting used. My sister came over we all had spaghetti for dinner and apple crisp for dessert. It was delicious. Unfortunately our Bill's lost. And the Vikings lost so now I'm out of the sudden death pool. Here are some pictures from the weekend.



I'm thankful for.............

a healthy baby boy who smiles and lights up my world

a husband who works hard for our family and truly is our rock

my job because it helps our family and keeps me sane

my family they truly are such a great support system

our house, it's not our dream house but it keeps us warm and we have memories there

our friends who are like family and love my baby

 pictures because just looking at some of them takes me right back to how I felt in that moment

I'm thankful everyday that I wake up and get to enjoy the people that mean the most to me

I read this on the back of our church bulletin and it made me think. Last year around this time we were house hunting. Hoping to move before the baby came. Trying to be closer to work and move into a slightly bigger home with a more open floor plan. I just had it stuck in my head that I had to move and I began to hate the house we were living in, so much so that I thought I was in love with a certain house and we put in an offer. We had gotten an offer on our house so all seemed to be moving forward. Well some things happened with our buyers and they did not come through with the money it fell through and so 6 weeks before I was supposed to give birth our deal fell through. Here we were with an unprepared house and a baby on the way. I broke down. I got mad because I had prayed so hard for this house to happen.
Now looking back, it was silly. I didn't even really like the house we would be buying, plus we would have been farther away from my family. All these things I didn't see, or didn't want to see. God has a bigger plan, a better plan, the right plan. He knew I would need my mom to be close, he knew that we were giving up a yard and garage if we moved to that new house and that I was going to have a boy who needed those things. So today a write about what I'm thankful for. No my house is not my dream house but we will get it there because honestly I can't imagine living anywhere else.


My Friday 5

It's time for the link up with 5 on Friday
Here we go.............


Food Containers
Fresh N Freeze 2 oz Reusable Baby Food Containers 12 Pack
My mom got these for me when I told her I planned on making G's baby food. Well let me just say these rock. The caps screw on so you know they are on tight plus they all lock into each other and come with a locking base. It helps keep my freezer organized!! I'm thinking about ordering another set because they are such a breeze

Food Processor

Product Details

I got his a few years ago for my birthday and I have used it here and there but recently when making baby good it is amazing!! I love it!

Blog Post

This blog post. My baby is 6 months old and well that ranks as a pretty big deal in my book

This and These

I snatched them up from Zulily yesterday and then earned free shipping and ordered These

If anyone needs an invite here you go. It's free to join and I have gotten some great deals plus the kids stuff is to die for!

This Sangria needs to be made ASAP!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Blog name change

I changed the name of my blog because well today I got hit in the face with the fact that Baby Smith is just not so baby baby any more. And I really do blog about our family as a whole even though most of the spotlight is on that adorable being I call my son. So Simply the Smith's seemed good enought for me!

I know double post day but I just wanted to explain the name change and all!

Enjoy the day!

Half a year

I have had this wonderful little man in my life for HALF A YEAR!!!!! I just about die every time I think about it.

Dear Grayson.
Where do I even begin my sweet baby boy. Even at 6 months you are very sensitive. When someone is sad, so are you, when we are happy you have the biggest smile. I know it seems weird to say but you are very in tune with peoples emotions. Just the other day Momma got some sad news and was upset I know you could tell and you reached out and touched my face and gave me the best smile. All my sadness melted away and all was right in my world. You will be a helpful, selfless person when you grow up because you are already like that now. You are fiercely independent and like to play on your mat. However there are times where you just want to cuddle and we soak up those moments like a sponge.
You are also a big boy. We have your 6 month check-up on Monday so I will update with those stats when be get them but I'm guessing your a whomping 20 lbs by now. It's OK we love your chunk and rolls. Speaking of rolls you roll your way around. You are very close to crawling and I'm sure anytime now you will be zooming around. You eat cereal twice and day and veggies and fruit once a day. You get 4-5 bottles a day and you NEVER miss a meal. You started holding your own bottle this month and that may or may not have brought Momma to tears. Your acid reflux is 99% better and you just have small moments of spit up but no more than a teaspoon so we will take it. You are still sleeping through the night 90% of them time but when you do wake up it's usually only one time and you mostly self soothe.
We fear you are teething and that is the reason for the blood curdling screams in the middle of the night. But you always wake up in the morning happy greeting us with smiles and coos. Your in 9 month clothing and are pushing slowly into 12 months. It's all good because you look adorable in everything you wear. You have finally gotten on somewhat of a nap schedule usually we get 2 one hour naps a day and we roll with it when you sleep longer.  You have many nicknames and some of them make no sense but we love it. The list includes: G, Gray, Graycers, Gracerpants, Gracer the racer, G man, Moneybutt, Moneyunderpantsboy (that one is all your daddy), and bubbie lou (that one is all your momma).
Bottom line is baby boy you are loved so so much. Watching you learn and grow makes Momma and Daddy's heart overflow with love. You melt hearts with your nose scrunching smile and the way you wrap your hands around someones neck you can see how much it warms their heart. I know how blessed I am to be your Momma and watch you grow. I love you more than words can say baby boy!
Love Momma

