Weekending on a Tuesday and other random things

It was short work week which was awesome.

When Friday hit I was ready for some R&R.

Friday we had leftovers for dinner. Since we are in a no spend month we have opted to not have takeout Friday's anymore, unless we have a gift card or it comes out of our grocery budget. So leftover taco's it was on Friday. Then I had to get a workout in and Michael wanted to do it with me so we waited until the little went to bed. Holy Cow PiYo Buns kicked my bootie. I was sore and soaked but a good sore. I slept like a baby that night..

Saturday- We were up early since Grayson does not believe in sleeping in. I decided that  BJ's run was needed since we were down to 2 rolls of paper towels. My Mom decided to come with us which is always fun and helpful. Plus those two are just crazy about each other. I got a great deal on diapers, wipes, paper towels and I scored a new Buffalo Bills t-shirt for my hubby. We got home just in time for lunch and naps which he slept for 3 hours!!!! I caught a little snooze as well and picked up some things around the house. We had waffles for dinner and G refused to eat anything so he didn't have dinner. I'm thinking maybe we need to end the afternoon snack? But then he would go without any thing from 12 until 5. Anyway after he went to bed I worked out it was T-25 this day and wow just wow thank goodness it is only 25 minuets.

Sunday was relaxing and once G was down for his nap I settled in for laundry and football! When Michael came home we rushed over to my parents to finish watching out Bill's beat the Bears!!!!! It was a great way to start the season and we can still hold out hope that this year is our year.

Over all it was a wonderful weekend.

So I mentioned above a no spend month. We have cut out our extra crap for the month and have budgeted even tighter than normal. Our Friday night eat out nights are saving us $110.00 a month!!! Plus I have committed to hardcore couponing and have already shaved $150.00 off our grocery budget. All this extra will go towards getting our debt paid down and we are stocking up on food and hoping that we can do a month of groceries on $80 one month and really save some $$$$.

Happy Tuesday!