Our weekend

The weekends go by way to fast and I long for a longer weekend more time to be lazy in the morning and spend time with my boys. But it's Monday and I'm back to work trying not to fall asleep at my desk #thestruggleisreal

Anyway here is our weekend

Friday- Michael and I had the day off. We got up took Grayson to school and then went to the Home Depot and got a new shower head. Ever since Grayson was about 1 and started to act like washing his hair was a form of torture I wanted one of those removable shower heads so I didn't have to dump water on him. Well we finally got one and now I just need my Dad to come over and put it on. Then we got down to business at home. We cleared out our spare bedroom which over the last 6 months has become a catch all of crap. We purged so much and now we are ready for someone to come in and give us an estimate to have it re drywalled and new windows put in. Grayson is ready for a big boy room and we are ready to give it to him it's just trying to find someone we like for a good price. Let the hunt begin. Anyway we worked for hours straight then ordered a pizza for lunch and I pulled out all my fall decorations. I showered really quick and then headed to get G from school and pick up Libby and B. I grabbed the kids hit the drive thru for baby doughnuts and we went home to play until dinner time. Then we headed to the Friday night football game at the school my mom teaches at which also happens to be the same marching band my brother works with so it was a win win. Okay small side story when I was in school we didn't have a football, now my high school and the school my mom teaches at have combined certain activities and football was one of them. So kids from my school now play at this school too! 

Anyway the kids had a blast at the game with candy and pom poms plus we got to watch my brothers drum line at half time and then after that we hit the road home because it was way past our bed time. 

I woke up with a migraine and my wonderful mother came and took Grayson shopping with her so I could sleep it off and brought him home around lunch time. I gave him lunch and put him down for a nap and I went back to sleep too and finally woke up feeling better. We lounged around on Saturday and spent sometime snuggling on the couch.

It's football time in our house and so since this is the only week that out Bill's play a late game we had my Granmda, Aunt & Uncle and my parents over for dinner and the game. Michael made chili my aunt brought pizza and our Bill's pulled out the big W! We are all crazy fans and we yell and jump up and scream when they score and so now Grayson does too. He spend most of the game throwing his nerf ball to everyone and screaming when we scored!

It was a great weekend! And this week we are getting fall temperatures! I love the 60s's!


Potty Training

Let me start off with I'm not an expert. This is just my experience with the whole situation that is trying to "train" a toddler. Every child is different.

Okay so Grayson has shown interest in the potty for a while but he was never really into it.
I didn't want to push and send him into the dreaded holding it and causing more damage so for months we went with the flow. If he wanted to try we did if not no big deal. We bought undies and he wore them on occasion and we talked about Big!Boy!Underwear!So!Cool!

In April we started on our days home with him really trying to have the little potty out so that he knew he could use it. We also had a seat for our toilet so he had is choice.

Come August I was ready. He was ready and I knew he would be moving up to the next classroom at school where they really encourage the kids to be potty trained (it's not a requirement but it is suggested) so we buckled down.

That first weekend just about killed me. That kid would flat out say "I no want to wear dem underwears I want to wear my diiiiperrrr!" Talk about frustrating. But we worked on it. So he went on the potty and since he is easily motivated by chocolate M&M's were his victory treat! This worked awesome. We had lots of "Yay big boy status you went on the potty!" But he still wouldn't tell us when he went.

Fast forward to the next weekend. He is with my Mom (because we were on our anniversary get away) and they are in the grocery store and he grabs himself and says " I hafe to goooo" they ran to the potty and bam he went. He did super good the rest of the weekend and even when we went to the zoo.

Then he got smart and knew that if he went potty he would get M&M's, now I have a child going two to three dribbles just to get chocolate and delaying bed time, dinner time , clean up time because he had to go just so he could get chocolate. Enter panic and a child who was living on M&M's. Yeah not so good.

So I decided on a big reward and a sticker chart. Grayson has been asking for a fish for along time. He likes to look at them when we go to Wal Mart and so I knew this would motivate him.

So that day I went to the store purchased a poster board a million stickers and a bag full of small(er) toys and got to work. It was also at this time that I decided on no more diapers and switching to Pull Ups at times of sleeping. So he associated Pull-Ups with his bed and nothing else. We nixed the diapers all together.

