Let's talk about the 30 Day Shred

Ok so I have done 3 days now, and let me just say I think I'm in love!!!!

I try to go to the gym but the reality is right now that is tough with baby G so I wanted something that I could do at home and not take up a huge amount of time. This is the answer (for me anyway).

It is 20 minuets. You literally only need light hand weights. I love it!!! I can get up and do it before work which is awesome. Plus I feel it. I mean I was sweating so much. I'm from the old school that says you need to sweat for it to be a good work out.

I feel my body changing when I'm doing it. I love the simplicity and the way it is broken down. I will try to fit it in everyday but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up over it. If I can manage 5 days of working out I will be happy.

I have been doing the shred and then doing my 10 minute yoga after just to keep my muscles long and lean.

Here is something I have learned since having Grayson. Get it in while you can. I mean if I can do half an hour before work then it's already done and off my plate for the rest of the day. However if I have the opportunity to do another session later or even hit the gym after work, well that is just a bonus. But once I'm in the zone, I'm in it and hard core. I eat better, I sleep better, I just generally feel better.

Now there is a lot of talk about "clean" eating. I give huge kudos to anyone that can do this. I'm not at this point yet, and I honestly don't know if I ever will be. That being said I try to be conscious of what goes in my mouth.I meal plan my lunches and dinners and that even in just this week has stopped almost all of my mindless snacking.

So now that I have fallen in love with the shred I'm hoping I get my body back to where I like it in no time. And then it's a shopping spree for me!!!!