Weekend Re-cap

Weekends go by too fast. I say that we implement a 2 day work week 5 day weekend! Anyone with me?

Friday- I got out of work 2 hours early because I had an appointment. That went super fast and only took half an hour so then I headed over to Target! I needed new jeans in a bad way and since we were going out the next night I then needed a new outfit. I got the cutest jeans and shirt from Target. Sadly I could not find any boots I liked soooo I bought a couple more shirts! It was so nice to take my time in Target and not fight feeding times or naps or my hubby saying that he is hungry. I got 3 shirts, one pair of jeans, a gel nail polish kit, Almay CC cream, 2 pairs of pants for G, some undergarments for myself, and new make up brushes all for $116.00. Cartwheel which I wrote about in my 5 on Friday saved me $9.00. Plus you can stack cartwheel with target coupons so I saved over $30.00 on my shopping trip!Then I had to get supplies for the next night aka jello shots! I picked up a pizza on my way home and was off to see my boys. We relaxed and I started to get G's stuff ready for his overnight at Gigi's on Saturday.

Saturday- I woke up and hung out with G until we had to pick up my sister so she could spend the day with us and then go out in the limo! We feed G his bottle and then he went down for his long nap. We made the jell-o shots and got everything around for the limo. I got G all packed up and then when he woke up we got him dressed and fed him is bottle. After that it was off to the U-pick for some more apples. My mom met us there and just took Grayson home with her from there. We got back home around 3 and by that time Michael was home so we took a nap. 2 hours later we were all refreshed and then we got ready for the big night out. Had some dinner and then headed over to Chris and Tracy's. The limo was right on time and we went to surprise Marie! She cried when she saw all of us because she was just saying 2 seconds before we called her to come out that she had no friends and then there we all were in the parking lot ready to party down! It was a blast we hit 4 bars and there was plenty of dancing and boozing. Our limo driver was the bomb.com. It was a late night though we didn't crawl into bed until 3 am. That is what time Michael normally gets up to go to work so we felt it for sure.

Sunday we got up and went to breakfast at our local restaurant just Michael and me. It was nice to have some one on one time with my hubby. Then we went home and got the house ready for his party next weekend all while watching our Bill's win!!!! 2-2 baby I love it. We went to my mom's for dinner and to see our gorgeous baby. Oh how we missed him. I hate being a way from him for the night but it is nice to have some QT with the hubby.

Overall great weekend. This week consists of decorating the front porch and full on party planning mode!
Enjoy the day as much as anyone can enjoy a Monday back at work blah!