The above picture is what happens when we sing to him he flings his arms around and rocks out!

Yup the dog just walked in the room and he is done looking at Momma for pictures

Don't you just love the blurry arms!!



I have faith and I know that it is not my place to judge anyone. People are free to do as they please as long as they are not harming anyone, or themselves.

However the other day I was judged.

I was buying my sweet almost 6 month old (Not until Thursday) baby formula at Target the other day. (BTW they run great specials where you get a $10 gift card if you buy so many containers of formula!) The lady next to me in the isle was buying breast pads. I smiled at her, like I do with all mom's, and she gave me a dirty look. My inner self was all "WTF beyotch" But I just looked away and went about putting my formula in my cart. I saw her moving closer and she came over to me and said " You know breast is best, shame on you for pumping your baby full of processed foods already". I stood there with my mouth open for a second and she started to walk away. I yelled out to her "Have a nice day".

I finished shopping still in shock that someone would be that rude! I got in the car and started crying to my husband on the phone. "I'm not a bad mom, I tried to breast feed him, We had issues, I tried really hard". He calmed me down enough that I could drive home and it got me thinking about mom's.

We are all trying to survive. I tried to breast feed. I did so successfully for a week. Grayson could not keep down my milk. He had issues (that we now know are acid reflux). Grayson also could not keep up with my supply. I got so engorged and had milk fever so bad that I was stuck in bed for 2 days. I could barley feed him and he had a hard time latching because I was so hard. It just did not work for us. Our pediatrician advised us at his first check up that he had lost more weight than was normal and that he was jaundice. We were advised to supplements with formula. That night as I was in tears and G would not latch my husband and I decided to try a bottle of formula. Grayson drank it down and did not spit up. He was happier and slept better. I did cry for 2 days straight about the decision to not breastfeed. Breast feeding was not for us. And that's OK.

The lesson I learned was don't judge. So what if the mother next to you has dried puke on her and bags under her eyes. Giver her a smile. She is surviving.We don't know each others stories so we should not judge. I know I'm not the perfect mother. However my child is well feed ( I mean boy does not miss a meal at 20 lbs.) He has clothes and a nice bed to sleep in. So what if I feed him formula. That does NOT make me a bad mom. It makes me his mom, the only one that knows in her gut what is right for us.

I'm proud of myself for not giving into her rude behavior. I'm sure she is a great Mom, and I will chalk it up to hormones and maybe her own frustration in breastfeeding, and sleep deprivation, and just the whole world turning upside down thing. I will give her a pass and know that I'm a good momma. My boy smiles, and we love him. And at the end of the day that is all I can do love him and follow my momma gut.


Layin down the weekend

Friday- Grabbed Grayson from daycare and headed to my Aunt's house. We went to say goodbye to my cousin who is leaving for the navy today. He is nervous but excited for the new chapter in his life. We promised him letters and pictures and I can't wait to see the man that this experience helps form. After we left there I grabbed dinner because once Friday comes I'm over cooking. Thank goodness I had the right mind to budget a take out night!!! We went home and snuggled up in some blankets while we watched a movie. Then I we put G down and Michael and I worked out. I'm really starting to see results from the shred!

Saturday- We got up and sent Libby Lou this picture......

Then we started to groove on some laundry and house chores. G went down for a nap and I vacuumed all the floors. Then we played are little hearts out until his afternoon nap. Then I just relaxed while he slept. Then Michael came home and we ate dinner and got ready for the birthday party. Libby got a rabbit and she loves it!!! Here are some pictures from the party

Watching football with Uncle Tommy

Sunday- We relaxed. And watched football of course.
G learned this new face.

