Friday Favorites!

Ahhh Friday how I love to see you roll around. 

Linking up with Andrea for some Favorites

These journals from TJ Maxx.

I got all of these for less than $20.00.

The prices can't be beat. 

When I read Praying Circles around your Children the chapter that hit me hard was a prayer journal for you child, yourself, your spouse. I ran to the Maxx the next day and found the perfect ones.

I started one for me personally. My fears, joy, prayers anything that I want to submit to God. 

I also started one for Grayson. Look at the inside of his book it is so neat with the bible verses right in there.  And I love that there is place to put who it belongs too. 

Grayson Michael Smith that is who.
I have been putting my prayers and little letters to him in there. Special memories.
I also bought a few extras in case I need more space or I just need to start one for someone else. It really is  amazing to write out prayers.


It's take out Friday! This Mama doesn't have to cook and that makes me happy


This time spent just me and my boy playing cars. I love his imagination and how he loves to play cars. I will cherish these moments forever. I know I'm in the good days with him right now. They days that make my heart so full of love and so I'm soaking them up every second I can


This little saying popped up on my Facebook the other day and it was just perfect. It's true, it's a little reminder for all of us that we are amazing!

May is almost over. Why is this a favorite?  In June Michael and I get 6 days off together. And while I'm not trying to wish time away I'm excited to get some quality time with my handsome hubby. 

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is amazing!