Along with most of  blog land I will be MIA for the rest of the week because I will be

Stuffin my face

Soaking up time with my family

Having a date night with my husband

Shopping for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

Watching my nugget's eyes get big when the tree lights up for the first time.

Stuffing and mailing out my Christmas cards (yes I already have them and my envelopes are addressed thanks to Minted. The link will get you $25.00 off of your order! and they print the addresses for you!)

Next week I will share my Christmas card!!! I look at them everyday and always say awww and then my husband looks at my like I have 5 heads and just says women.
I love the holiday's. They make my heart happy. I'm excited because it's our first year with Grayson and I'm so excited to start traditions with him.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that if you are traveling that you make it there and back safe.


The weekend on a Tuesday

So I still didn't get the family pictures that we took from my dad because I suck like that.

Friday- Michael called me at work and told me he had a surprise. I'm a brat and made him tell me on the phone. He switched his days off of work so now he would have Sunday off with us and have to work Tuesday. The first thing out of my mouth is "What will you be doing with Grayson while you are at work?" He of course didn't think of that so he called daycare they could take him and all was good. Then he told me I hurt his feelings because I didn't act excited. But I'm a planner and once we knew G's daycare was set I was over the moon! Having a day off with my boys is like gold to me since it hardly ever happens. So we went home on Friday and ate left overs and cuddled my perfect night.

Saturday- I made my two pies (lemon meringue and chocolate) for our Thanksgiving bash on Sunday while Grayson was sleeping. Thank goodness he gives me 2 good hours. Michael came home and we packed up and headed to my parents house. We have a tradition that we make the stuffing, peal the potatoes, and stuff the turkey the night before. My niece Libby was there to help and it was a blast. We got all of our prep work done and had dinner together. I love spending the holiday's with my family.

Sunday- I woke up with my boys!!!! It was amazing. We got morning cuddles. Michael made me breakfast (cinnamon rolls our tradition) and we relaxed. Then I made my deviled eggs showered and we were at my mom's house by noon. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. We have such a good time together laughing, joking, eating, taking pictures, wrangling the kids. We celebrate Thanksgiving the Sunday before with my brother and grandma that way it cuts down on the stops on  Thursday. I love having a day separate that we don't have to rush.

Yesterday was crazy at work but I got it done. Now they are calling for a snow storm tonight 8-12 inches blah so I'm hitting the grocery store for essentials tonight after work and then hoping the weather man is wrong.

Happy Tuesday!


10 random things about me (stories included)

I will do a full weekend re-cap tomorrow. But I have to get pictures from my dad and today is one crazy day at work as in I have to what normally takes me 3 days in one day so yeah.

Let's preface this by saying I'm a weirdo of epic proportions and that my husband is a saint for dealing with me.

1- If I get home and it's dark out. I run to the door and lock it behind me as fast as I can I always park super close to the door, unlock it first then hurry hurry hurry to get G out of his car seat and then I run into the house he smiles like it's a game but I'm crapping my pants. I have this strange fear that someone is waiting for me in the woods and is going to strong arm the door open personnap me and kidnap my child.

2- I could eat a whole chocolate cake by myself. Fun fact when I was pregnant I once at 2 whole cans of frosting in a weekend. I then shocked myself when I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors a week later.

3- I hear noises in the house every night to the point that I get up go downstairs and check the locks on the doors. Also if I'm home alone you bet your bottom dollar and your top one that those doors are always locked. I'm not insane it's just one time at band camp when I was 18 a guy (who claims is father built the house, which die, it was built in 1906 and he was like 45 it didn't add up to me but then again I'm bad at math) blocked my car in the driveway and proceeded to circle the house and even enter the house.After he came in the house he goes back outside and starts yelling at the house "why did you do this to me you bastard, how could you!" and drops to his knees and starts ripping grass out. I was upstairs with my cell phone crying to my mom and the police officer who works at her school. Finally the cops show up thank gawd and then they bring him to the door! And just let him go because he was crying, now this creep knows what I look like. So it put the fear of God in me and now I'm a freak

4- I love to cook but am a disaster in the kitchen. What I make always tastes good but for some reason I feel the need to use every dish in the house and it looks like tornado has gone through the kitchen.

5- I love doing laundry putting it away on the other hand blah. But I do it anyway or we live out of baskets for a few weeks until they are all used up and then I go into crazy person mode and must put away all the laundry in the house.

