Starting from last Thursday

Last Thursday was Grayson's 18 month check up. Michael got out of work early so he headed home to mow the lawn and get some outdoor things taken care of so I went on this mission solo.

I grabbed G from daycare and we ran to tops for some freezer containers and then went through the Tim Horton's (poor mans Starbucks here in WNY) for some water (for him) a fruit smoothie (for me) and a Tim Bit (donut hole). We got to the doctors and we were a few mins late and so I just grabbed my purse and a few toys and we headed into the office. Well we are in there waiting for James to come and what does my kid do? He poops!!! I sent a text to my husband freakig out and was just about to run out and grab his diaper bag when James came in.

Only my kid. Other than the #2 diaper Grayson is doing awesome. He is right on track developmentally and is perfect for height and weight. 25.5 pounds and 31.5 inches. He got a new book at the doctors that he loves and helped distract him from the flu shot. He cried for a little bit but other than that he was fine. Now we don't go back until he is 2!!!!!!! When did my baby get so big?

Anyway I get in the car and call Michael and I can tell from his voice immediately that something is wrong. On Thursday my father-in-law (Papa Joe) had a heart attack. He drove himself to the hospital in the morning because of chest pain (that he had been having since SUNDAY!!) and when he got there they confirmed that he did have a heart attack and had to transport him to a bigger hospital for an angiogram. He was transferred to Mercy Hospital and had the angiogram done right away. We got to the hospital right around 6:45 and were only there for a few mins when they said we could back and see him. He was still looped up but they had successfully put in a stint. He had a 99% blockage. It took us about 2 hours to get him in his room. We did not get home until after midnight and of course G got up at 4:30 so I headed to work with only 3 hours of sleep.

Friday I worked half a day and Michael picked me up and we went to the hospital. Papa Joe was feeling better but had a pretty serious talk with the doctor about some lifestyle changes he had to make (quit smoking!!) he agreed to them all and we got him set up with our primary care doctor since it had been 6 years since he had been to the doctor. We found out he had really high cholesterol and is borderline diabetic. All things that can be changed with diet. We left the hospital around 4 and headed to grab some dinner. Then we ran to Target and I got some new clothes since they were having a sale and we were trying to stay close to hospital waiting for the doctor to call regarding an appointment. After that we headed to my parents house to get Grayson. We gave him a bath there and then went home and crashed.

Saturday Michael went up to the hospital solo. Joe was coming home that day and we both decided that it would be best if one of us stayed with Grayson. I went to my mom's and we made homemade sauce. Joe was released and after going to two different pharmacy's to get his prescriptions Michael had him all settled. I ran home and grabbed Michael and then we went back to my parent's house for dinner.

Sunday we loaded up the lawn mower and went to Joe's to mow his grass and take care of the yard. Grayson and I walked the circle with Joe (he lived in the cute culdisac that is a full circle and my grandmother used to live in there as well so I grew up spending tons of time there and when we are there it's like coming home). He told me it finally hit him that he had a heart attack and that he was going to listen to the doctors. Huge relief. We got G home in time for lunch and nap and then we relaxed for a bit worked on laundry and once Grayson woke up we headed out for some apple picking which was a blast.

Today Michael is taking him to our primary doctor for a physical and getting him all set up. Plus he need a lot of screenings done.

I'm just to thankful that he is okay!

Here is to getting back into our normal routine and a semi quite week!


Mommy Moments

Having an 18 month old who really acts more like we are in the terrible two's can make for some tough moments.

Here are just a few I have experienced this week

When I'm changing Grayson's diaper and it's a #2 diaper and he decided mid clean up that he needs to grab himself. This results in me yelling NOOOOOOOOOO and then holding his dirty hand and trying to get a wipe and clean it up so I could finish the other clean up and then get him in the bathroom to scrub his hands. Twice.

When I get him is morning snack and I pour some puffs in a bowl and he throws him self on the kitchen floor and cries sobbing nononono. So I ask do you want yougurt melts and once I show him he says yesh plseze and all is right in his little world and I realize I just got bamboozeled by a 18 month old.

When we are in the grocery store and he has to put everything in the cart himself or a screech comes flying out of his mouth. I get to the checkout to find my back of chips underneath 5 jars of peanut butter and two mini pumpkins. Also there was some candy and a box of poptarts that he put in the cart without me seeing. That kid is a ninja.

When I go to pick him up from daycare and I say "hi Grayson!!!" he turns around looks at me throws up a quick wave and then it's right back to playing. Well geez kid just act like a teenager why don't you.

