Momfesional Moments

Oh goodness do I love this topic.

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All Mom's have those moments.

The ones that get you through the day that are for pure survival.

I give my kid cookies in the morning. It's only 2 of the mini ones but it is how I bribe him to get dressed. It is my own fault I let him pick out his PJ's and he gets to attached to the shirt that he does not want to take it off. So I tell him he will get a surprise in his snack cup if he gets dressed really fast. It works every time. I also justify this because they are nutter butter cookies and that is peanut butter and peanut butter his healthy. #girlmath.

When Michael is doing dishes and I'm working on something else and Grayson is not helping me I whisper to him "daddy is doing dishes you should go help him" and he does and I get a little bit of peace

I skip pages of books and make up my own words so it goes faster. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is 30 pages I shorten it to 10. Oops

I don't do bath time. Maybe once or twice a month. I sweat when I when I do it. Plus he hates getting his hair rinsed he acts like I'm pouring acid on him and hold onto yourself if he gets one drop in his eye he will freak out. However he will splash all day long and get himself wet in the face and it's not big deal #toddlerproblems

I hide food. I hide M&M's in the laundry room on the top shelf in an old cereal box so that he does not see them. I sneak a few here in there but if he catches me chewing he says "Mommy I want some?" Then he tries to kiss me and smells chocolate and it takes everything I have distract him long enough for me to swallow and drink some water. He is blood hound for chocolate

When we have been outside playing and he gets soaking wet because he loves playing in the dogs water or standing under the hanging baskets after I water them I let him put on last nights pj's until bath time. They are dirty and have been sitting in the dirty laundry basket all day but I refuse to put on another outfit for less than an hour and hey at least they are dry.

I refuse to let him sleep in the car unless it's at night. If it is nap time I will do anything to keep him awake. This past weekend we went shopping we were 20 mins from home and he started to get heavy eyes so I pulled into the closest grocery store and took him (that woke him up) I bought him some milk and a cereal bar and that kept him awake until we got home.

I keep M&M's on me at all times. My purse. Diaper bag. They are a great tool to bribe the kid and see above a little sugar can perk a kid right up

I hide in the bathroom. I call it Mommy time out. I go in there with my phone some coffee,and scroll through social media. Sometimes I just need a breather.

I tell Grayson that the stove top is the Devils hands. Weird I know but I heard it on Gilmore Girls and it stuck. So when he goes to touch the stove I say "No No those are the Devil's hands." So now he tells people that the stove is the Devil's hands.

I can't wait to read everyones!

Happy Tuesday!