18 Months-Grayson

Dear Grayson,

Hello my sweet boy. I love you! Every day with you gets better and better. You are so amazing and I'm beyond proud of the little man that you are.

You have officially moved up to the Toddler 1 room. You are the youngest in your class and moved up ahead of some of the waddler room kids because you no longer take a bottle (and haven't since you were 11 months old!) I drop you off in the morning and you are so so good. You walk in holding my hand and then I take your coat off and your on your way to play with all the toys. Everyday when I pick you up your teacher always tells me that you had an awesome day! It makes me so happy that you do well there. Besides your teachers are in love with you and everyone there knows your name and loves you.

The other day I picked you up to take you to a Dr's appointment and when we came back Mr.Dan was in your room helping with lunch. You let out the sweetest Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii and blew him a kiss. And when he came over to take you from me you went right to him and hugged him. It was such a sweet moment and Momma heard when she picked you up that Mr.Dan was bragging that Grayson went to him and blew him a kiss.

Speaking of Dr's they think you have seasonal allergies. Your too young to test and too young to go on medicine so we have just been running your cool mist and rolling with it.

You are now a talking machine. Your words include Hot!,Yesh (yes) What? This, all done, Elmo, Libby, hot, dog, octopus, momma, dada, papa, gigi, halli, please, up, puffs, hi, love you, riley, good boy, and tubby. You attempt every word we ask you to say but sometimes it just comes out bdkfdjdao. You know a lot of animal sounds like elephant, lion, bee, cow, snake, dog, cat, and duck. We are working on frog and monkey.

You are very nosey because you walk around pointing to everything going dis? (this) and I tell you and will just point to the next thing. It's awesome watching your mind grow. You now lay down on your own when it's time to get your diaper changed and you throw out your diaper and when we ask if you pooped you point to your diaper. I'm thinking potty training is on the horizon. Your sleep is the same your down between 7:30 and 7:45 and your up anywhere between 4 and 5:30 if it's really early you will sleep with Momma for a little bit.

The whole eating thing is still a mystery. You eat like a champ 3 days a week at daycare and then refuse most of the food at home. You still eat healthy things at home just no meat. But your still growing so I'm not letting it worry me too much.

You still looooooooove reading and climbing and touching everything that is not yours. You like to help and so I let you as much as I can. You are obsessed with Owls and so we have a few around. You like to kiss them which is just adorable. When you get excited about something you gasp in the cutest way and get the best surprised face ever.

Bottom line baby we love you we are proud of you and I cannot wait to keep going through this life with you!
I will love you forever
Your Momma