When he is in the bathtub dumping water over and over again on his tub book and laughing and then Daddy has the nerve to try and wash his dirty feet, a full on fit ensues because how dare we interupt his play time and actually do what a bath is intended for. To get clean.

For the most part my boy is sweet and cuddly however there are just those moments when he knows what he wants and boy does he let you know. He's testing us and we laugh later at how crazy opinionated and independant he is already.


18 Months-Grayson

Dear Grayson,

Hello my sweet boy. I love you! Every day with you gets better and better. You are so amazing and I'm beyond proud of the little man that you are.

You have officially moved up to the Toddler 1 room. You are the youngest in your class and moved up ahead of some of the waddler room kids because you no longer take a bottle (and haven't since you were 11 months old!) I drop you off in the morning and you are so so good. You walk in holding my hand and then I take your coat off and your on your way to play with all the toys. Everyday when I pick you up your teacher always tells me that you had an awesome day! It makes me so happy that you do well there. Besides your teachers are in love with you and everyone there knows your name and loves you.

The other day I picked you up to take you to a Dr's appointment and when we came back Mr.Dan was in your room helping with lunch. You let out the sweetest Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii and blew him a kiss. And when he came over to take you from me you went right to him and hugged him. It was such a sweet moment and Momma heard when she picked you up that Mr.Dan was bragging that Grayson went to him and blew him a kiss.

Speaking of Dr's they think you have seasonal allergies. Your too young to test and too young to go on medicine so we have just been running your cool mist and rolling with it.

You are now a talking machine. Your words include Hot!,Yesh (yes) What? This, all done, Elmo, Libby, hot, dog, octopus, momma, dada, papa, gigi, halli, please, up, puffs, hi, love you, riley, good boy, and tubby. You attempt every word we ask you to say but sometimes it just comes out bdkfdjdao. You know a lot of animal sounds like elephant, lion, bee, cow, snake, dog, cat, and duck. We are working on frog and monkey.

You are very nosey because you walk around pointing to everything going dis? (this) and I tell you and will just point to the next thing. It's awesome watching your mind grow. You now lay down on your own when it's time to get your diaper changed and you throw out your diaper and when we ask if you pooped you point to your diaper. I'm thinking potty training is on the horizon. Your sleep is the same your down between 7:30 and 7:45 and your up anywhere between 4 and 5:30 if it's really early you will sleep with Momma for a little bit.

The whole eating thing is still a mystery. You eat like a champ 3 days a week at daycare and then refuse most of the food at home. You still eat healthy things at home just no meat. But your still growing so I'm not letting it worry me too much.

You still looooooooove reading and climbing and touching everything that is not yours. You like to help and so I let you as much as I can. You are obsessed with Owls and so we have a few around. You like to kiss them which is just adorable. When you get excited about something you gasp in the cutest way and get the best surprised face ever.

Bottom line baby we love you we are proud of you and I cannot wait to keep going through this life with you!
I will love you forever
Your Momma


Weekend wrap up

It's Monday which means back to the daily grind of work and not having enough hours in the day. 
Here is a little bit of what we were up to this weekend

Friday- Grayson decided that he was going to be a teenager and act like he didn't hear me trying to wake him up

He woke up at 5:15 and so I went into get him and brought him in bed with me for snuggles well he fell back asleep and then acted like he couldn't hear me calling his name. He is so cute though! Friday after work we went to dinner with my Grandma and while the food was not the best and it took way to long to get our food it was good to see family.

Grayson and I just hung out at home. It was nice day so we got outside for a little bit of fresh air but then the wind picked up so we headed back inside for some very important phone calls hahaha

My Mom and Aunt stopped by to sugar my kid up and then after that he had lunch and was down for a nap. Michael got home at 1:30 (which is early for him) and so we just hung out on the couch and relaxed just the two of us. Sure we had a to-do list a mile long but it was nice to just watch mindless TV and be together.
Once Grayson woke up we were on the go picking up the house and doing laundry. I went through G's clothes and pulled out almost all of his 12 month clothes (a few t-shirts still fit).

Sunday- It was super duper rainy in the morning so it was all snuggles and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It started to clear up but again with the wind! So I took Grayson upstairs with me and put all of his clothes into bins to be put in the attic. Now I just have to label them and have the hubby put them away.
When Michael got home I started putting up all my fall decor (pictures later) and decided to hang up a few things that I had for a gallery wall ( I'm not sure it qualifies as that but for lack of a better word we will call it that)
Monkey see Monkey do. He tried climbing on that chair a million times to "help Dada" which in Grayson language sounds like hupa daaaada!!!!!!