I didn't take a picture of the chart before stickers sorry but basically I made a bunch squares and then randomly wrote TOY in them. This way he didn't really know when the next toy would be. We operated on a 1 sticker for #1 and 2 stickers for #2 system. And now he is fully potty trained

We have gone 2 weeks accident free and don't think I'm sitting at home with this kid. No way. We have gone to 2 parties 3 restaurants, quite a few stores and apple picking twice! I just make sure we go right before we leave. And the whole being potty trained a night he kind of did on his own. He said to Michael one night "Daddy you wear pull ups? You pee in your bed?" Michael said "No Buddy I hold it and get up and go pee" And ever since then he wakes us up when he has to go. Goes potty and goes back to sleep. It was that easy. And trust me I was fully prepared to be doing Pull-Ups at bedtime for a while but he decided against that.

He also earned is Fish. (in about a week)

Say Hello to Blaze! Grayson feeds Blaze twich a day (with our supervision of course) and can be found squishing his face up to that bowl mulitple times a day. And this Mama is so happy to be done with diapers!


Happy Monday

I'm not really happy it's Monday because that means I'm back at work while my boys are home still snuggles under blankets on the couch. However I'm trying to be positive.

Here are some bullet points of our life lately and the goings on.

Grayson is potty trained even at night and during nap! High five to no more diapers!!
He had his 2.5 year check up (insert crying face here why does he have to get big?) He is a doing wonderful but of course didn't say 2 words to the doctor until she was about to leave and then he names off all colors of the rainbow and counted to 10. That kids drives me crazy because he talks non stop but if he gets shy he will not speak at all. He had to get a flu shot and did not even wince or cry at all. So that earned him ice cream after dinner. Love this little underwear wearing boy!

We picked apples again this weekend and it was perfect because it was 60 and sunny and that is the perfect time to pick apples. We also enjoyed homemade donut!

Grayson now gets to do show and tell at school once a week on Wednesday's and he chose this tractor and rock to take to school. #suchaboy

Our Bills are 1-1 and while I wish we would have slaughtered Tom Brady and Patriots I will say that we played arguably the best team in NFL and only lost by one score. That's not bad for a team that last year was not so great. In all reality we could only have 1 loss this year. We will see. I'm a die hard Bills fan and that will never change. 

Last week this was my Jesus Calling and man did I need to hear it. Sometimes I get caught up in the planning that I miss the true joy! So I have been trying to let God figure out the details a little bit more lately.

And it was 47 when I woke up today! Welcome Fall!


Friday Favorites

Before we get to the fun stuff I just want to say that this day is such a huge day for our country.

I didn't participate in Andrea's post about 9/11 but I was in my 9th grade earth science class when another teacher came running in with a TV cart and turning it on. We sat and watched the second tower get hit and I remember feeling like it was a movie. It didn't seem real. The rest of the day we were either in a classroom with cable or the gym. A teacher at our school had a daughter that worked in the Towers and she was a mess it took her 2 hours to get a hold of her and she was thankfully home. Her boss had cancelled her morning meeting so she wasn't going into work until later. A perfect example of God at work. 
I left school to go to my physical therapy appointment and sat on the mat and watched it play over and over again. I remember praying so hard that it was a dream. It for sure changed my world (as it did every one's) that day. I mean I watched on TV as people jumped out of buildings and I just remember thinking how will we ever recover from this? How could this happen? I do know that this county is an amazing one in the fact that hundreds of thousands of people went into those buildings to save people and risked everything they had to do so. 
9/11 we will never forget.

Ok now FUN stuff!!!

Linking up with Andrea


Michael had Sunday off after my Gram's 90th birthday party and so we relaxed and all took naps and then after nap I snagged one of my favorite pictures ever. A little father son jam session

Plus this one he had to wear is hat just like daddy!

Grayson it potty trained! I have a whole post on what worked for us but this week we got him his fish that he named Blaze. Blaze is for sure a new favorite at our house this week

Mix and Match Mama does it again with a simple yummy recipe. Okay so this one comes on a little of a sad note. One of my sweetest friends was in a horrific accident on Wednesday. It's a miracle that she only sustained the injuries she has but still those are pretty severe (broken vertebrae and ribs) so I needed a quick something pumpkin to bring her since pumpkin is her favorite. Well 3 ingredients and I was done with a treat for her! I linked to the one on her website but she posted it on Instagram too but used a chocolate cake mix instead so that's what I went with and I also added a little Cinnamon to give it some extra flavor!
This picture is from her site

I started burning my B&BW candles this week because after Labor day is fair game and this is still hands down my favorite
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

Since Grayson is potty trained he runs around in just underwear a ton now. I snapped this picture of him and I know it's a little blurry but I die he is such a mess
Mommy's sunnies coloring and underwear! 

