Catching up on this and that

I took a week off and didn't meant to but it was needed to adjust. Before I get to that let me do a mini-weekend re-cap because we had a great weekend.

Thursday we took the kids to a local hotel/casino to swim. My Aunt had a comped room and asked us to come have dinner and let the kids swim. It was a blast and sure it was work but memories are so worth the work! The kids loved it and Grayson got so confident in the water even tell me "no holdin me mommy" He was in a puddle jumper and I would only let him go a few seconds at a time but he loved it and learned to kick so proud of my boy! We got home way to late but Grayson went to bed with a smile on his face
These three kids play amazing together and are my heart I love them all so much.

Friday- It was another paint class for me. It was at the library again and we had a whole table! My mom, sister, sister-in-law, my sister in-laws mom (who is really like my own mother in law) and her niece (again like my family!) all went.
I love this painting so much I plan to hang it in our bedroom I love it that much!
We went to a little Mexican restaurant after for a few drinks and I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I'm blessed to have such strong amazing women in my life. Plus the Pina coladas were to die for
Our group!
My sister and I with out pictures

The bar stools are sadles which is why I'm sitting like that

Saturday- Swimming lessons! Grayson did so good he kicked and jumped off the swim instructors legs to me and he just smiled the whole time. My dad went with me this time and on the way home Grayson said "Mommy I yike my Papa and I yike him at swim lessons wif me!" Melt my heart. We came home it was already 86 at 10 in the morning so we stayed in the house and pulled out summer clothes. Michael got mulch and Grayson and him worked on it until it was time to head to a confirmation party. We came home and passed out because A) it was past our bedtime B) we had not sat down all day!

Sunday- Mothers day. I had the sweetest day with my boy and my Mama. We went and got flowers (which I bought for my mom for her day and Michael bought me for mothers day) then we swung through the drive thru for "yittle donuts" and coffee (for me!) We relaxed at home until we left for dinner that night. This is the first year we have gone out for dinner and it was nice to not have to cook.New tradition started!
Worst picture of me ever since we were facing the sun but we stopped for our free Sundae for Mother's day!

Grayson with my Grandmother (his Great) she will be 90 in October and she is an amazing woman.

This was my sweet present from Grayson that he made at daycare. He also got me a bag of cheese balls that he has eaten more of than me. I bought a frame for this and it is on my built ins because it is too sweet to not display.

Okay enough of the weekend I made a huge change in my life that has been the best thing I have ever done. I became an early early morning person.

Yes to Early's for me because I get up at 3:30 now. Why that time? Michael gets up to go to work at this time and so I figured it would be nice to be able to see him, plus more motivation.

My new routine is as follows

Get up 3:30
work out until 4
4-4:30 cool down (I cannot shower right after a workout) eat a snack then shower
4:30-5:00 fold a load of laundry and watch tv/read and enjoy a cup of coffee
5:00-5:30 get dressed for the day do my hair
5:30 this is normally when munchkin wakes up and so we snuggle pick out his clothes and get his morning snack
6:00 make coffee to go and a smoothie
6:20 head out to work
 4:00 get home and do one chore off my chore list (I will post this soon)
4:30 make dinner
5:30 pack lunches with Grayson and do another chore
6:00 we play, read, I shower and then we start tubby around 7:30
Bed for G at 8 and then I'm shortly behind him at 8:30 I watch tv for half an hour and lights out at 9.

This is me at 4:00 this morning after my workout I sent it to my Mom because she didn't beleive I got up that early

I get so much done before 5 that I feel so excited about the day!
Relaxing with my love after we watered our plants cheese balls and shirtless AHHH the life of a 2 year old!

3:30 is insane I get it but it is what I needed! I was starting to feel like I was spinning my wheels. Always cleaning and folding laundry and trying to workout when Grayson was with me. Now I get all that done before he wakes up. And do you know what this means? I get nap time back to relax! I was running around like crazy during those 2-3 hours trying to cross things off my list and now I can relax because I have chore list and do a little bit each day! I don't work out everyday ( shoot for 30 mins every other day and then on the off days I do a 10 min abs) and I don't get up to do this on the weekends but 5 days a week I'm up before the birds.