Final product and I love it! (The S looks crooked I fixed it and went to take another picture but got distracted #momlife)
Overall it was a great weekend and I love spending time with my boys. Tonight I have a ton of errands after work and we have a busy week coming up!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday Favorites- This, That and The Other Thing Edition

Friday is here once again and after a week of exhaustion I'm ready for a no plans weekend

I'm linking up with Andrea again for some Friday Favorites.

Seriously I love this link up no limits just sharing favorite things!


I ordered G's Halloween costume. Last year he was a baby (he will always be my baby) and so I went super cutsey with the elephant which by the way I still die over I have it packed away in hopes to use it for baby #2. (some day in the future no baby #2 planned as of yet)

Anyway this year my nephew who is 2 years older than Grayson is going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (turtles in a half shell!) and he requested that Grayson be one too so I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered Michaelangelo (the orange one) for G. I got it on amazon for $17.00 and with my prime I got it in one day!!! It is super cute and I can't wait to see him trick or treating in it this year!
Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Romper Shell and Headpiece, Green, Toddler

Andrea talked about these cuffs on her blog a few days ago and so I decided to just browse the shop well I bought one of her awesome cuffs and I can't wait to get it. She is only open until the 24th so jump on it while you can!!! I had mine stamped with "like red on a rose" which is one of my favorite lyrics from our wedding song. Go check out Farmgirl Paints now! 

These no bake energy bars are ahhhhhhh-mazing. I love how simple they are. Really I made them in 5 mins. However it does not last long in my house (like a day and a half) So I will double it next time and I'm thinking about adding in some raisins!!!

Tuesday Michael had a haircut so it was just me and G at home for about an hour after I got home from work and we played outside. It was awesome and as I was throwing the Frisbee for Riley and my sweet boy kept yelling "Good Boy! Good Boy" when Riley would catch it. It was so sweet and by far my favorite moment from the week. 


I'm lucky enough to still have my Grandmother (on my dad's side) still here with us and she is going to be 89 in October. Tonight we will be heading to the Elk's club by her house for a fish fry and some family time. I love the sweet moments with her and Grayson and am so happy that he got to meet at least on of his Great Grandparent's.


This post is a little late because I was busy ordering plates and utenils for Grayson! He has graduated from his highchair to eating at the table with us!! So plates, placemats and forks here we come!
I ordered these, these and these from Pottery Barn kids. Oh yeah I also got the Rudlph Christmas plates and the candy cane fork and spoon set! I love festive things for kids! I mean look at how awesme the plates look!

Happy Friday everyone!


Wonderful Wednesday

It's Wednesday which is my busy day at work.

This week has been full of ups and downs and it is only half way through.

I decided to post the ups of the week to help with all the other stuff

1- Grayson is spewing words left and right. I have full list that I plan to post in is 18 (!!!!!!) month update.

2- The cooler weather brings longer outside time. Since it's not a billion degrees here anymore and New York fall weather is the perfect to be outside we have been spending our evenings outside playing on the swing set and throwing Riley the Frisbee

3-I have been sticking with my workouts 6 days a week. I love the way I feel after but getting there is half my battle. It is a constant "just do it and get it over with" battle in my head now if I could get my eating more in check!

4- I have budgeted like crazy this month and at the halfway mark we are way ahead which means more debt will be going away! It's an awesome feeling

5- My sweet niece turned 9 and we had a wonderful party just family at my brother on Sunday. I told her it's her last birthday because I don't want her to go into double digits.

That is all for now

Happy Wednesday!!!


A day in my life!!!

These float around blog land all the time so I figured why not?

The say is September 11, 2014. Grayson is (almost)18 months old.

3:35 am- My alarm goes off. It's not for me it's for Michael, I make sure he is up and roll back over. I have set a backup alarm for him since we got married and it goes off Wednesday through Sunday. He gives me a kiss and tucks me back (I know it's weird it's just our thing that he makes sure I'm all snuggled in)

4:23- I hear G on the monitor and just as I'm about to drag myself to his room I hear him settle down. Back to sleep for both of us. I also make a mental note to move my photos onto my computer because ahhhh I'm out of storage!

5:18- 2 minuets before my alarm Grayson is up for good. I go in his room and grab him for a few min's of snuggles in my bed.

5:30- Michael calls to make sure we are awake. We talk about his route for the day what time he expects to be out and how late Grayson slept.

5:40- Back into G's room we go to get his clothes for the day and kiss his owl bank 100 3 times and head downstairs

5:45- It's snack and water for Grayson while watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I feed Riley, start my coffee and pick out my outfit.

