What makes me FULL

November is the month of Thanksgiving and it got me to thinking about how much my life has changed since last year and all the things I'm so Thankful for.  Not just things that I'm happy that are in my life but things that make me FULL.

My husband. Yes he was here last year but our relationship since having Grayson has changed. It has evolved into one that has more love and respect than I ever imagined. Now when we have an hour at night after our nugget is in bed and we can talk about our day, our life, our love it is deeper, more meaningful. These talks and that time is quality time. It is time that fills my heart and soul to the brim and sends me to bed with a smile on my face and has me waking up with one. Being married to your best friend is truly a blessing.

My son. Last year at this time he was the little flutter in my gigantic belly. And I could only imagine how it would be when we had him here in our arms. This little boy just sends my love cup overflowing. He made me Momma. He made me a more understanding person. He made me realize that sweating the small stuff so not worth it when you have this big amazing thing in front of you. Grayson is the biggest blessing from God and I thank him multiple times a day for the joy he gives me through Grayson.

My parents. We had some major health scares within my family last year. At this time last year I was worrying that when my mom went in for surgery that it would lead to me holding my new baby while holding her hand through chemo. Thankfully she had stage 1 cancer (the best case scenario for the situation) and she has been cancer free since her surgery in December. Truth is I spent way to many nights being worried that I wouldn't have her to hold my hand through this journey of motherhood. Aside from my husband she has been the rock on which I am leaning on constantly. I call her crying sometimes that I'm failing and she reassures me and loves me like only a mother can. And my Dad well he has just blown me away. His patience and ease with my son is something I fully admire. He is good and truly does delight in the little moments with him. Without them we would be lost. They are not just our parents and G's grandparents but our friends and that is the most amazing thing.

My sister. We are 4 years apart and while that causes us to often be in different stages of our lives we still always have each other's back. The way she supports and helps us with Grayson has brought us closer. I trust her with my son fully and she is amazing with him. I'm happy that our relationship is evolving and can't wait to see where is goes from here.

Our friends. This time last year we had some friends that were not in our lives but through some events that were totally out of the blue they are back in our lives. It has been the biggest blessing and I'm so glad to have them. Chris is Grayson's Godfather and truly Michael's best friends. And Tracy is like a sister to me. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and the way they love my son and us just makes my heart happy.

The rest of our family.  We have some amazing people that are in our family. They text me about Grayson and always refer to him as their baby which makes me giggle but they all take ownership of him. They drop of meals and little gifts they are just good people and we are so blessed that they are our people.

All these things have been in my life for a long time aside from Grayson and after reading this I realized one thing. It took having Grayson for me to focus on the amazing things that make me FULL in this life. My life is not all rainbows and butterfly's but it is amazing in it's own way and it's mine so I will revel in the highs and stand strong in the lows and I cannot wait to look back at this post a year from now and see how the love grows.