Friday Favorites!

Ahhh Friday how I love to see you roll around. 

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These journals from TJ Maxx.

I got all of these for less than $20.00.

The prices can't be beat. 

When I read Praying Circles around your Children the chapter that hit me hard was a prayer journal for you child, yourself, your spouse. I ran to the Maxx the next day and found the perfect ones.

I started one for me personally. My fears, joy, prayers anything that I want to submit to God. 

I also started one for Grayson. Look at the inside of his book it is so neat with the bible verses right in there.  And I love that there is place to put who it belongs too. 

Grayson Michael Smith that is who.
I have been putting my prayers and little letters to him in there. Special memories.
I also bought a few extras in case I need more space or I just need to start one for someone else. It really is  amazing to write out prayers.


It's take out Friday! This Mama doesn't have to cook and that makes me happy


This time spent just me and my boy playing cars. I love his imagination and how he loves to play cars. I will cherish these moments forever. I know I'm in the good days with him right now. They days that make my heart so full of love and so I'm soaking them up every second I can


This little saying popped up on my Facebook the other day and it was just perfect. It's true, it's a little reminder for all of us that we are amazing!

May is almost over. Why is this a favorite?  In June Michael and I get 6 days off together. And while I'm not trying to wish time away I'm excited to get some quality time with my handsome hubby. 

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is amazing!


What's up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday
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What were eating this week

Stuffed peppers. Easy peasy
Here is is 

Ground sausage

Peppers (I used yellow and red)



Okay so you cook down your meat until it's not pink and I do this with an onion because I like a little more. Then once it is cooked you add in 2 cups of salsa (or more depending on the amount you like) While that is cooking down I boil my peppers. I cut them long ways so they are like boats. I boil for about 10 mins just until they are soft. I had precooked my brown rice about 5 mins before the peppers were done I sirred that into the meat salsa mixture. 

Once peppers are done lay them in a shallow baking dish and stuff with the meat mixture (I didn't use all my meat mixture but I saved it and used it in a breakfast burrito the next day yum!) then sprinkle with cheese and I baked for 10 mins at 375. Done. Listen the Salsa has all the flavor and spice you need! They were fast and simple.

What I'm reminiscing about

When Grayson was this small. I miss a good baby snuggle

What I'm loving

Ladies run out and get this Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt if your store has it. I'm an ice cream junkie. I would eat it for dinner every night if my husband let me. So this is a figure friendly version and you cannot tell the difference! I love the cookies and cream but my hubby says the mint chocolate chip is the best! We have salted Carmel to try too! Love It!
Image result for oikos frozen yogurt

What we've been up to

4 Wheeler riding and swinging on the swing set. We just had our back 3 acres cleared out and now we can ride our wheeler back to the pond. It's a new nightly adventure

What I'm dreading

The mosquito's

My poor baby had a delayed reaction to them so he will get bit one day and then wake up like this the next day. I took him to the dr and they say that he is fine just to give him benadryl and keep neosporin on it. So that is what we have been doing. I ordered some Bull Frog and I'm hoping this helps

What I'm working on
My veggie box

It's small but it enough for me to handle. With a toddler I don't have a ton of free time to work on a veggie garden. So some tomato plants and a few pepper plants work well for us. Plus I have a few herb pots that we use all the time!

What I'm excited about

My Birthday! I love my birthday. Plus my sissy and I are having a joint party (we are 4 years 4 days apart) so I can't wait to see the whole family

What I'm watching/reading

I just finished reading Praying Circles Around Your Children. This is a must read and opened my eyes to the power of prayer not only for our children but ourselves as well.

 What I'm listening to

Pearl Jam Backspacer. Sometimes I need a little Eddie Vedder in my life. Track #5 gets me every time.

What I'm wearing

The weather has been up and down like crazy. 50's one day 80's the next so I'm balancing between my spring attire and full on summer.

What I'm doing this weekend

Swim lessons and then NO plans. The next few weekends are insane for us so one final one to relax is nice

What I'm looking forward to Next month

Our mini family vacation to Syracuse. Michael is in a driving competition there and he gets the weekend off with pay to compete plus they pay for our room and our dinner at the banquet. My Dad is going with us and I'm excited to spend some time with him and Grayson while Michael is working. 

What else is new

 A few things are in the works that I'm beyond excited about. I can't wait to share a little later

What is our favorite thing to grill in June
Chicken. This month it is all about chicken and I love it all. 


