Gone too long

I didn't plan on taking a blogging break it just kind of happened. We got super busy and time got away from me. Work went crazy too. We had a person from our office leave and rather than replace that position those duties were taken over by me. Finding my new grove has had it's learning curve. But I think I'm back on it.

Here are a few highlights from lately...

This child is 90% potty trained. I mean even when we put him in a diaper he holds it until we get to the potty. I still put him in a diaper for nap and bed time. He wakes up dry from nap but not bed time and that's ok. We went to the zoo yesterday and I put him in a diaper because I didn't want to be all " do you have to pee?" every 5 seconds. He went dry the whole time and told us when he had to go! So proud of him. Now let's see how he does at daycare.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage with a weekend getaway (post on that tomorrow) and it was wonderful and just what we needed. Love that man!

This weekend is going to be crazy we have a 50th wedding anniversary Friday, my Grandma's 90th on Saturday and then a picnic on Sunday. I'm tired just thinking about it.

We had a party for my Dad's birthday and it just remeined me blessed I am to have my family be so close. I love love them.

Plus I got to hold this nugget love this weekend (it's my cousins baby) and let me just say baby fever is so real!

Okay that's all I have for today but expect a week full of getting caught up!

Happy Tuesday!