6:00- I get dressed, do my hair, and makeup. Pack my food up for the day make my coffee ( I had to use Michael's to-go mug since I forgot mine at work the day before) and then pack up the car. I always check on Grayson before I throw the stuff in the car just to make sure he is still mesmerized by Mickey and not pulling every tissue out of the box.

6:15- It's time to dress G dressed. He watches Mickey while I change is diaper and get him dressed and put his shoes on. He throws out his diaper and we get out Riley's treat for the day ( our dog is spoiled and gets a treat every time we leave the house) I let Riley in we give him the treat and head out the door.

6:18- In the car and ready to go to daycare. It's super dark this morning so no picture in the car but G just chills in the back and we call Michael and talk to him all the way to work. I'm halfway to work and my gas light dings I have to go out of the way a little to fill up but I am ahead of schedule.

6:38-We pull into daycare and our new favorite song is on. Gonna Wanna Tonight by Chase Rice. I ask G if he wants to go to school and shakes is head yes and points to the school I get him out of his car seat and kiss him good bye. I do it now because he either freaks out when I leave or ignores me so we say our goodbyes in the parking lot. I carry him inside the first set of doors and set him down while I sign him in ( we have a super secure daycare that requires a finger print scan and a password to log a child in and open the door to the school, and only parents/ guardians can have a finger print scan so everyone else must get buzzed and show ID to pick up a child)

6:40- I get G to his class room and he just lets go of my hand and runs in to start playing with the older kids that are in there. This part makes my Momma part proud and sad a little he is so independant already

6:43- I get to work. It's so nice that it is right down the road.

6:45 I open up the building and get upstairs and turn my computer on and then go back down to make coffee. I check e-mails and make my list for the day.

7-3:30- I work, it's pretty boring and most of what I do deals with confidential information so no pictures for this chunk of time. I will say I work in a casual, small office so it's nice that I can wear jeans and t-shirts everyday and my schedule is flexible although I operate at a 7:00-3:30 98% of the time. However when things come up like Dr's appointments I can work it out and be able to go.
(I'm so not a fashion blogger and this was my attempt at an outfit pick lol, please note the monster on my bathroom floor #boymom)

3:33- I get G from school.

Snack time is at 3:30 so I generally show up just before or during so we take snack to go today it was oatmeal cookies and he loved it so much but he was a total mess 

4:05 We get home and there is a package it's Grayson's owl 
Ok so here is the story on the Owl. When I was little my Papa got me an owl bank that said "be wise save" My parents found this bank when they were remodeling the upstairs and gave it to me to put in Grayson's room. I love it because it's a piece of my Papa that he has never gotten to meet. Anyway he loves this thing. He has to kiss it everytime we go in the room and now he has started to want to carry it around, only problem it's ceramic so after a brutal melt down because he wanted to sleep with the Owl bank I bought him and Owl stuffed animal for him to be able to carry around and have in his crib with him.

I light my candle and get started on dinner. 

5:00-We had meatloaf and rice and I didn't take a single picture. #bloggerfail

5:30- We get our picks in for football for the week and send in our picks for our sudden death pool.

6:00- T-25 today. I workout while the boys go upstairs and play guitar
6:30- I jump in the shower because I'm super gross after that workout

6:40-I'm out of the shower and the boys are back downstairs. Grayson is running around with is owl and watching Doc McStuffins. We hang out and read books

7:00 It's Tubby time for G and I am left with the aftermath of the night. I pick up and start to get things around for the next day

7:25- He is out of the tub and all dressed for bed. He finishes his milk and we head upstairs for bed.

7:30- He is in bed and so am I. Michael and I watch TV and catch up on our day

8:47 and it's lights out for me.

Hope everyone enjoyed!!! I plan to do a weekend day soon too since it is so different!


Friday Favorites- Football/Fall Edition

The weather this last week is officially fall. I love it. I love hoodies and jackets but still being able to wear my flip flops! I'm sure our Indian summer will still come but for now I'm lighting my candles and snuggling in my blankets.

Now onto my Favorites!

I'm linking up with Andrea so lets get started!


Best football moment 
Our Bills WON!!!!! I love love love Football and on Sunday's it is on from 12:30 in the afternoon until we go to bed at night. It was a little bit of a nail biter but we took the W in overtime and I'm hoping that we keep the momentum going. 

Our Bills officially have new owners!!!! It was a sad day in Buffalo when Ralph Wilson passed away. He was the only owner our Billy Goats had ever had and so there were a lot of fears that when they were sold they would be leaving our beloved city. So thankful that Mr. Pegula (who owns the Buffalo Sabres as well) had the winning  bid and pending final NFL commission approval our Bills will remain in Buffalo and we could not be happier!