Being a confident Mom

Being a Mom is the most rewarding and gut wrenching job in the whole entire world. Period. I love being a Mom. But more than that I love being Grayson's Mom. He is mine and we know each other. He knows my serious voice, I know is whining voice, he knows my lovey voice, and I know his sad voice. We get each other. I was so nervous that I would not be able to figure my kid out or that I would mess him up somehow.

It starts from the second you become pregnant. All the rules on how to take care of you baby. The eat this not that, use this not that, take these vitamins not that, sleep this way not like that. It is overwhelming and as a first time Mom it can be down right stressful. Afraid to put food in your mouth until you clear it with your doctor is a real thing (it was in my world anyway) but after the 1st trimester I got my sea legs so to speak and I knew what was best for my body and my baby.

Then you have the baby and it starts all over again. Breast is best , and this diaper is what we would suggest, and swaddle your baby this way, burp him like this. The list goes on. I wasn't successful at breastfeeding. Sometimes early on it would bother me that according to some people I had already failed as a mother. I tried oh lord I tried but it wasn't for me. I remember talking to my sister in law and saying to her "how after only 4 days could I have already failed at being is Mama?" She said the best words to me " Listen both my kids were formula fed, and they are pretty darn smart and great if you ask me, and Katlin honestly it is hard enough being a new mom now that you have decided to do formula Michael can help so much more besides you know in your mom gut what you need to do follow it" and she was right. He could take some night feeds on his days off and I could sleep. And my Mom gut said give that baby a bottle.

Then he acid reflux and that was a whole other ball game and I was told that he would probably have to be on the medicine for the long term. I followed my gut and took him off of it at 11 months with the help of a chiropractor. And never looked back. They gave me some looks when I told him he was off of it and doing fine but it really was best for him to not put that in his body anymore.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I gained my confidence by not listening to the white noise that is pregnancy and motherhood. I followed my gut and did what I felt was best. This is not to say that I don't ask advice because I do and I get frustrated because I do and we have bad days.

But Grayson is a part of me. I have a bond with him no one on this planet will ever have he is my first baby boy. I know him and he knows me and together we ride out this thing called life. I'm not the perfect mother but I know that I'm the Mama that Grayson needs. And that is all that matters to me.

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Momfesional Moments

Oh goodness do I love this topic.

Linking up with Andrea
All Mom's have those moments.

The ones that get you through the day that are for pure survival.

I give my kid cookies in the morning. It's only 2 of the mini ones but it is how I bribe him to get dressed. It is my own fault I let him pick out his PJ's and he gets to attached to the shirt that he does not want to take it off. So I tell him he will get a surprise in his snack cup if he gets dressed really fast. It works every time. I also justify this because they are nutter butter cookies and that is peanut butter and peanut butter his healthy. #girlmath.

When Michael is doing dishes and I'm working on something else and Grayson is not helping me I whisper to him "daddy is doing dishes you should go help him" and he does and I get a little bit of peace

I skip pages of books and make up my own words so it goes faster. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is 30 pages I shorten it to 10. Oops

I don't do bath time. Maybe once or twice a month. I sweat when I when I do it. Plus he hates getting his hair rinsed he acts like I'm pouring acid on him and hold onto yourself if he gets one drop in his eye he will freak out. However he will splash all day long and get himself wet in the face and it's not big deal #toddlerproblems

I hide food. I hide M&M's in the laundry room on the top shelf in an old cereal box so that he does not see them. I sneak a few here in there but if he catches me chewing he says "Mommy I want some?" Then he tries to kiss me and smells chocolate and it takes everything I have distract him long enough for me to swallow and drink some water. He is blood hound for chocolate

When we have been outside playing and he gets soaking wet because he loves playing in the dogs water or standing under the hanging baskets after I water them I let him put on last nights pj's until bath time. They are dirty and have been sitting in the dirty laundry basket all day but I refuse to put on another outfit for less than an hour and hey at least they are dry.

I refuse to let him sleep in the car unless it's at night. If it is nap time I will do anything to keep him awake. This past weekend we went shopping we were 20 mins from home and he started to get heavy eyes so I pulled into the closest grocery store and took him (that woke him up) I bought him some milk and a cereal bar and that kept him awake until we got home.