6- I cry and freak out over the dumbest things. Example- I went to the store and did my grocery shopping trip my husband had reminded me 953218489 times to get yogurt. I called him so proud of the money I saved he then asked about the yogurt. I had forgotten it and then I cried the whole way home because I had let him down and I'm the worst wife eva.

7- I married my husband after only knowing him for a year. We got engaged after 4 months of dating. People put bets that we wouldn't make a year. Well jokes on them we have been married for 4 years and have one giant child so poop on them. My husband says it would be financially beneficial for us to divorce and so now when he does something dumb I threaten to divorce him and he agrees. I have lost all my power.

8- I'm a weirdo about parties at my house. I cringe when people ask to bring things so most of the time I say just yourself I have everything covered. Here is why A- no one makes it the way I want them to(control freak) B- they don't bring what I want them too so I end up with 10 pans of brownies and only taco meat with no fix ins.

9- I like even numbers. My volume has to be at an even number. When I eat candy- has to be an even number. I get this from my dad he is the same way.

10- I have to put the grocery's on the belt. I have a certain way that I do it. Heavy things first(milk laundry soap, cans) then boxes(cereal, cake mix) then cold stuff (cheese, meat) then bread veggies and eggs. If it goes any other way I have a mini panic attack. I also watch them put things in the bag. I do NOT want my baby food in the same bag as my toilet cleaner something about it makes my heart race.

Hopefully that list makes someone feel normal, because now I realize I need a therapist and medication.


Friday 5

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

It's that time again to link up with Darci and the girls......


Product Details

I picked this up for Grayson the other day so that he could graduate from the baby tub. He loves the room and thinks it's fun to try and crawl in the tub.


This website has all the black friday ads!!! I'm more of a need to see it in front of me in my hand kind of girl but I have still been checking them out!


Product Details

One week from today (as dictated by the Christmas police aka my husband) this soap will be on all my sinks and the candles will be burning!


Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long Sleeve Shawl Cardigan - Assorted Colors

I picked this up at Target for out updated family pictures for my parents family wall. We take them every other Thanksgiving and it's the first one that Grayson will be in! This sweater is light weight which is good beacuse it turns into a hot box at my parents house on holidays.

In breaking news I made up with Jillian Michaels yesterday. Her and I broke up. We hit a rough patch. She didn't understand that having a sick baby and sick husband left little time with her. But I sweet talked her with my crooked smile and a few winks and I had her when I told her that I would NOT "phone it in". However after those 20 minuets with her I remeber why we broke up and I'm boycotting her again. Until tonight when I have to pull pants over my muffin top and then I will hang out with her again.

Happy Friday!!!!



Today I'm free ballin writing so it may get a little crazy because lets face it I'm crazy.

So I think Grayson is having what most would classify as a sleep regression. I have read a few articles (like one really) and all signs point to baby boy have separation anxiety.

Hello when did that happen? I mean this kid used to just fall asleep during his bottle and I could burp him while walking him upstairs lay him down and boom he was asleep for the night. Now for the past week he will fall asleep on you (while holding your bottom lip) but as soon as you lay him down he wakes up and cries. Pick him back up and he is asleep. Ugh I will be honest I cried in the hallway outside his door for a good 10 minuets last night. The ugly cry. I knew he was tired but he would not stay asleep. He was not hungry, he had a clean diaper, it was warm in his room, I just could not figure it out. I let him cry 10-15 minuets at a time and then would go in and give him a binky and pat him on the back he would fall asleep as long as I was touching him as soon as I would lift my hand off of his back he would start to fuss. Finally we got him to sleep without picking him up and he slept through the night. I guess he just needs to learn how to fall asleep on his own. These are the times my husband looks at me and says "one and done babe" to which I threaten to divorce him because I will have 2 babies!

Speaking of my husband he drives me crazy. In a good way I guess. He has Monday and Tuesday's off so I usually ask him to do some small things around the house. He normally does really good but sometimes well he fails. Like when I asked him to vacuum the all the floors he did and then I asked him to mop to which he replied "that's women's work" and he did not do it. Or when he puts the grocery's away. He just shoves things into the cupboards and if they don't fit he leaves them in the bags on the floor for me to figure it out. Or puts crap in really random places like the coffee on the steps in the entrance way??? I still cannot figure that one out. He also won't let me decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving so he is on the list for that one.

