Friday 5

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It's that time again to link up with Darci and the girls......


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I picked this up for Grayson the other day so that he could graduate from the baby tub. He loves the room and thinks it's fun to try and crawl in the tub.


This website has all the black friday ads!!! I'm more of a need to see it in front of me in my hand kind of girl but I have still been checking them out!


Product Details

One week from today (as dictated by the Christmas police aka my husband) this soap will be on all my sinks and the candles will be burning!


Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long Sleeve Shawl Cardigan - Assorted Colors

I picked this up at Target for out updated family pictures for my parents family wall. We take them every other Thanksgiving and it's the first one that Grayson will be in! This sweater is light weight which is good beacuse it turns into a hot box at my parents house on holidays.

In breaking news I made up with Jillian Michaels yesterday. Her and I broke up. We hit a rough patch. She didn't understand that having a sick baby and sick husband left little time with her. But I sweet talked her with my crooked smile and a few winks and I had her when I told her that I would NOT "phone it in". However after those 20 minuets with her I remeber why we broke up and I'm boycotting her again. Until tonight when I have to pull pants over my muffin top and then I will hang out with her again.

Happy Friday!!!!