Then decided to fix the wheel on his highchair

Then watched football with his best buddy.

Then we headed over to my parents house for stuffed peppers and apple cake for dessert. I meal planned and am going to do my shopping today. So far so good I'm sticking to my budget and our bank account is thankful.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have a wonderful Monday!

I just love this little boy!


5 on Friday

Linking up once again for the fabulous 5 on Friday!!!

Nylon Blanket
Product Details
We just ordered this for G and we love it. He has a play mat that he loves but he is on the move so much now that he rolls off of it with in .25 seconds. This blanket is big enough and easy to wipe down. Plus when he outgrows it, it turns into a cooler!!! I mean talk about double duty.

This shirt
Graphic Long-Sleeve Bodysuits for Baby

I cannot wait to put this on Grayson when he sees my dad next.  It is so rare to find something that says Papa and not Grandpa. I could not order this fast enough

Apples. I have been eating them everyday since we went apple picking and cannot wait to make an apple cake this weekend!

Fresh baked bread. A new shop called The Bread Basket opened and we walked in and got a loaf straight out of the oven! It smelled divine and tasted even better with our dinner. OK full disclosure it was my dinner! I can't wait to try the other goodies they have there.

This picture......be still my heart

Is there anything better than a sleeping baby.

Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend! And go Bills!


This weekend and then some

This weekend is busy like the rest.

Friday I'm pretty sure is free but as I type that I fear that the hubby may call saying "hey girl we got plans".
I really just want to pull out my fall decor Friday night and decorate. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Saturday- My baby girl Libby turns 8!!! I can't believe it. I remember when my sister-in-law went into labor with her. I mean I die every time I think about it. So we have her party on Saturday night. So Saturday is the clean and laundry marathon.

Sunday- Is football and shopping. Our dear friend is turning 21 and we are all going out in a limo!!! So I want to run to the store and get some fun "21" stuff for her. We go out on the 28th. Michael has the next day off and my mom will have Grayson. I'm excited for a night out without having to worry about driving home and getting up with a baby at the ass crack of dawn.

I had a light bulb moment the other day when thinking about Grayson. I'm trying really hard to stop saying things like. "I can't wait until he crawls, or walks, or talks, or waves goodbye." I neeeeeeed to stop wishing time away. Instead I'm trying to focus on the moment I'm in and enjoy the squishy baby I have in front of me at this moment.

I truly do love my life. I know I'm blessed. My husband and I have started a new routine at night by telling each other what made us feel blessed that day. I always use the word blessed because I remember a sermon from church a while back and the pastor said there is no such thing as luck it is purely about being blessed. So from that moment on I try to be conscious of using blessed not lucky.

The weather is supposed to be crap-tastic this weekend so I'm looking forward to bundling up in jeans and sweatshirts! Also crock pot meals!!!! And I'm in full party planning mode for my Michael's birthday. He wants a taco party so I'm just trying to figure out appetizers. Oh yeah and trying to stay in a $100.00 budget for food and drink. Bring on the coupons people because I'm bound and determined to get it done.


Hump Day

It's Wednesday!!! Half way through I can do it I can make it through.

Grayson woke up in the middle of the night last night screaming! Now normally this kid self soothes with the best of them but I'm afraid that teething may be the culprit so I gave him 2 Hylands teething tablets. They say they are instant but it took him a good half an hour to get back to sleep. He did stop crying right within minuets of taking them so I think they work.

I got my haircut last night and then we had volleyball so I feel like I did not get to see G at all. I can't wait to pick him up today and love on that baby.

I may not have mentioned this but my bestie is getting married in a year and it is starting to be wedding craziness. I know it's a year away but the good spots go that fast. So far she has the reception hall booked and rooms blocked off which I think is half the battle. I'm beyond excited for her.

Speaking of wedding I'm going to attempt to make her a personalized hanger. I know you can get them on etsy for $25 to $40 but I did some research and I think I can make it for about $6 so that is a pretty big savings.

2 more weeks of volleyball and then we are done. To be honest I'm ready for a break we have been playing every Tuesday since May and a break will be nice. However my mother still insists on having G for a few hours once a week all to herself so Michael and I will have to find something to do.