I'm loving these comfy's for the cooler weather we are having now to convince my husband that I need them!
Buffalo Bills ’47 Brand Womens Pep Rally Pants – Royal Blue

Favorite Fall moment this week was getting to have all my fall candles going and smelling the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin wafting through my house. I cannot get enough of that candle!

And last but not least getting to put G in his new kicks and fall jacket! He looks way to grown up for my liking but so cool at the same time. 

Happy Friday everyone!


Weekending on a Tuesday and other random things

It was short work week which was awesome.

When Friday hit I was ready for some R&R.

Friday we had leftovers for dinner. Since we are in a no spend month we have opted to not have takeout Friday's anymore, unless we have a gift card or it comes out of our grocery budget. So leftover taco's it was on Friday. Then I had to get a workout in and Michael wanted to do it with me so we waited until the little went to bed. Holy Cow PiYo Buns kicked my bootie. I was sore and soaked but a good sore. I slept like a baby that night..

Saturday- We were up early since Grayson does not believe in sleeping in. I decided that  BJ's run was needed since we were down to 2 rolls of paper towels. My Mom decided to come with us which is always fun and helpful. Plus those two are just crazy about each other. I got a great deal on diapers, wipes, paper towels and I scored a new Buffalo Bills t-shirt for my hubby. We got home just in time for lunch and naps which he slept for 3 hours!!!! I caught a little snooze as well and picked up some things around the house. We had waffles for dinner and G refused to eat anything so he didn't have dinner. I'm thinking maybe we need to end the afternoon snack? But then he would go without any thing from 12 until 5. Anyway after he went to bed I worked out it was T-25 this day and wow just wow thank goodness it is only 25 minuets.

Sunday was relaxing and once G was down for his nap I settled in for laundry and football! When Michael came home we rushed over to my parents to finish watching out Bill's beat the Bears!!!!! It was a great way to start the season and we can still hold out hope that this year is our year.

Over all it was a wonderful weekend.

So I mentioned above a no spend month. We have cut out our extra crap for the month and have budgeted even tighter than normal. Our Friday night eat out nights are saving us $110.00 a month!!! Plus I have committed to hardcore couponing and have already shaved $150.00 off our grocery budget. All this extra will go towards getting our debt paid down and we are stocking up on food and hoping that we can do a month of groceries on $80 one month and really save some $$$$.

Happy Tuesday!


A different kind of night

Last night Michael went to play guitar so after dinner that left me alone with Grayson. I'm super blessed because this happens 2 maybe 3 times a month so when be does go I just suck it up.

So last night after dinner Michael left and Grayson and I got to playing. We read a million books he ran like a crazy person from the dining room back to the living room and then repeat. He dumped his shoe bin and ripped every book off his shelf.

He started losing it around milk time (6:30) so I got his sippy and turned on Mickey. Normally this is when I start to pick up but since it was just me and my boy I snuggled him on the couch.With an (almost)18 month old snuggles are few and far between because my boy is always on the go.

Then into the bath we went. We put almost every bath toy in the tub had lots of bubbles and sang silly songs. Then we got our comfy's on and up to bed he went. I came back down and decided I had earned a little treat so I had a handful of M&M's. Then I jumped in the shower.

As I was getting ready to head up to bed I remembered I had not picked up any of our mess. The dining room was trashed and so was the living room. But on this night I let it go. The mess would be there tomorrow. I was ready to go up stairs and relax for once while watching my new obsession Jersey Belle.

I'm not going to lie it sucked a little bit waking up and having the house be trashed but I smiled remembering the memories we made and the few moments of peace and quiet I had.


Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was awesome. It always takes me a while to adjust after being away from home so this long weekend came at a perfect time.

Friday night was our 5 year anniversary and my sweet husband made me dinner. Fillet Mignon and homemade potato chips. It's my favorite meal he cooks so when he asks me what I want for a special meal that's what I choose. We had some wine and just hung out with G. It was perfect.

Saturday was a day just for me and my boy. It was hot hot hot so we stayed inside and just hung out. We played and read a million books it was wonderful. When he took a nap so did I. Then we got up and waited for Michael to come home.

Sunday was another scorcher here and so we played outside in the early morning and then after his nap we went apple picking! I mean I die over these pictures of my sweet baby

Monday my sister came over for the day and Michael and I went on a 4 wheeling ride. We rode over 30 miles, fell in a huge mud puddle once and got stuck once but it was a blast!

Last night I went and got my haircut and picked up pizza for dinner and since it was gloomy and rainy it was just what the doctor ordered. I started a new fitness challenge that is a hybrid between Piyo and T-25 and I'm so excited about it!

Happy Hump Day everyone!