Grayson has graduated from the baby tub to just being the regular tub. I bought a mat from Target yesterday and to say that he loves it is an understatement. He is a water baby and if you let him live in the tub he would. He also now is pulling himself up to standing and I almost pushed him down yesterday because I don't want him to be that big! Then I thought about it and figured CPS would for sure knock on my door so I didn't.

Happy one week until the big bird comes to visit and puts us all into a turkey coma!


Blog Loving Test

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8 months

Dear Grayson,
Bubba you neeeeeed to stop growing. But on the other hand keep it up we can't wait to see who you will be. Your personality is really shinning through more and more. It's kind and goofy. And let me just say your amazing. You have this look you give when you first see daddy or mommy and my heart in a puddle on the floor. You make my heart grow bigger every day baby boy.

Sleep has been good. There is a night every now and then that you think it's time to wake up at 12:15. We work through it and then your back on track. You sleep from 7:00 to 6:00-7:00. You still sleep with music on from your sleep CD and we are thinking about changing it up a little big to something other than the heart beat.

Eating, well chubba wubba you love food. You eat a full stage 2 container of fruit and a full stage 2 container of a "dinner" every day. You get 2-8oz bottles and 1-6oz. bottle. You also get a yogurt and about 4oz. of water each day. Puffs are quickly becoming part of your after dinner snack. However you do everything you can not to use your hand like pushing them close to the edge of your tray and then "licking" them up. Some would call it lazy but we will go with creative. You dropped a bottle this month and it fa-reaked Momma out but you seem happy and content and your still growing.

9-12 month are still what you wear. I got a comment the other day that I don't dress you like a baby. I think that one day this will work to my advantage when you look back at baby pictures and your not wearing a baby blue jumpsuit with flying elephants and owls holding balloons on it. You will look at me and say "Thanks mom for dressing me like a regular person".

Your teeth came in full force! You have 2 bottom teeth that you don't like to show anyone. If someone asks to see them you become an expert at the stink eye and close your lip tighter than a vault at the casino. However if we don't mention the teeth and can get you to laugh then there they are. Crawling also started. It's really more like the worm and it takes you quite some time to get where you want to go but you still get there. I know with in the next few weeks if not days you will be zipping around the house chasing your fur brother so much he will be begging for a kennel.

You still love to pay with all your toys and books grab your interest quickly although now you like to chew on them all the time. Your jumper is one of your favorites but now you cry sometimes when we put you in it. I think it's because you think we are walking out of the room which you hate but once you realize we are staying you act like a drunk college kid on a trampoline jumping in the air. We allow you to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse once a day and this is the only way we can get out of the room to do things like make your bottle and change the laundry. When we watch it with you your like to snuggle it makes daddy and I both melt because it's such a sweet moment. You pull yourself up on you knees and then yell as loud as you can. Once we look at you, you will sit back down on your bottom and smile. We get it kid you like to be the center of attention.

Grayson Michael we love you more than words can say. You bring us the most joy and we cannot wait to see you grow and learn. I'm proud to be your Momma and to have such an amazing kind hearted lovable little boy!
Love Momma

And now the pictures......

Smiles for Momma

Sticking his tongue out at momma
He might hate me for it later but I die over these pictures



5 seconds later he tried to crawl over the arm of the chair

Smiles with momma
My favorite picture eva

Helping me with laundry
Cleaning the dogs teeth
He was pissed that I was singing to him so I got the stink eye
Looking at car magazines with Daddy and so the obsession begins

Daddy dressed him this day and he is wearing floods

Love that smile

It's a Grayson hat!


This that and the other

This weekend was uneventful.....

We relaxed, we played, we drank, we ate you know the usual.

 Here are just some highlights

-Grayson can move through the room by "crawling" when I say crawling I mean he pulls his bottom half with his top half. So he pretty much looks like Lt. Dan after he lost his legs, when he is going through his drunk phase pre new legs.

-We went out and had a few drinks on Saturday it was our friends birthday and my mom came and sat with G while he slept. I swear that Grayson knows when momma has a few drinks because he woke up for an hour at midnight. This from a kid who has slept through the night alllll week long!

-Michael made me chicken. I love his grilled chicken.

-I took Grayson's pictures for our Christmas cards. It came down to two that we all loved. We voted it was a split so we called my aunt and gave her the final say. I'm ordering them today!

-Starting my prep for my juice cleanse tomorrow. And then I will be starting with the 3-day and then after that the 7.

-Grayson will be 8 months old tomorrow cue tears and me telling my husband that I want another small(er) squishy baby. And him telling me that he will never touch me again or that he will hide birth control in my cheese.