Tuesday Randoms


I have been getting up and working out before work and I love it. Still humping along on the 30 day shred.

In relation to that I hate Jillian Michaels but I love her we have a complicated relationship.

I get my hair cut today!!! And my eyebrows waxed! Praise the Lord because I'm starting to look like a sesame street character with my brows.

Speaking of hair I have long hair and I love it but recently G thinks it is his own personal jungle gym and likes to hang from it with both hands and his feet. So now my long hair must always be up when that monkey is around.

We went apple picking this weekend and I'm la loving having the fresh apples. We will be going back and getting more so make and freeze mini apple pies and make baby G some applesauce.

 It is warm out today!!! Squeezing out the last of the shorts weather. But by the weekend back into the 60's and low 50's yuck but at least I can put G in his vest again!

I love Blake Shelton nothing else needs to be said about that

Grayson is so much more aware. He has always been an alert baby but he has to touch everything now. It is so cute but also a pain because this includes my face and hair and sometimes he is not gentle.

G would not fall asleep last night because he could not take his eyes off of Monday night football. So we had to go upstairs and he was out within 30 seconds. Yup he is such a boy

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Weekend the re-mix

So Friday we relaxed. My sister stopped by to love on Grayson. She misses him since she is not with him 3 days a week at daycare. We played with G and then went into our bed time routine.

Saturday G slept until 7. Ate is bottle which he now holds on his own (insert small tear here because he doesn't need momma anymore) Then he was back asleep by 8:15. He never naps after is first bottle but momma rolled with it. I cleaned the living room top to bottom. Did 2 loads of laundry. Shower and drank my cup of coffee. He woke up at 9:50!!!! That is an almost 2 hour nap which was majorly awesome. Then we are cereal, got dressed and went shopping with Gigi. We hit up Maurice's so Gigi could get a few tops for school. I did not buy one thing!!!! So proud of myself sticking to my budget! Then we went to Target to get Libby's birthday presents because she will be 8 on 9/14. It seems like yesterday she was just born oh time slow the eff down.
Anywho a little side story, back at the end of June there was a water main break one street over from where my brother and sister-in-law live. Long story short their basement flooded and ruined a lot of the kids toys. Thankfully Lib's baby doll's were up stairs but all of her baby clothes were not.End of side story
So for her birthday I hit up the clearance rack at Target to snag some baby swag. I got her 4 outfits for her baby for $6.00. I also have a package of diapers to give her that we never used for G. She will be so excited. I also got her a cute little cardigan, and a couple t-shirts that were on sale for $1.50 a piece. Score and score. My mom of course went bat ish crazy and bought Gray 4 onsies and a pair of jimmy jams. Then we scooted over to Wegmans. I love this store but it is so far away so it is a treat to go. My hubby gave me a budget of $20.00 for the party and I only went over by $5.00. Which just so happened to be a few bottles of beer so it was OK. Grayson looked like this

Then we came home and hung out with daddy. It was just a great day.

Sunday was grandparents day so we had to send them this 

Then we went apple picking 

Then we came home G took a quick nap while I finished getting ready for Tracy and Christ to come over for some football!!!! Here is the good news bad news part. We did not take any pictures. Good because we were just in the moment enjoying family, bad because G looked way to cute in is Bills jersey. We had awesome food. Loaded nachos, loaded fries, chip and dip (Bison dip the only way we roll), meatballs subs, and hot dogs. Oh yeah and lots and lots of beer!!!! And even though our Bill's lost they played good and we will get the W next week. We are all still in our sudden death pool so bring on the pressure of picking another team! 
I checked off some of my September goals already so that was good. 
Happy Monday everyone!!!


5 on Friday

Linking up again for 5 on Friday Love it!!!


Sam Adams OctoberFest
My husband says that this is his beer because his birthday is in October so we drink it from the time it comes out until we run out. I'm talking we buy at least 3 cases of it! It just says fall to me!

Mike's Hard Smashed Apple Cider
I neeeeeeed to try this!!! I love me some apple cider

I mean football is here and the Broncos won their game which means my hubby is still in our sudden death pool!

I mean football is here and I'm loving being able to bust out all my red white and blue bills swag

I bought this hat for G and it fits perfect and I love it.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!