Happy Friday!



As Grayson gets older he gets more into the season's and the holiday's and fall is my hands down favorite time of year. 

I love the colors, the smells, the flavors, the fact that all my favorite candles are fallish! I just live it. Plus a hot cup of coffee while wearing a vest and picking apples/pumpkins is just my perfect fall morning!

So here is the Smith 2015 Fall Bucket List and we are beyond excited!

We picked apples once already but we plan on going a few more times when it's not 90 out!

I'm searching pinterest for a fun and easy daycare treat for his fall party

And I already have some grand plans for Michaels' birthday party!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Fall!


An update on Grayson-almost 2.5 years old

It feels odd to count in months once they turn 2 but he is officially 29 months and therefore teetering on the edge of being closer to 3 than 2 and my momma heart is all what? Didn't I just have him? HOW did this happen?

Anyway here it is the update on this little man that I love so much.

Grayson Michael,

Oh Bubba. I love you. At this point your my sidekick. We do everything together and I just love it. You are fiercely independent though and that makes it challenging sometimes. Like when I'm vacuuming and you just have to do "do it i self!" You try so hard and I'm glad that you are not afraid to ask for help. You love to clean and pick things up! You sing the clean up song all the time however you always say "mommy you hewp me keen up little bit?" I always help you because I can't resist your sweetness.

You have a sassy side and you tell us no more now than I would like.We have lots of redirection to do on this. Your eating is still the same you know what you like and what you don't like and you refuse anything that you don't want to try. That's fine buddy but you go without treats more than you would like because you didn't finish dinner.

You love all things trucks, cars, and tools. I find you multiple times a day "fixin da truck" in your little playroom. You put on shows for us with your guitar all the time and I love every second of it.

Your my little lover. You beg me to cuddle you in bed for "just a little bit" all the time. You say "mommy hold me" every night after your bath and when we sit on the couch you have to sit so close to me your pretty much on my lap. You must be touching me or daddy during your bedtime show. It's sweet and I relish those moments they make my heart so full of love.

Your bedtime routine has been touch and go and exhausting for daddy and I. You have been paci free for over a month and never even ask for it but going to bed is like torture. We have switched things up and are hoping that it helps you go to bed easier. We do early bath like 6:30-7 and then you get to watch a show (usually bubbly guppies or mickey mouse) while you have a snack and some milk,  just cut that out due to potty training you now get milk with dinner!Then it's upstairs for some reading and 2 songs before we put you to bed.

You love school and all the art projects and getting to go outside. They tell me you talk like crazy all the time and are such an old soul. However if I'm around you get shy and cling to me.

Your sense of humor is off the charts. You will make a funny noise and then wait for our reaction and if we laugh you laugh even louder. If we say something funny you respond with "silly mommy/daddy" It's sweet and cute. Also your a parrot. You repeat EVERYTHING! I say to you all the time when we talk about our plans for the day "sounds like a plan stan" and the other day we were talking about how you were going to come visit me at work and you said "oh-kaaay mommy sounds wike a pam stand" lol Love it!

You have been diaper free now for 2 days and that is huge! You decided (on you own time) that it was time for underwear! We have a potty chart and pull ups for night time but other than that you wear big boy underwear and tell us when you have to pee. I'm so proud of you. We have been seriously potty training for about 3 weeks and this past weekend you just decided to go full force. You love to pee in the potty and pick out your underwear. I'm not worried about the night time thing but when your not sleeping you are doing good. You went to school for the first time and had 2 accidents which is not bad considering you peed on the potty 4 times and woke up from nap dry.

We have been working on positive reinforcement. You you are such a good encourager to me and daddy telling us when we do something nice and so we know you are getting it. You tantrums have started so we just let you work those out on your own. You cried for a good 15 minuets the other day because I wouldn't let you color with a sharpie. You finally got over it and moved on but man that time was torture.

If we leave you in a room by yourself (like in the living room when we are in the kitchen cooking) you will yell "oh mommy where are you?" Until I peak my head around the corner and then you give me your crinkly nose smile.

Really though your such a blessing and we love that we get to spend our days with you! I'm so proud to be your Mommy!

I love you Grayson Michael

Love Mommy
My favorite crinkly nose smile


Singing Old McDonald had a farm

Helping your kangaroo color

He was showing me how to be a crocodile

Ahh my sweet sleeping boy


Toronto We LOVE you!!!

