Mommy Moments

Having an 18 month old who really acts more like we are in the terrible two's can make for some tough moments.

Here are just a few I have experienced this week

When I'm changing Grayson's diaper and it's a #2 diaper and he decided mid clean up that he needs to grab himself. This results in me yelling NOOOOOOOOOO and then holding his dirty hand and trying to get a wipe and clean it up so I could finish the other clean up and then get him in the bathroom to scrub his hands. Twice.

When I get him is morning snack and I pour some puffs in a bowl and he throws him self on the kitchen floor and cries sobbing nononono. So I ask do you want yougurt melts and once I show him he says yesh plseze and all is right in his little world and I realize I just got bamboozeled by a 18 month old.

When we are in the grocery store and he has to put everything in the cart himself or a screech comes flying out of his mouth. I get to the checkout to find my back of chips underneath 5 jars of peanut butter and two mini pumpkins. Also there was some candy and a box of poptarts that he put in the cart without me seeing. That kid is a ninja.

When I go to pick him up from daycare and I say "hi Grayson!!!" he turns around looks at me throws up a quick wave and then it's right back to playing. Well geez kid just act like a teenager why don't you.

When he is in the bathtub dumping water over and over again on his tub book and laughing and then Daddy has the nerve to try and wash his dirty feet, a full on fit ensues because how dare we interupt his play time and actually do what a bath is intended for. To get clean.

For the most part my boy is sweet and cuddly however there are just those moments when he knows what he wants and boy does he let you know. He's testing us and we laugh later at how crazy opinionated and independant he is already.