Today I'm free ballin writing so it may get a little crazy because lets face it I'm crazy.

So I think Grayson is having what most would classify as a sleep regression. I have read a few articles (like one really) and all signs point to baby boy have separation anxiety.

Hello when did that happen? I mean this kid used to just fall asleep during his bottle and I could burp him while walking him upstairs lay him down and boom he was asleep for the night. Now for the past week he will fall asleep on you (while holding your bottom lip) but as soon as you lay him down he wakes up and cries. Pick him back up and he is asleep. Ugh I will be honest I cried in the hallway outside his door for a good 10 minuets last night. The ugly cry. I knew he was tired but he would not stay asleep. He was not hungry, he had a clean diaper, it was warm in his room, I just could not figure it out. I let him cry 10-15 minuets at a time and then would go in and give him a binky and pat him on the back he would fall asleep as long as I was touching him as soon as I would lift my hand off of his back he would start to fuss. Finally we got him to sleep without picking him up and he slept through the night. I guess he just needs to learn how to fall asleep on his own. These are the times my husband looks at me and says "one and done babe" to which I threaten to divorce him because I will have 2 babies!

Speaking of my husband he drives me crazy. In a good way I guess. He has Monday and Tuesday's off so I usually ask him to do some small things around the house. He normally does really good but sometimes well he fails. Like when I asked him to vacuum the all the floors he did and then I asked him to mop to which he replied "that's women's work" and he did not do it. Or when he puts the grocery's away. He just shoves things into the cupboards and if they don't fit he leaves them in the bags on the floor for me to figure it out. Or puts crap in really random places like the coffee on the steps in the entrance way??? I still cannot figure that one out. He also won't let me decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving so he is on the list for that one.

Grayson has graduated from the baby tub to just being the regular tub. I bought a mat from Target yesterday and to say that he loves it is an understatement. He is a water baby and if you let him live in the tub he would. He also now is pulling himself up to standing and I almost pushed him down yesterday because I don't want him to be that big! Then I thought about it and figured CPS would for sure knock on my door so I didn't.

Happy one week until the big bird comes to visit and puts us all into a turkey coma!