Wonderful Wednesday

It's Wednesday which is my busy day at work.

This week has been full of ups and downs and it is only half way through.

I decided to post the ups of the week to help with all the other stuff

1- Grayson is spewing words left and right. I have full list that I plan to post in is 18 (!!!!!!) month update.

2- The cooler weather brings longer outside time. Since it's not a billion degrees here anymore and New York fall weather is the perfect to be outside we have been spending our evenings outside playing on the swing set and throwing Riley the Frisbee

3-I have been sticking with my workouts 6 days a week. I love the way I feel after but getting there is half my battle. It is a constant "just do it and get it over with" battle in my head now if I could get my eating more in check!

4- I have budgeted like crazy this month and at the halfway mark we are way ahead which means more debt will be going away! It's an awesome feeling

5- My sweet niece turned 9 and we had a wonderful party just family at my brother on Sunday. I told her it's her last birthday because I don't want her to go into double digits.

That is all for now

Happy Wednesday!!!