-We had Sunday dinner at my mom's house and she made mac-n-cheese and I ate a ton. However proud of myself that I skipped the pudding

-OK I will be honest I had to skip it because Michael got hives from god knows what and we had to rush home to get benadryl. He is so high maintenance.

-There are some exciting things in the works that could mean huge changes for our family. I'm praying hard and putting my trust in God that he knows the ultimate plan and that is all I can do.

Happy Monday! My prayers go out to all that have been affected by the extreme weather over the weekend.




Let the link up begin with Darci!

 Women's Terry-Fleece Raglan Tops
Can we talk about Old Navy and how they rock my socks with the sweatshirt and long sleeve tees? I'm in love and ordered several of each! They are so comfy andthe long sleeve tees come in tall!
I don't meet Old Navy's "tall" requirements (5'10, I'm 5'7) but butt crack tall or small is never cute and these help cover any mishaps that might happen when bending over trying to put a winter coat on an 7 month old who decided now was the best time to plank.

The fact that Turkey day also known as Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away!!! I love it and I can't wait to give Grayson some table food for the first time!


I'm doing this this winter but can't for the life of me decide on a color! 


My mom got Grayson this hat and it is awesome. I personally love that it has a chin strap and with the wind we have been having I know his ears are protected! Plus he look adorable in it.

I got my juicer and book and I can't wait to read it cover to cover and dive into the world of juicing!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


So What

Linking up today with Shannon today for SO What!

Life After I Dew

So What............

I ate almost the entire pan of brownies that I made. This is why I don't keep chocolate in the house

So What............

I was to lazy to take off my old nail polish so I just painted over it. In the right light my nails look like a hot mess Britney Spears style

So What..............

That I look like I rolled out of bed today. Grayson was up from 12:15 until 1:45 last night which means so was I and now I'm exhausted

So What...........

I had a couple drinks last night. We had dinner with Christ and Tracy and he had SoCo and Ginger Ale which I cannot resist.

So What..............

Grayson thinks that it is the best thing to pull down my lip and hold it with his megadeath grip until he falls asleep my kid is so weird.

So What...............

I ate a crap ton of crap food yesterday for lunch. We ordered pizza and wings and mozz sticks and fried mushrooms and pizza logs and chicken fingers and I ate a ton of it.

So What..............
I'm not sure what I want this blog to be yet. I mean I feel like I'm all over the place which is really how my life it so I guess it works. 

Happy Wednesday!


I'm doing it

I'm doing it......................
A juice cleanse/ detox that is.

I broke down when I woke up this morning feeling like 10 pounds of sludge in a 5 pound bag. I need a change and I'm really bad at eating healthy. So I did a TON of research. I read reviews, I read studies I spent three hours just going over the best for me.

I bought a reasonable juicer less than $31.00 and a book as a guide for $8.00.

My plan is to do a 7 day cleanse starting on Friday or Saturday I have not decided yet. They say the best way is to ease into it by taking the first 2 days and just backing out your meals one at a time. Then to ease out of it by adding in soups and low carb foods.

We will see I just needed to do something. I eat in moderation and I have not gained any weight since I did the shred for 15 day (fail on my part). But I'm stuck and I feel like I need to do something drastic but healthy.

I used my own saved up money to buy my juicer and book and plan to use my money for the foods that are outside of our normal grocery shopping. If this works I will find a way to work it into our monthly budget and maybe get the hubby on board.

I want to feel good. I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. And I'm tired of having the oh just forget this whole weight loss thing and let me eat my own weight in chocolate or pizza.

I know this will be a challenge but I'm ready. Ready to take control of my eating habits, my weight, my energy, and my self esteem.

I will update the good, bad, and the ugly. 


Breakfast and Crafting

First of all I just want to say thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served our country. And a special shout out to my dad who is a Marine.

Now on to the weekend!

