I'm thankful for.............

a healthy baby boy who smiles and lights up my world

a husband who works hard for our family and truly is our rock

my job because it helps our family and keeps me sane

my family they truly are such a great support system

our house, it's not our dream house but it keeps us warm and we have memories there

our friends who are like family and love my baby

 pictures because just looking at some of them takes me right back to how I felt in that moment

I'm thankful everyday that I wake up and get to enjoy the people that mean the most to me

I read this on the back of our church bulletin and it made me think. Last year around this time we were house hunting. Hoping to move before the baby came. Trying to be closer to work and move into a slightly bigger home with a more open floor plan. I just had it stuck in my head that I had to move and I began to hate the house we were living in, so much so that I thought I was in love with a certain house and we put in an offer. We had gotten an offer on our house so all seemed to be moving forward. Well some things happened with our buyers and they did not come through with the money it fell through and so 6 weeks before I was supposed to give birth our deal fell through. Here we were with an unprepared house and a baby on the way. I broke down. I got mad because I had prayed so hard for this house to happen.
Now looking back, it was silly. I didn't even really like the house we would be buying, plus we would have been farther away from my family. All these things I didn't see, or didn't want to see. God has a bigger plan, a better plan, the right plan. He knew I would need my mom to be close, he knew that we were giving up a yard and garage if we moved to that new house and that I was going to have a boy who needed those things. So today a write about what I'm thankful for. No my house is not my dream house but we will get it there because honestly I can't imagine living anywhere else.