Random things

I forgot my prescription when we went to go pick out glasses so I picked them out but did not order them. Now I have to make another trip up there to order them and it has to be before the 19th to get the deal.

Grayson is teething like a mad man. Thankfully last night he slept through the night! Momma needed it.

I have made a list of projects I want to do around the house. All of them are $60.00 or under, so I'm hoping this winter we can check them off without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite winter craft shows is this weekend. My mom, Tracy and I (and G) are going on Sunday.

Saturday we are having dinner (steaks) with Chris and Tracy and I'm beyond excited. The time we spend with them is always amazing and they love coming to our house so they can see G which is awesome.

There is a chowder sale at daycare today so I'm picking up a quart for dinner tonight.

Speaking of daycare it's picture time. I sent G in the cutest outfit and I always say I won't buy the pictures but we will see. I might not be able to resist.

Grayson is entered in the Gerber contest. It would be awesome if he won if not it was fun voting. (#730 BTW if you want to vote!)

I'm obsessed with Guy's Grocery Games. I'm a dork and look forward to watching it Monday night after the nugget is in bed. It is a fun crazier version of chopped. Michael and I love it.

I'm contemplating doing a juice cleanse. Because I'm a horrible eater when it comes to veggies I think this would be the best way to detox but still be healthy. Who knows I'm still doing research.

Happy Hump Day!!