I keep M&M's on me at all times. My purse. Diaper bag. They are a great tool to bribe the kid and see above a little sugar can perk a kid right up

I hide in the bathroom. I call it Mommy time out. I go in there with my phone some coffee,and scroll through social media. Sometimes I just need a breather.

I tell Grayson that the stove top is the Devils hands. Weird I know but I heard it on Gilmore Girls and it stuck. So when he goes to touch the stove I say "No No those are the Devil's hands." So now he tells people that the stove is the Devil's hands.

I can't wait to read everyones!

Happy Tuesday!


Catching up on this and that

I took a week off and didn't meant to but it was needed to adjust. Before I get to that let me do a mini-weekend re-cap because we had a great weekend.

Thursday we took the kids to a local hotel/casino to swim. My Aunt had a comped room and asked us to come have dinner and let the kids swim. It was a blast and sure it was work but memories are so worth the work! The kids loved it and Grayson got so confident in the water even tell me "no holdin me mommy" He was in a puddle jumper and I would only let him go a few seconds at a time but he loved it and learned to kick so proud of my boy! We got home way to late but Grayson went to bed with a smile on his face
These three kids play amazing together and are my heart I love them all so much.

Friday- It was another paint class for me. It was at the library again and we had a whole table! My mom, sister, sister-in-law, my sister in-laws mom (who is really like my own mother in law) and her niece (again like my family!) all went.
I love this painting so much I plan to hang it in our bedroom I love it that much!
We went to a little Mexican restaurant after for a few drinks and I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I'm blessed to have such strong amazing women in my life. Plus the Pina coladas were to die for
Our group!
My sister and I with out pictures

The bar stools are sadles which is why I'm sitting like that

Saturday- Swimming lessons! Grayson did so good he kicked and jumped off the swim instructors legs to me and he just smiled the whole time. My dad went with me this time and on the way home Grayson said "Mommy I yike my Papa and I yike him at swim lessons wif me!" Melt my heart. We came home it was already 86 at 10 in the morning so we stayed in the house and pulled out summer clothes. Michael got mulch and Grayson and him worked on it until it was time to head to a confirmation party. We came home and passed out because A) it was past our bedtime B) we had not sat down all day!

Sunday- Mothers day. I had the sweetest day with my boy and my Mama. We went and got flowers (which I bought for my mom for her day and Michael bought me for mothers day) then we swung through the drive thru for "yittle donuts" and coffee (for me!) We relaxed at home until we left for dinner that night. This is the first year we have gone out for dinner and it was nice to not have to cook.New tradition started!
Worst picture of me ever since we were facing the sun but we stopped for our free Sundae for Mother's day!

Grayson with my Grandmother (his Great) she will be 90 in October and she is an amazing woman.

This was my sweet present from Grayson that he made at daycare. He also got me a bag of cheese balls that he has eaten more of than me. I bought a frame for this and it is on my built ins because it is too sweet to not display.

Okay enough of the weekend I made a huge change in my life that has been the best thing I have ever done. I became an early early morning person.

Yes to Early's for me because I get up at 3:30 now. Why that time? Michael gets up to go to work at this time and so I figured it would be nice to be able to see him, plus more motivation.

My new routine is as follows

Get up 3:30
work out until 4
4-4:30 cool down (I cannot shower right after a workout) eat a snack then shower
4:30-5:00 fold a load of laundry and watch tv/read and enjoy a cup of coffee
5:00-5:30 get dressed for the day do my hair
5:30 this is normally when munchkin wakes up and so we snuggle pick out his clothes and get his morning snack
6:00 make coffee to go and a smoothie
6:20 head out to work
 4:00 get home and do one chore off my chore list (I will post this soon)
4:30 make dinner
5:30 pack lunches with Grayson and do another chore
6:00 we play, read, I shower and then we start tubby around 7:30
Bed for G at 8 and then I'm shortly behind him at 8:30 I watch tv for half an hour and lights out at 9.

This is me at 4:00 this morning after my workout I sent it to my Mom because she didn't beleive I got up that early

I get so much done before 5 that I feel so excited about the day!
Relaxing with my love after we watered our plants cheese balls and shirtless AHHH the life of a 2 year old!

