Toronto We LOVE you!!!

It was about 2 weeks ago when we decided that we would go away for our anniversary. We had talked about not traveling and staying home to do some things around the house while my Mom still took Grayson. Then the Sunday before our anniversary we decided a road trip was in order and we started looking up places to go and not spend a ton of money.

We live about 45 mins from the Canadian border* and landed on a nice city trip for the weekend. One where we could park our car when we got there and just walk every where so Toronto it was.

* okay this is a long side story but here it goes up until about 2 years ago you could cross the border with nothing more than a license. Well they changed that and you have to have a passport or an enhanced license. The Wednesday before we were set to leave I pulled out our passports and just for fun opened mine and notices it said Katlin Gray (my maiden name) I had never changed my passport. I called the border the next day and they said it was at the discretion of the border patrol officer if my passport and marriage license was sufficient. SO I scrambled and 1 hour before we were set to leave I got my enhanced drivers license. I had no problem getting into Canada or back into the US.

Okay I booked us the most amazing suite at One Kings West Hotel.  This hotel used to be an old bank and they still have the vaults set up in the basement it's pretty cool. The suite was pretty well priced compared to other hotels in the area (we wanted to be downtown) and it was connected to the PATH. Toronto has a whole underground walkway where you can connect to a ton of different businesses without ever walking outside. We walked outside mostly but we did use the PATH to get to the shopping center since it cut down the walk time by about 10 mins. It's so so neat and you can get anything below there are a ton of Starbucks and food courts just all underground.

So we left Friday around 1:30 and headed out. The border was no problem but we hit traffic once we were entering the city because there was a Blue Jay's game that night. What should have taken  a little over 2 hours took 3 but it was okay and we were in our hotel room by 4:30. We took a quick nap and then walked to Whalburgers. Ahhh we were so excited about this because we watch the show religiously and Toronto is their second location and it did not disappoint. Toronto is a lot like NYC in the fact that a ton of restaurants have outdoor seating/are open to the outside. Whalburgers whole front is open to the street and it has a full bar. We chose to order in the back of the restaurant (instead of waiting for a table) and take our food to the loft upstairs. The food was amazing! So so good and we left with t-shirts to mark our trip there. We stopped at a drug store on the way home and grabbed some waters for the room and some snacks. The rest of the night we spent at the hotel bar having a few drinks.

Saturday we slept in (!!!!!!) parents every where say amen! haha. Then we grabbed breakfast at the hotel buffet and headed to the shopping center. We used the PATH for this and it is a little hard to figure out but they have maps everywhere and signs so we got the hang of it in no time. We shopped and then went back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading to the CN Tower. This was so cool!!! The views are amazing and while the lines can be long we only waited for 45 mins which I didn't think was too bad. We took a pedi cab to the waterfront to eat at the Amsterdam Brew house and this place was out of this world. It is a 2 story brew house and just had the coolest atmosphere. I had the pizza (which I inhaled so fast I didn't take a picture). We grabbed another drink and then just watched a movie in the room.

We got up the next day and walked to a Tim Horton's and had breakfast.

 Then we packed up and headed home. It was the perfect amount of time and the perfect amount of sightseeing and relaxing. We have declared Toronto our get away city and can't wait to go back!