We kept things pretty low key on Friday. Leftovers, some cleaning, laundry and bed times snuggles. I know I say it all the time but being with my boys is everything to me

Saturday I woke up at 6 because I didn't hear the monitor or the fan going. I tried to turn on the light and nothing. The house was complete silence. I waited about 20 mins before I called the power company and they told me that we had an outage and that it would not come back on until 10ish. Well the wind was blowing and it was in the 30's so I called my parents and asked if G and I could come hang out for the morning. They of course said yes to I packed us all up and then woke up G and we headed over there. We played and hung out until it was time to leave for breakfast. My mom, dad, grandma, aunt colleen ,uncle bob, and grayson and I all met for breakfast. It was a blast the breakfast was great. My Grandma is 88 so I decided to start the monthly breakfasts so that we see her more. She loves seeing Grayson and it's great to catch up. After that G and I headed home. We had power thank goodness and after about an hour of being home G went down for a nap. I made brownies, vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the bathroom. Then when Michael got home I jumped in the shower and we were all ready for Chris and Tracy to come for dinner. Michael made steak and fresh cut french fries it was hands down the best steak I have ever had. After a dinner we put G to bed then had a few drinks and some laughs. It was a great night.

Sunday we met up with my mom and sister and Tracy to go to the craft show. I love this craft show she has the perfect mixture of crafts and antiques. I got G a rocking chair, a cut snowman, and some battery tea lights. Everyone else got some pretty cook stuff. Then we headed to my parents for dinner.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with the people I love.

Grayson has started crawling. It's more like doing the worm but he can still get to things. I told Michael it is now time to get baby gate shopping!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a fast Monday!


5 on Friday

We are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year!
So my 5 today are going to be Thanksgiving inspired!


Chocolate pie
What is it weird that I started with dessert? The sweet lover in me eats dinner just to get to dessert a trait I inherited from my Papa. This is my favorite pie at Thanksgiving and I like it with an extra side of cool whip!

Turkey Dinner

 Gerber 2nd Foods Sweet Potato and Turkey, 7-Ounce (Pack of 8)

This is Grayson's favorite Stage 2 food and it makes me happy that he will be enjoying a Turkey dinner right along with us.


Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. I have eaten these for breakfast on Thanksgiving since I can remember. We cook them up have some egg nog or now coffee and watch the parade. It is a tradition I can't wait to pass on to Grayson!


, Brown, hi-res

I can't wait for our updated family pictures (for my parents picture wall) with G in them! And as of right now he will be sporting this shirt!

I will get all sappy here and tell you that my family is the number one must have. Them and wine because sometimes you  need it to get through the crazy. Just kidding (kind of). There is nothing better than being at a table surrounded by the people I love and that make me smile!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!!


Random things

I forgot my prescription when we went to go pick out glasses so I picked them out but did not order them. Now I have to make another trip up there to order them and it has to be before the 19th to get the deal.

Grayson is teething like a mad man. Thankfully last night he slept through the night! Momma needed it.

I have made a list of projects I want to do around the house. All of them are $60.00 or under, so I'm hoping this winter we can check them off without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite winter craft shows is this weekend. My mom, Tracy and I (and G) are going on Sunday.

Saturday we are having dinner (steaks) with Chris and Tracy and I'm beyond excited. The time we spend with them is always amazing and they love coming to our house so they can see G which is awesome.

There is a chowder sale at daycare today so I'm picking up a quart for dinner tonight.

Speaking of daycare it's picture time. I sent G in the cutest outfit and I always say I won't buy the pictures but we will see. I might not be able to resist.

Grayson is entered in the Gerber contest. It would be awesome if he won if not it was fun voting. (#730 BTW if you want to vote!)

I'm obsessed with Guy's Grocery Games. I'm a dork and look forward to watching it Monday night after the nugget is in bed. It is a fun crazier version of chopped. Michael and I love it.

I'm contemplating doing a juice cleanse. Because I'm a horrible eater when it comes to veggies I think this would be the best way to detox but still be healthy. Who knows I'm still doing research.

Happy Hump Day!!


What makes me FULL

November is the month of Thanksgiving and it got me to thinking about how much my life has changed since last year and all the things I'm so Thankful for.  Not just things that I'm happy that are in my life but things that make me FULL.

My husband. Yes he was here last year but our relationship since having Grayson has changed. It has evolved into one that has more love and respect than I ever imagined. Now when we have an hour at night after our nugget is in bed and we can talk about our day, our life, our love it is deeper, more meaningful. These talks and that time is quality time. It is time that fills my heart and soul to the brim and sends me to bed with a smile on my face and has me waking up with one. Being married to your best friend is truly a blessing.

My son. Last year at this time he was the little flutter in my gigantic belly. And I could only imagine how it would be when we had him here in our arms. This little boy just sends my love cup overflowing. He made me Momma. He made me a more understanding person. He made me realize that sweating the small stuff so not worth it when you have this big amazing thing in front of you. Grayson is the biggest blessing from God and I thank him multiple times a day for the joy he gives me through Grayson.