3:30 is insane I get it but it is what I needed! I was starting to feel like I was spinning my wheels. Always cleaning and folding laundry and trying to workout when Grayson was with me. Now I get all that done before he wakes up. And do you know what this means? I get nap time back to relax! I was running around like crazy during those 2-3 hours trying to cross things off my list and now I can relax because I have chore list and do a little bit each day! I don't work out everyday ( shoot for 30 mins every other day and then on the off days I do a 10 min abs) and I don't get up to do this on the weekends but 5 days a week I'm up before the birds.


Bury me Mommy!

So last night was wonderful and sunny.

I could get used to this weather. 

I decided that since Michael was going to play guitar that we were going to go outside

So once we got home from Grayson's haircut and had dinner Michael took off and we headed outside.

He only wanted to do one thing.
Play in the sand.

Okay kid you want to play in the sand you got it

I sat in a char next to his turtle sandbox and read a magazine.

Then he said Mommy! bury me Mommy!

And so I did because sand washes off and his smile when he didn't have any legs left was worth it.
Well not in this picture because he was begging me to bury him again but you get it.

So once he was over the sand and he fell off his slide once (oops!) It was time for a bath. 

He earned that bath and we changed the water twice. And then added more water because he was having so much fun playing Thomas the Train in the tub that we stayed in for about an hour.

Clean and in Jammie's I decided that it was a good night for ice cream and so we loaded up just the two of us and got ice cream. Twist with M&M's for him and a peanut butter cup blizzard for me.

We came home to eat it so that we could watch a movie together and once ice cream was done we played puzzles for a little bit and then off to bed we went. 

I had a great night with my kid and it was mostly because I just said yes to having fun I let the laundry sit the floors go unswept and the dishes waited until he went to bed. 

It was more than worth it for those memories with my boy
And when he woke up today he talked about our night saying "you make me so happy mommy I love ICE CREAM!"

I'll take it kid!


Awesome weather weekend!

This weekend was great. I loved everything about it!

Friday I grabbed my nugget from school and we headed to the store. I needed dog food and decided to make a treat with Grayson after dinner so Michael could mow the lawn. I decided on this cake from Mix and Match Mama and oh my word everyone needs to make this! It was delicious and is already gone from my house in 3 days. Everyone that tried it loved it. Plus Grayson loved making a "supise for daddy just because I yove him" Melt my heart!


Swimming lesson day! My Mom is a rock star and offered to come with me to help and take pictures of us since I would be going in the pool with him.I'm so glad she did because I was the parent that forgot a towel. So before classes started she ran across the street to Rite Aid and grabbed a beach towel for us. 
Grayson was so apprehensive. There were no tears so that's a huge win in my book, and he had been talking about going back to swimming lessons non stop so I'm hoping next week he will make participate more. 

After swim lessons my sister called and asked to come play with Grayson I told her only if she took him to the playground so I could mop my floors! hahaha she said of course and she took him for about an hour. I spend the first 10 min drinking a warm cup of coffee and then I got down to business and vacuumed and mopped all my floors and picked up the 8046541 toys G had gotten out earlier. I grabbed quick shower and got out just as they pulled in.

I fed G lunch (which mother of the year here I let him eat cake and fruit for lunch hey your only 2 once) I gave him a quick dip in the tub to rinse off the chlorine and playground dust (he loves to play in the stones) and then he was down for a nap just as my Dad got there to sit with him while I went to my sisters flower appointment. It went fabulous and then on a whim we ran across the street to the bridal shop and I tried on some bridesmaids dresses. I think we might have found one and if it is the one I'm so happy it was comfortable!

I got home a little after 2 and Grayson was just waking up and shortly after Michael came home. They headed outside while I did dishes and threw in some laundry. Then Dennis and Marie came over for some dinner and quality hang out time. Grayson loves being outside and so he was all over the 4-wheeler and picking the girls flowers.

We got some of his toys outside and bought sand for his sand box. I re-organized the toy room/dining room and cleaned the floors again. Then once Michael got home they headed outside to check out the sandbox and get ready for his cousins to come over.

May 3 is the anniversary of my Grandfathers passing. The night he passed we were all exhausted and starving so we went to a little dive bar to have a drink for Papa and food. We have gone to that bar every single year since then and had a 7&7 for Papa. My mom never goes because she didn't go that first year and now she stays with the kids. 

We got home from dinner and the kids were in that tub and they were so dirty we had to change that water twice. They earned their bath that night!

It was such a wonderful weekend being outside and spending time with people we love.

This week is no less busy. We have hair cuts a pool party (at a hotel) painting classes and Mothers Day!

Happy Monday