Bury me Mommy!

So last night was wonderful and sunny.

I could get used to this weather. 

I decided that since Michael was going to play guitar that we were going to go outside

So once we got home from Grayson's haircut and had dinner Michael took off and we headed outside.

He only wanted to do one thing.
Play in the sand.

Okay kid you want to play in the sand you got it

I sat in a char next to his turtle sandbox and read a magazine.

Then he said Mommy! bury me Mommy!

And so I did because sand washes off and his smile when he didn't have any legs left was worth it.
Well not in this picture because he was begging me to bury him again but you get it.

So once he was over the sand and he fell off his slide once (oops!) It was time for a bath. 

He earned that bath and we changed the water twice. And then added more water because he was having so much fun playing Thomas the Train in the tub that we stayed in for about an hour.

Clean and in Jammie's I decided that it was a good night for ice cream and so we loaded up just the two of us and got ice cream. Twist with M&M's for him and a peanut butter cup blizzard for me.

We came home to eat it so that we could watch a movie together and once ice cream was done we played puzzles for a little bit and then off to bed we went. 

I had a great night with my kid and it was mostly because I just said yes to having fun I let the laundry sit the floors go unswept and the dishes waited until he went to bed. 

It was more than worth it for those memories with my boy
And when he woke up today he talked about our night saying "you make me so happy mommy I love ICE CREAM!"

I'll take it kid!