My parents. We had some major health scares within my family last year. At this time last year I was worrying that when my mom went in for surgery that it would lead to me holding my new baby while holding her hand through chemo. Thankfully she had stage 1 cancer (the best case scenario for the situation) and she has been cancer free since her surgery in December. Truth is I spent way to many nights being worried that I wouldn't have her to hold my hand through this journey of motherhood. Aside from my husband she has been the rock on which I am leaning on constantly. I call her crying sometimes that I'm failing and she reassures me and loves me like only a mother can. And my Dad well he has just blown me away. His patience and ease with my son is something I fully admire. He is good and truly does delight in the little moments with him. Without them we would be lost. They are not just our parents and G's grandparents but our friends and that is the most amazing thing.

My sister. We are 4 years apart and while that causes us to often be in different stages of our lives we still always have each other's back. The way she supports and helps us with Grayson has brought us closer. I trust her with my son fully and she is amazing with him. I'm happy that our relationship is evolving and can't wait to see where is goes from here.

Our friends. This time last year we had some friends that were not in our lives but through some events that were totally out of the blue they are back in our lives. It has been the biggest blessing and I'm so glad to have them. Chris is Grayson's Godfather and truly Michael's best friends. And Tracy is like a sister to me. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and the way they love my son and us just makes my heart happy.

The rest of our family.  We have some amazing people that are in our family. They text me about Grayson and always refer to him as their baby which makes me giggle but they all take ownership of him. They drop of meals and little gifts they are just good people and we are so blessed that they are our people.

All these things have been in my life for a long time aside from Grayson and after reading this I realized one thing. It took having Grayson for me to focus on the amazing things that make me FULL in this life. My life is not all rainbows and butterfly's but it is amazing in it's own way and it's mine so I will revel in the highs and stand strong in the lows and I cannot wait to look back at this post a year from now and see how the love grows.


The perfect weekend

Do you ever just have a weekend that makes your soul happy? That was what this weekend was for me.

Friday- It was mad windy here like power lines down and trees everywhere so once I snatched up my Grayson from daycare we went home got into comfy's and stayed in. We had a nice simple pizza for dinner that my hubby made it was delicious. Then I went around making notes about what I wanted to buy for each room.

Saturday- G and I got up at our normal 7 and once he ate we played for a little bit. Then I got him down for a nap so that he could get one in before we left for shopping and that way I could get ready. He slept for an hour which gave me enough time to pack our diaper bag and shower, get dressed , and eat breakfast. My mom got there shortly after G woke up and fed him his fruit and bottle so I could do my makeup and get the car loaded up. Then we were off. Let me just say that I'm in LOVE with HomeGoods. It has everything and the prices are to die for. This was the first time I had been to a Home Goods that was not in a TJMaxx. It was way better. I got some beautiful baskets for the living room, pillows and a throw that I'm obsessed with. I got some cute Christmas decorations and a tray for the kitchen because we now have a coffee center that we love. We went to BJ's and I picked out glasses we got some necessities (dog food, paper towels, butter) and a pair of jimmy jams for G then we headed home. We spent the rest of the night relaxing as a family and it was wonderful. Then it's time for the bed time routine and Michael tells me that he will feed him and put him to bed so that I can take a bath!!!! I have not taken a bubble bath since Grayson has been born and boy did I need it. I put Pandora on with my headphones and just relaxed. It was wonderful and I felt to refreshed. That is just one of the million reasons I'm so in love with my husband he takes care of me and knows when I need something like that.

Sunday- We watched football and headed to my parents for Sunday dinner. Those nights are so nice spending it with family. It makes me have a perma-grin watching my parents with my son.

Our week is pretty busy but a good kind of busy.

Grayson has started drinking water from a sippy cup and it amazes me that I have a baby old enough for a sippy. I mean he was just born!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!!!


Friday 5


My nugget in his costumes!


I got my tree!!!! I ordered it Monday and it already came. It is a little different than the one I posted about last Friday BUT I la love it!

My mom and I (and G) are going shopping Saturday! I'm getting new glasses and we are going to the new Home Goods that just opened! I can't wait!


Product Details

We love these for nights when Grayson gets a quick bath, like last night after Trick or Treating when he was exhausted and 45 minuets past his bed time. They suds up nice and smell amazing!


Product Details

Grayson is cutting teeth (!!!!!) like a mad man. This has been living in his mouth!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!