I'm doing it

I'm doing it......................
A juice cleanse/ detox that is.

I broke down when I woke up this morning feeling like 10 pounds of sludge in a 5 pound bag. I need a change and I'm really bad at eating healthy. So I did a TON of research. I read reviews, I read studies I spent three hours just going over the best for me.

I bought a reasonable juicer less than $31.00 and a book as a guide for $8.00.

My plan is to do a 7 day cleanse starting on Friday or Saturday I have not decided yet. They say the best way is to ease into it by taking the first 2 days and just backing out your meals one at a time. Then to ease out of it by adding in soups and low carb foods.

We will see I just needed to do something. I eat in moderation and I have not gained any weight since I did the shred for 15 day (fail on my part). But I'm stuck and I feel like I need to do something drastic but healthy.

I used my own saved up money to buy my juicer and book and plan to use my money for the foods that are outside of our normal grocery shopping. If this works I will find a way to work it into our monthly budget and maybe get the hubby on board.

I want to feel good. I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. And I'm tired of having the oh just forget this whole weight loss thing and let me eat my own weight in chocolate or pizza.

I know this will be a challenge but I'm ready. Ready to take control of my eating habits, my weight, my energy, and my self esteem.

I will update the good, bad, and the ugly.