The weekend on a Tuesday

So I still didn't get the family pictures that we took from my dad because I suck like that.

Friday- Michael called me at work and told me he had a surprise. I'm a brat and made him tell me on the phone. He switched his days off of work so now he would have Sunday off with us and have to work Tuesday. The first thing out of my mouth is "What will you be doing with Grayson while you are at work?" He of course didn't think of that so he called daycare they could take him and all was good. Then he told me I hurt his feelings because I didn't act excited. But I'm a planner and once we knew G's daycare was set I was over the moon! Having a day off with my boys is like gold to me since it hardly ever happens. So we went home on Friday and ate left overs and cuddled my perfect night.

Saturday- I made my two pies (lemon meringue and chocolate) for our Thanksgiving bash on Sunday while Grayson was sleeping. Thank goodness he gives me 2 good hours. Michael came home and we packed up and headed to my parents house. We have a tradition that we make the stuffing, peal the potatoes, and stuff the turkey the night before. My niece Libby was there to help and it was a blast. We got all of our prep work done and had dinner together. I love spending the holiday's with my family.

Sunday- I woke up with my boys!!!! It was amazing. We got morning cuddles. Michael made me breakfast (cinnamon rolls our tradition) and we relaxed. Then I made my deviled eggs showered and we were at my mom's house by noon. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. We have such a good time together laughing, joking, eating, taking pictures, wrangling the kids. We celebrate Thanksgiving the Sunday before with my brother and grandma that way it cuts down on the stops on  Thursday. I love having a day separate that we don't have to rush.

Yesterday was crazy at work but I got it done. Now they are calling for a snow storm tonight 8-12 inches blah so I'm hitting the grocery store for essentials tonight after work and then hoping the weather man is wrong.

Happy Tuesday!