It was about 2 weeks ago when we decided that we would go away for our anniversary. We had talked about not traveling and staying home to do some things around the house while my Mom still took Grayson. Then the Sunday before our anniversary we decided a road trip was in order and we started looking up places to go and not spend a ton of money.

We live about 45 mins from the Canadian border* and landed on a nice city trip for the weekend. One where we could park our car when we got there and just walk every where so Toronto it was.

* okay this is a long side story but here it goes up until about 2 years ago you could cross the border with nothing more than a license. Well they changed that and you have to have a passport or an enhanced license. The Wednesday before we were set to leave I pulled out our passports and just for fun opened mine and notices it said Katlin Gray (my maiden name) I had never changed my passport. I called the border the next day and they said it was at the discretion of the border patrol officer if my passport and marriage license was sufficient. SO I scrambled and 1 hour before we were set to leave I got my enhanced drivers license. I had no problem getting into Canada or back into the US.

Okay I booked us the most amazing suite at One Kings West Hotel.  This hotel used to be an old bank and they still have the vaults set up in the basement it's pretty cool. The suite was pretty well priced compared to other hotels in the area (we wanted to be downtown) and it was connected to the PATH. Toronto has a whole underground walkway where you can connect to a ton of different businesses without ever walking outside. We walked outside mostly but we did use the PATH to get to the shopping center since it cut down the walk time by about 10 mins. It's so so neat and you can get anything below there are a ton of Starbucks and food courts just all underground.

So we left Friday around 1:30 and headed out. The border was no problem but we hit traffic once we were entering the city because there was a Blue Jay's game that night. What should have taken  a little over 2 hours took 3 but it was okay and we were in our hotel room by 4:30. We took a quick nap and then walked to Whalburgers. Ahhh we were so excited about this because we watch the show religiously and Toronto is their second location and it did not disappoint. Toronto is a lot like NYC in the fact that a ton of restaurants have outdoor seating/are open to the outside. Whalburgers whole front is open to the street and it has a full bar. We chose to order in the back of the restaurant (instead of waiting for a table) and take our food to the loft upstairs. The food was amazing! So so good and we left with t-shirts to mark our trip there. We stopped at a drug store on the way home and grabbed some waters for the room and some snacks. The rest of the night we spent at the hotel bar having a few drinks.

Saturday we slept in (!!!!!!) parents every where say amen! haha. Then we grabbed breakfast at the hotel buffet and headed to the shopping center. We used the PATH for this and it is a little hard to figure out but they have maps everywhere and signs so we got the hang of it in no time. We shopped and then went back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading to the CN Tower. This was so cool!!! The views are amazing and while the lines can be long we only waited for 45 mins which I didn't think was too bad. We took a pedi cab to the waterfront to eat at the Amsterdam Brew house and this place was out of this world. It is a 2 story brew house and just had the coolest atmosphere. I had the pizza (which I inhaled so fast I didn't take a picture). We grabbed another drink and then just watched a movie in the room.

We got up the next day and walked to a Tim Horton's and had breakfast.

 Then we packed up and headed home. It was the perfect amount of time and the perfect amount of sightseeing and relaxing. We have declared Toronto our get away city and can't wait to go back!


Gone too long

I didn't plan on taking a blogging break it just kind of happened. We got super busy and time got away from me. Work went crazy too. We had a person from our office leave and rather than replace that position those duties were taken over by me. Finding my new grove has had it's learning curve. But I think I'm back on it.

Here are a few highlights from lately...

This child is 90% potty trained. I mean even when we put him in a diaper he holds it until we get to the potty. I still put him in a diaper for nap and bed time. He wakes up dry from nap but not bed time and that's ok. We went to the zoo yesterday and I put him in a diaper because I didn't want to be all " do you have to pee?" every 5 seconds. He went dry the whole time and told us when he had to go! So proud of him. Now let's see how he does at daycare.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage with a weekend getaway (post on that tomorrow) and it was wonderful and just what we needed. Love that man!

This weekend is going to be crazy we have a 50th wedding anniversary Friday, my Grandma's 90th on Saturday and then a picnic on Sunday. I'm tired just thinking about it.

We had a party for my Dad's birthday and it just remeined me blessed I am to have my family be so close. I love love them.

Plus I got to hold this nugget love this weekend (it's my cousins baby) and let me just say baby fever is so real!

Okay that's all I have for today but expect a week full of getting caught up!

Happy Tuesday!