The perfect weekend

Do you ever just have a weekend that makes your soul happy? That was what this weekend was for me.

Friday- It was mad windy here like power lines down and trees everywhere so once I snatched up my Grayson from daycare we went home got into comfy's and stayed in. We had a nice simple pizza for dinner that my hubby made it was delicious. Then I went around making notes about what I wanted to buy for each room.

Saturday- G and I got up at our normal 7 and once he ate we played for a little bit. Then I got him down for a nap so that he could get one in before we left for shopping and that way I could get ready. He slept for an hour which gave me enough time to pack our diaper bag and shower, get dressed , and eat breakfast. My mom got there shortly after G woke up and fed him his fruit and bottle so I could do my makeup and get the car loaded up. Then we were off. Let me just say that I'm in LOVE with HomeGoods. It has everything and the prices are to die for. This was the first time I had been to a Home Goods that was not in a TJMaxx. It was way better. I got some beautiful baskets for the living room, pillows and a throw that I'm obsessed with. I got some cute Christmas decorations and a tray for the kitchen because we now have a coffee center that we love. We went to BJ's and I picked out glasses we got some necessities (dog food, paper towels, butter) and a pair of jimmy jams for G then we headed home. We spent the rest of the night relaxing as a family and it was wonderful. Then it's time for the bed time routine and Michael tells me that he will feed him and put him to bed so that I can take a bath!!!! I have not taken a bubble bath since Grayson has been born and boy did I need it. I put Pandora on with my headphones and just relaxed. It was wonderful and I felt to refreshed. That is just one of the million reasons I'm so in love with my husband he takes care of me and knows when I need something like that.

Sunday- We watched football and headed to my parents for Sunday dinner. Those nights are so nice spending it with family. It makes me have a perma-grin watching my parents with my son.

Our week is pretty busy but a good kind of busy.

Grayson has started drinking water from a sippy cup and it amazes me that I have a baby old enough for a sippy. I mean he was just born!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!!!